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Mod Pizza

Mod Pizza Menu

Menu is current as of 5/3/2024


Original, gluten-friendly, cauliflower


BBQ sauce, garlic rub, extra virgin olive oil, pesto, red sauce, spicy Calabrian chili, red sauce, white sauce


Asiago, dairy-free cheese, feta, gorgonzola, mozzarella, parmesan


anchovies (6 fillets), bacon, Canadian bacon (5 slices), grilled chicken, ground beef, mild sausage, pepperoni (5 slices), salami (5 slices), spicy chicken sausage, plant-based Italian sausage


Artichokes, arugula, basil – fresh chopped, black olives, corn – roasted, croutons, chickpeas, cucumbers, garlic – chopped (per tbsp), garlic – roasted, green bell peppers, jalapenos, mama lil’s sweet hot peppas, mushrooms, oregano (per tsp), pineapple, red onion, red peppers – roasted, romaine, rosemary – fresh chopped, sea salt (per tsp), sea salt & pepper (per tsp), spinach, mixed greens, tomatoes – sliced (5), tomatoes – diced


Balsamic fig glaze, BBQ swirl, hot buffalo sauce, Mike’s hot honey, pesto drizzle, ranch finish, red sauce dollops, sri-rancha sauce


Create Your Own Pizza (mini 6”) $9.39 / (11”) $11.39 / (11” thick dough) $13.39

Any toppings, one price

Chicken Bacon Ranch (mini 6”) $9.39 / (11”) $11.39 / (11” thick dough) $13.39

White sauce, cheddar, bacon, chicken, ranch finish

Maddy (mini 6”) $9.39 / (11”) $11.39 / (11” thick dough) $13.39

Red sauce, mozzarella

Mad Dog (mini 6”) $9.39 / (11”) $11.39 / (11” thick dough) $13.39

Red sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, mild sausage, ground beef

Tristan (mini 6”) $9.39 / (11”) $11.39 / (11” thick dough) $13.39

Mozzarella, asiago, roasted red peppers, mushrooms, pesto drizzle finish

Dominic (mini 6”) $9.39 / (11”) $11.39 / (11” thick dough) $13.39

White sauce, fresh chopped basil, asiago, mild sausage, red onion, sliced tomatoes

Lucy Sunshine (mini 6”) $9.39 / (11”) $11.39 / (11” thick dough) $13.39

Mozzarella, parmesan, garlic, artichokes, finished with dollops of red sauce

Jasper (mini 6”) $9.39 / (11”) $11.39 / (11” thick dough) $13.39

Red sauce, mozzarella, spicy chicken sausage, mushrooms

(mini 6”) $9.39 / (11”) $11.39 / (11” thick dough) $13.39Dillon James

Red sauce, mozzarella, asiago, fresh chopped basil, garlic, sliced tomatoes

Calexico (mini 6”) $9.39 / (11”) $11.39 / (11” thick dough) $13.39

Red sauce, mozzarella, gorgonzola, chicken, jalapenos, hot buffalo sauce

Caspian (mini 6”) $9.39 / (11”) $11.39 / (11” thick dough) $13.39

BBQ sauce, mozzarella, gorgonzola, chicken, red onions, BBQ swirl finish

Pizza Salad (mini 6”) $9.39 / (11”) $11.39 / (11” thick dough) $13.39

Create your own salad on a warm asiago pizza crust


(mini side salad) $9.39 / (MOD – entrée salad) $11.39 / (mega – family size) $13.39

Create Your Own Salad

Any toppings, one price

Caesar Salad

Romaine, parmesan, asiago, croutons, Caesar dressing

Garden Salad

Mixed greens, romaine, diced tomatoes, cucumbers, sherry Dijon vinaigrette dressing

Greek Salad

Romaine, feta, red onions, black olives, Mama Lil’s Sweet Hot Peppas, tomatoes, chickpeas, cucumbers, Greek herb & tahini dressing

Italian Chop Salad

Romaine, arugula, mozzarella, parmesan, salami, red onions, black olives, chickpeas, green bell peppers, zesty roma dressing

Pizza Salad

Create your own salad on a warm asiago pizza crust


Cheesy oven-fired pockets made to go where you go

Italiano $9.39

White sauce, mozzarella, parmesan, pepperoni, salami, roasted red peppers, tomatoes, basil, arugula, red sauce

Chicken Bacon Ranch $9.39

White sauce, cheddar, chicken, bacon, ranch

Four Cheese $9.39

White sauce, cheddar, mozzarella, asiago, parmesan


Because parents don’t have to share their pizza

Kids Meal $8.59

A Mini (6″) cheese pizza, milk or juice. (No modifications or substitutions)


Round out your meal with something on the side

Cheesy Garlic Bread $7.29

An 11-inch thick crust, covered in garlic and baked to perfection with mozzarella and parmesan. This shareable side is topped with fresh rosemary and ready for dipping.

Side Caesar $6.89

Complete your meal! Romaine, parmesan, asiago, croutons, Caesar dressing. (No modifications or substitutions)

Side Garden $6.89

Complete your meal! Mixed greens, romaine, diced tomatoes, cucumbers, sherry Dijon vinaigrette dressing. (No modifications or substitutions)


Fountain Drink (16 oz) $3.29

Pick-up only. House-made iced teas and lemonades, Coca-Cola® and Dr Pepper™ sodas

Fountain Drink (24 oz) $3.49

Pick-up only. House-made iced teas and lemonades, Coca-Cola® and Dr Pepper™ sodas

Mexican Coke (12 oz bottle) $3.49

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar (20 oz bottle) $3.69

Coke Classic (20 oz bottle) $3.69

Diet Coke (20 oz bottle) $3.69

Sprite (20 oz bottle) $3.69

Barq’s Root Beer (20 oz bottle) $3.69

Boylans Black Cherry (12 oz bottle) $3.49

Boylans Creme Soda (12 oz bottle) $3.49

San Pellegrino (16.9 oz bottle) $3.49

San Pellegrino Blood Orange (11.15 oz can) $3.49

San Pellegrino Limonata (11.15 oz can) $3.49

Apple Juice (6 oz carton) $1.89

Milk (8 oz carton) $2.49

Chocolate Milk (8 oz carton) $2.49

Water (16.9 oz bottle) $1.99


No Name Cake $3.39

A chocolate cake with rich vanilla buttercream center, covered with chocolaty glaze.

11 reviews for “Mod Pizza

  1. Chris Espinoza

    The general manager Kayla was super nice and professional and even let me use the bathroom which was exceptionally clean I almost ate lunch in there. Great job.5 stars for EVERYONE!

  2. Bec Sheaffer

    Great place

  3. Alyssa Marie

    Pizza and salad were tasty as always, service was great!

  4. Jody Raden

    Visited here several times enough to make a accurate review, not one bad thing to say, well occasionally someone’s pizza gets burnt but it not do to employee prob, it’s a customer prob…FYI if you way over top your pizza it does not cook right

  5. Daniel Shakin

    Very friendly staff and best mod pizza I’ve had


    2 great people who assisted me were Alexsia and Jamas at the Auburn, WA location. They were very knowledgeable and helpful. They were there to assist me on my order for pizza and was able to get me what I wanted on my pizza. They didn’t hesitate of what I wanted on my pizza and they listened what I wanted. will definitely come back to this location.

  7. Cecil Hardin

    Very friendly staff and delicious food!

  8. Naveen Kumar G


  9. Kenny White

    Vegetarian options: No cheese pizza, go Vegan

  10. Dandi Lion

    Great pizza

  11. Tyler

    Awesome place, had a great time

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