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Pac Island Grill

Hawaiian Style BBQ Restaurant in Federal Way, WA

32 reviews for “Pac Island Grill

  1. Penny Smith

    Love this place good food good vibes friendly staff

  2. Mary Lockaby

    I love this little place, food is great, people are amazing and it is really quaint ♥️♥️♥️

  3. Emily M

    INSANELYYYYY good BBQ chicken. One of the best I’ve ever had out to eat. Def coming back

  4. Elizabeth Mata

    Love this place! Good food, good service, relaxing atmosphere!!! The Mochi Chicken is bomb!!!

  5. Endyson90

    If your craving Hawaiian food this place won’t disappoint!!! I recommend the loli loli chicken with Mac salad and rice you won’t regret it 😋

  6. Sarah Zamith

    The atmosphere is awesome, so cute and has a great vibe, including the music. The food was nothing to write home about, i had the hawaiian burger which was just a bun, some sweet onion mayo, a pineapple slice, and a small patty. My husband had mahi mahi which he felt was overcooked. Atmosphere – great. Food -mediocre.

  7. Jinu Choi

    The garlic chicken is crazy good. must try!!

  8. Matt Parrell

    I’ve been coming here 7 years now, and it’s my favorite place in Federal Way. The food is always great,and the staff is kind. We always have leftovers, and even after so many years, trying new things or sticking with them usual is never a bad move. Spam masubi, orange chicken, loli loli chicken, and Mac salad are just the best.

  9. Jonah Nelson

    Honestly the food was spectacular. We took some home and 5 hours later it was still amazing. The people were super kind and pleasant to interact with. The restaurant is cool, clean and welcoming. I am just thankful that this place is over an hour away otherwise I’d be here multiple times a week. I don’t know my waistline would ever recover. The pu pu platter for two was perfect and we got some mochi chicken and garlic chicken which were both outstanding. They’re coconut shrimp or some of the best we’ve ever had. I’m sorry I don’t have more aesthetically pleasing pictures but the food was so good I kind of forgot to get my camera out. Keep them in business! You won’t be sorry.

  10. Gio Lachica

    I got the ahi poke for appetizer and the Hawaiian BBQ Special. The ahi poke by itself was a little salty for my taste but I’m sure the actual meal with rice is much better. The meal was delicious. If you want to try a little bit of almost everything, the BBQ special is the way to go or the other combo plates. The food tasted authentic with great flavors.

    The atmosphere inside is very unique and well decorated. Makes you feel like you’re some place else!

    I definitely be a returning customer here!

  11. Charles Corl

    On Tuesday, we ordered $500 worth of party platter food for pick up on Saturday at 4 pm, for a party of about 20 people. We were told it was no problem, we pre-paid in advance, and even called 2 days later to confirm some of the tray sizes. On Saturday, I was running 15 minutes late for pick up, but I thought – “No big deal. The food can sit for a few minutes, and I will be able to get on the road quickly.” I arrived at 4:15 pm (the restaurant was nearly empty) and was told they needed a few minutes to pack everything up. As far as I can tell this is when they STARTED cooking the food, because I spent the next 35 minutes watching through the kitchen window as food was cooked a packaged up, all while repeatedly being told “sorry it will just be a few more minutes.” I recieved everything just after 4:50 pm, nearly an hour after the scheduled pickup time. This was not the only stop I needed to make, and the delay added a lot of stress and frustration to the day.

    What was the point of calling ahead if you are not going to start until I show up? That was never discussed, and no one called us before hand to say there was any issue, despite having our phone number. No attempts were made to fix the situation besides a few apologies from the front hostess (who was nice, but ultimately powerless to do anything).

    The food was decent. The Hawaiian BBQ beef and Kalbi ribs were great. Spam Masubi was good, although thats hard to do wrong. The Khalua pork lacked any real flavor though, and the pineapple fried rice was mediocre (as well as barely fried, which I can only imagine was due to rushing to cook the order at the last minute). I don’t feel like it was $500 worth of food, ESPECIALLY given the pick up issues, but it did feed our whole party well.

    Had this been handled better by the staff, and any attempt been made to rectify the situation I probably would have left a better review and ordered again for other parties. And I may try dine-in again sometime as it seems really nice inside with a great menu. If I do, I will update my review. But this was a lousy experience and a bad first impression, and I will not be ordering any large orders again anytime soon.

  12. Melissa Link

    This is my favorite place to eat. Always have the best food and really friendly people with fast service. One of the only restaurants out of 2 I will even go to. Thank you guys for the great time we have when we come in.

  13. Erica

    Yummmmh! I picked this place blindly online, just needed a middle point to meet with my friend coming from Tacoma and me from Seattle. The food is delicious. We both tried the Classic BBQ chicken, the portions were XL and the green salad had this guava ranchy kind of dressing. They even affixed an orchid bloom to my to go brownie with whipped cream. Had to skip the vanilla ice cream on inordinately hot day. One of the Sisters was our server. She made us feel like members of the family. The indoor decor is retro 80’s Hawaiian which I loved! Interested in going back and trying out more Hawaiian dishes.

  14. Abbie Davis

    We chose to eat here on a whim and I’m so glad we did! The atmosphere is perfect to get you in the mood, I loved all the Hawaiian decor. The staff were attentive and friendly, we even met the owner. All of the food we ordered was fantastic. We would 100% return.


    Great place I give them 55 stars. You walk in from a Federal Way parking lot and arrive at a Hawaiin beach house. The food was magnificent! I had a BBQ platter with BBQ pork, beef, and chicken. The mango bread pudding & ice cream were a delightful way to polish off the meal.

  16. Gareth Pederson

    Authentic Hawaiian food, the best around. You will not be disappointed!

  17. Nova

    The food don’t smack like it use to many years ago either the cooks changed or the owners change or the big dude that used to be there all the time something has changed. The food used to be phenomenal now it’s just OK. I wish I didn’t know how GREAT It use to be cause it ain’t that no more.

  18. Ted Owen

    Ok food, ok service.
    Probably won’t be over if our regular stops

  19. David Holyoke

    Always have friendly and great service. Awesome food.

  20. River Breann

    Really not impressed with the food here. I was really excited after reading reviews but was let down.

  21. Roxanne Castro

    Best place for dinner. Great portion size, great customer service, and beautiful place. The staff is very friendly. We love coming!

  22. Nyssa B

    The food was freshly prepared and amazingly delicious. You do feel like you’ve stepped into a Hawaiian cafe. The server was nice and helpful. I intend to go back.

  23. Tim Rushton

    Food was great and tasty.

  24. Kellie Hendi

    Such great food and great service. Family owned and operated. Love this place anytime I am in the area!

  25. Gareth Pederson

    Great place to eat and enjoy a little bit of Hawaii!

  26. Raymond Cordero

    Great food! Lumpia lacked filling and flavor but the pork, chicken, Mac salad and rice are on the spot the spam musubi was so fresh the nori was still dry needed to be wrapped in plastic to seal in the umami flavor

  27. Mary Bauer

    Cute restaurant, friendly staff, and good food

  28. Rainee Hougardy

    The smoked pork was ok but no sauce so I asked for sauce my daughter and I’s plates. The server brought out only one tiny thing of bbq we had to share sparingly. She was not very friendly. My daughter later said she was uncomfortable with her. We won’t be going back.

  29. Betty Rosario

    Warm friendly staff. Food tasted great!! Loved the decorations. I will be back!!

  30. Kevin Still

    The most amazing food!!!!
    Loli Loli chicken
    Katsu chicken
    Coconut prawns.

  31. Starla G

    Food was ok. The portions really suck. They’re very small. Especially if you compare them to l&l bbq. I got the teriyaki burger. It was so sad looking. I didn’t taste hardly any teriyaki sauce. Small pieces of lettuce. The only good thing about that burger was the pineapple and the bread. What little sauce I had was good. My boyfriend got the loco moco barely any rice looked like a pool of gravy. Didn’t come close to filling him up.

  32. Melissa “Missy” Cook

    I fell in love with this place as soon as I walked in the door. Loved the decor and a tasty aroma filled the air. We were seated quickly.
    We previewed the menu in the car and had settled on getting dessert. We ordered the pineapple upside down cake and the mango bread pudding. Both desserts were amazing. We found both to have amazing flavor, and yet they were not overly sweet – so tasty. We looked over the entire menu and are super excited to come back to try some off the savory offerings.

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