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11:30 am – 10:00 pm


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Nami Sushi

Japanese Sushi Restaurant in Federal Way, WA

70 reviews for “Nami Sushi

  1. Kyoung Ri Kweon

    It’s delicious
    Service is average
    The quantity of sashimi is not much.

  2. Wes

    Ooof came out to be more expensive than I thought. Good food tho

  3. Natasha Cepeda.

    So yummy!! Must try monkey brain.

  4. Dan Saarenas

    My favorite place for sushi. My young boys like the udon soup.

  5. Jessica Hills

    Currently pregnant got a huge craving for vegetable tempura after aggressively searching the internet for somewhere that sold it me and my husband went here. Hands down best tempura I’ve had in a long time. My husband also had their monkey brain stuffed avacado and he craved it the next 3 days. They were also so fast getting food out it was a wonderful experience.

  6. Sergey Shuparskiy

    Great place, cozy, comfortable, beautiful appearance, delicious and fresh sushi 🍣😋😍😀👌😊

  7. Mimsy When

    Really enjoyed the crispy rolls we tried!

  8. Irene Poshtkouhi

    Great appetizers. Beautifully presented. Prompt and friendly service every time

  9. LCOA “Dustin” Lewis county outdoor adventures

    I sat at my table for over an hour and not a single person checked in on me. They looked at me, but never bothered to ask or see if I needed anything. The sushi was terrible, barely any rice on the rolls to hold them together, poor cuts of fish pieces together like a Lego set trying to cover it with fish. Absolutely disgusting service and food.

  10. jay xu

    Great food, quality is consistent. Waitresses are nice.

  11. Ashley Ketron

    Amazing! Will definitely be coming back. Tempura was super fresh, and my double crunch roll was also so good. Our waitress was super kind and attentive as well. The restaurant is super cute and modern.

  12. R BR

    The food is REALLY GOOD. But some of the items on the menu are really really small portions.

  13. Shaun Curtis

    Being With Great Friends, Eating Great Food, Having A Great Time, Is Where It’s At!!😉😁

  14. Chloe P

    I online ordered the hwae dupbob and tuna poke this afternoon and I found that the raw tuna in the poke bowl had gone bad. The tuna’s color was almost gray, and the veggies had soaked up the sauces. By comparing the tuna cubes in the hwae dupbob dish, it’s clear the tuna poke wasn’t edible. I’ve visited this place over 20 times and enjoyed every dish I’ve had, but this time was disappointing. You really need to be careful when handling raw foods in this weather especially. The other dish was great as before but I’m not sure if I’d visit this place again (definitely not during summer)

  15. J H

    Food is good, fresh fish and all. However, their customer service can improve. One of the waitresses had some attitude problems when we asked her a question about the receipt and the total amount; a simple question. Totally ruined our night. Plus, the waitresses are always rushing.

  16. Jayden R

    Great food, but their service kills the experience, especially the tall korean waitress. She doesn’t care. No questions asked thruout about what we need or how our food is. And then she’ll just drop your bill off without any comment or asking if you’re ready. We will not go again because of her. Great food though.

  17. Rosalba Walker

    Very good sushi and a lot of options. I like this restaurant very much and every time I am in town come by.

    It was by a recommendation of a friend and she was so right.
    The atmosphere and the staff is great.
    The have good drinks.
    Well recommended

  18. Joseph Lee

    Though a bit pricy, the boat was one of the coolest and most aesthetic ways I’ve ever eaten sushi yet! Portrayed like a cruise of fresh seafood flavor with delicate presentation, we had no regrets whatsoever. The rolls were flavorful and good to eat, but the showstoppers had to be the salmon and tuna sashimi/nigiri: the softest and most delectable out of all places we’ve been to in the state.

  19. J B

    Always great service and amazing food!

  20. Yong Phan

    Went in early for dinner 3.30 pm for dinner. Seated for a party of four. Place was clean and spacious. Food was delicious and fresh. Had the grilled salmon dinner and it was seared just right. Not over cooked. The rolls had the perfect amount of rice to topping ratio. Would for sure go again.

  21. Brian Kim

    They may have good & fresh raw fish food from the sushi bar. But if you order something not seafood, think twice. I ordered tonkkoch and fried shrimp. The fried shrimp was crispy and delicious but check out the tonkkoch. It is overcooked so much and has no crisp at all. I just gave up to eat this after a couple of pieces. So my conclusion is this. If you order seafood, it is okay. But entree from the kitchen might be not what you expected.

  22. Dawn Goodson

    Elegant, tasty, and worth the price. Lovely customer service.

  23. Candy Richardson

    Tried the jalapeño heartattack sushi.. so good!!

  24. Dan Schwartz

    Solid service and food. Would recommend

  25. Richard Truitt

    Food was excellent

  26. ReyviGravy

    I’d say everything here is overprice but if you have money come dine here. I came with family of 8. We came in on a rush hour on a Friday, waited for at least 30min for our food but it’s worth it. Delicious sushi, curry, salmon, poke, etc everything that we ordered is good. Staff also check on us often to make sure we have what we needed. I recommend this place, it is small but the interior is architectural. There’s also a bar available.

  27. D B Pawlan

    If you are looking for authentic Japanese cuisine….please look somewhere else. This place just isn’t it. You’ll find the ubiquitous American-style rolls and deep fried rolls – kind of hard to go wrong with these mish-mashes of flavors – but traditional Japanese fare will not be seen here. The agidashi tofu, a favorite of ours, was soo sweet that I thought that it must been a mistake, but it wasn’t. This isn’t what you would find in a real Japanese restaurant. More of a concern was the tuna poke bowl. I used to work in the sushi-grade tuna industry and the amount of histamines (the chemical that is a telltale sign of tuna that is not fresh or even spoiled) that were in the tuna provided were scary. Fresh tuna is not supposed to taste fishy – it should be more akin to a seawater taste – and this tuna was fishy, very fishy-tasting. Not edible in my opinion, at all.
    Other than that, the staff were friendly and the atmosphere was pretty good, all things considering.

  28. Arturo Labaz

    Very cool.
    Yumi yumi
    Great food

  29. Floryn

    Cute spot with modern Japanese interior. We ordered the Karai Crunch sushi roll (in: fried shrimp, avocado / out: spicy tuna / top: eel sauce, spicy mayo, crunch and green onion) and Kaki Fry (fried oysters).

  30. Jenny Switzer

    Best sushi we’ve had in a long time. Decent pricing, fast service, clean restaurant, great atmosphere. Definitely going back soon.

  31. Amber Buchaski

    The presentation was wonderful and the staff were exceptional however it was a bit pricey for the portions. Sushi rolls did not have a large amount of rice which was nice. Wasabi dollops were also impressively sized.

  32. T A


  33. Sweet&Sour WhoNeedsToKnow

    Very highly recommend this place. We don’t go to federal way often, but if we do , we go to this sushi place

  34. Mike Franco

    Another local hidden treasure. The food was beautiful and delicious. Definitely will be going back


    They close at 10 and I came in at 9:15 and ordered 4 rolls. Staff was extremely nice and the place was extremely clean! Everybody that wasn’t busy was cleaning. I also read a comment from someone else that rated them 1 star because they ordered something “non-seafood” 😭. That’s like going to a dennys for a steak. Smh. This is a great hidden gem with a great food and a great atmosphere.

  36. River Breann

    This is my partner and I favorite sushi spot! The staff is wonderful and all the food is so fresh.

  37. Matt Owens

    delicious food, fair prices, friendly and efficient staff. This place is great!

  38. John Y

    I been to this place 20 years ago. This business is completely different than before, and it’s much better. We were very pleasantly surprised. This restaurant serves top-notch ingredients, service, and authentic Japanese food.

  39. ladystardust

    I regret going here for a date. Our server was inattentive and the food didn’t taste fresh. There’s also two big space heaters near the door, but it was still uncomfortably cold.

  40. Saqib Ahmad

    Enjoyed my meal here, solid sushi, probably can’t go wrong with anything you order. Some of the plating was unique and so were some flavors. We got several specialty rolls but the Federal Way and the boyfriend (in the pictures) definitely stood out. There was also a citrus roll that was a really unique taste, which I always appreciate with sushi!

  41. Angel Mero

    Our new sushi place.
    We used to go to other sushi places, ordering the same items there, and this place by far beats the other sushi places. We will only be coming here from now on. 5 stars all around. We went during the 5 o clock Friday night rush, and still had great service and quick food.

    Order: Golden California, Crispy Alaska, and chicken karaage.
    Order came with miso soup and hot tea

  42. Adam Kovarik

    Fast Take out: easy online ordering, great selection, some unique rolls, decent prices and super fast turnaround time. Food was fresh and presented well. Would go back.

  43. Yonnie P

    Beautiful restaurant, wonderful staff and the most delicious food! You won’t be disappointed! The sashimi is tender and packed with so much flavor!

  44. JA Lin

    Rice of sushi was very old…

  45. Soyoung Chon

    Delicious sushi. You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. Excellent service and classy decor.

  46. DJ

    We Love coming to Nami atleast twice sometimes three times a month for their sashimi. The fish is so fresh and tasty.

    The service is a hit or miss. They either will take care of you from start to finish or only come to get your order and then you’ll have to flag someone each time you need something.

    Atmosphere is clean but in the restaurant it is uncomfortably cold. You have to hurry and eat your food or else your food will get cold too.

  47. nichole w

    Best sushi in federal way easily. Been apart of the community for a long time and is a lovely hidden gem. Highly recommend if you don’t mind paying for higher quality sushi

  48. ayesha alamin

    The best sushi combination I ever had everything was so fresh and good I had the lunch special on the back on the menu comes with more than enough food, and I had the potstickers the saka was jus right definitely 10/10 very clean and good friendly service my favorite spot now

  49. Ilia Petrenko

    Clean, tasty and pretty affordable

  50. Haile Cook

    This is a favorite for my husband and I. We no longer live in the area, but any time we are nearby we make a point to swing by. I always get the same donburi and my husband loves the crispy Alaska.

  51. Rika

    This is a very cute and clean place with some delicious and unique sushi rolls. The issue for us was feeling as if we were an annoyance to one of the waitresses, and despite the posted 11pm Fri and Sat night closing time, we felt rushed to finish by 10/10:15. Unfortunately, our first experience there created a love/hate relationship.

  52. Brittany Mani

    We ordered the deluxe platter which comes with a 12 piece Nigiri and two rolls of your choice along with mixed tempura appetizer. Good came out quickly and you could taste the freshness! We may have found our go to sushi place in Federal Way!

  53. Viktor Zaicev

    NAMI Sushi is the absolute best sushi in Federal Way, and at least 10 mile radius, the atmosphere is very cozy and relaxed, really clean, the staff is wholesome and kind, and the absolute best part is the Sushi, it is soooo good, and consistent. I dare you to find a better sushi spot.

    PS. If you ask nicely, they have REAL wasabi.

  54. Ashley Murphy

    The sushi here is very fresh. The blue fin tuna melted in my mouth. I highly recommend this restaurant.

  55. Carol Choi


  56. GT Hodge

    Excellent food with a great range of choices. The three of us arrived at 11:30 opening mid-week, promptly seated in a booth. Efficient, speedy, and friendly service. Clean tables, nice decor. Space heaters used, a bit odd but needed as the place was a bit chilly at opening. By Noon more than half of the seats were occupied. We started with $5 seaweed salad which was good but unremarkable. We ordered the $119 “Special” platter (18 pc Nigiri their choice + 3 Rolls of your choice excl. Lobster Roll) which included miso soup. We requested to please include some eel nigiri which was accommodated, and chose the Super Star, Baked Salmon, and Rainbow rolls (which are each cut into 8 pieces). My goodness, it was all excellent! Tasty, fresh, and beautiful looking. Best prep on eel nigiri I’ve ever had incl. in Japan. The Special filled the 3 of us up, the Deluxe may have been sufficient, but no regrets filling up on this great food. Total cost of $52 pp for lunch with no drinks may be higher than we wish, but was money well spent, and we could’ve fed 4 easily. The other food we saw also looked great. We’ll be back.

  57. pedro Luis angulo sais

    Summer breeze is delicious, as well as Dragon, that’s my recommendation, service is wonderful, polite as well as gentle. For those who like Soju, the original imported is available. Enjoy!

  58. J Park


  59. Jackie Poon

    We stopped going to this place a while ago when they served us cooking sake as opposed to regular sake.

  60. Diane Miller

    Great food and fast service. Highly recommend the Viking roll.

  61. Misha Averill

    Phenomenal sushi! Cuts of fish were thick and good portions! The rolls were made to perfection, and they did not skimp on the fillings!

    Next time I go, I’m going to order the lobster roll! The table next to us, ordered it and it looks amazing! Looks like a staple and a must have!

    Drinks were served cold with a frozen glass.

    Many options and a full menu! I will definitely be going back.

  62. M Grudz-

    Amazing food, the sushi is amazing of course but the katsu and udon are also fantastic. You really can’t go wrong here. Atmosphere is great, service is great.

  63. Sukhwinder Josan

    Love the food
    Bento box is my favorite

  64. Adam Garner

    Best sushi in the Seattle area!! A little pricey but worth it!!

  65. Tara Graham

    We had such a great experience at Nami Sushi! The agedashi tofu was delicious. The citrus salmon roll is the most interesting roll I’ve had in years. SO good. The crazy horses roll was also incredible. The quality of the fish was amazing in everything we had. The service was friendly and fast. Would absolutely come here again!

  66. Maryana B

    Another dinner night with friends visit nami it’s our local go to sushi place. Friendly fast and delicious food. They stay you with miso soup than the rolls

  67. Pi Kositphon

    One of our favorite sushi restaurants around the area. Taste good and reasonable price, Special roll is about $20. Fried oysters $15. We got the spider roll and spicy salmon.

  68. Abby Green

    Fresh. Fresh. Fresh! The Freshness of their food is always top-tier here.

  69. Daniel K

    Unequivocally the best sushi and bento around.

  70. Polish Bigfoot

    Everything about this shop is awesome, except for the prices. They are very expensive and the quality isn’t that much better than Trapper’s, which is just down the street. This is the perfect spot for a date, but if you are trying to eat a filling meal, I suggest spending your money elsewhere.

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