131 E Chance a La Mer NE, Ocean Shores, WA 98569


47.007144957883, -124.15933865784


11:00 am – 3:00 pm


11:00 am – 8:00 pm


11:00 am – 8:00 pm


11:00 am – 8:00 pm


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11:00 am – 3:00 pm

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Pizza Factory

Pizza Restaurant in Ocean Shores, WA









“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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28 reviews for “Pizza Factory

  1. Fishing Guy

    Very good place and prices that will make other local businesses improve or go out of business. This is the Best I have seen in Ocean Shores and I feel lucky to have eaten here on their first day in business! Thank you Margaret for opening here, I hope you make a fortune.

  2. D B

    Soooo Good, Soooo Reasonably priced, which is a combination this town hasn’t seen in a long time! They killed it on their opening day and the word passed around so well they completely exhausted their inventory and had to close today to re-stock! I ate here on the opening day and was pleasantly surprised. They had lots of staff trying to train and work out opening bugs.They have a beer wall, first in town, simply slide in your card and pour away. the Calzone is huge and the salad bar is very good too. I hope they are here a long time. When the word really gets out about this place there will be lines at the door, especially on tourist weekends, Pizza Factory, Do Well and Prosper!

  3. Tom Little

    its great that we findlay have a place here that knows how to make a pizza

  4. Rod Stewart

    Fantastic pizza to go! Was able to go on their official 2nd day open, it’s a little loud and overwhelming with the volume of customers. Very affordable and the cheesy bread is to DIE FOR!! Good job guys 🙂

  5. Andrea B

    I read the reviews on Yelp and had to try this place. It is just as good as everyone says. Definitely the most reasonably priced meal I’ve ever had in Ocean Shores. The service was very good and everyone seemed happy. It was nice to see a fellow throwing the Pizza dough in the air. I think they need a different solution for their sunflower seeds on the salad buffet. I was worried that I would pour too much on my plate, but I have no doubts they will iron out the small things since they are brand new. Also maybe larger handles on the lunch buffet pizza servers would help when the pizza slices aren’t quite cut through. Even though the Iced Tea came out of a machine, it tasted fresh brewed. All in all I was very impressed and this is the first review I have ever written, it must be Friday the 13th!

  6. Dave Beisel

    I took my mom to the pizza factory for lunch Friday, we had the buffet, absolutely amazing. Hot fresh food, great salad bar, the folks working there were very friendly and very helpful. I’m reccomending the pizza factory to everyone, the garlic ranch chicken pizza is to die for, can’t wait to try the pasta next. Thanks for the amazing food, and friendly staff, keep up the good work

  7. Jerrry Wheeler

    The best your pizza crust alone will support life doint change it very good #1

  8. Dave B

    The BEST and NEWEST in Ocean Shores! I stepped in for lunch today and tried the lunch buffet and thought this is what Ocean Shores has needed for a LONG time! The food was very good and as you can see, the menu prices are the BEST you will find (by far) in this town. I pretty much stuck to the salad bar while my wife tried other things, NO Complaints. The people next to me ordered a calzone and it was the biggest I’ve ever seen. I doubt they could finish it (less than $15) AMAZING, Thank you so much for opening here, our food businesses and Grocery need competition. I posted this on the first day they opened but had to re-post as it never showed up.

  9. Raheem hughey

    I do not usually do reviews but, the service abs food here was so good I just had to give it 5 stars. I will come here every time I come to ocean shores from here on out!

  10. Sango

    Great food and selection! I’m amazed at the prices, too! No restaurant in this town can claim to be affordable anymore. Keep it up and MAYBE others will try to compete.

  11. Jesse Diaz

    The staff was great and the pizza was amazing. I’d definitely recommend this place to friends.

  12. Tina Johnson

    So nice to have a place in Ocean Shores that has a buffet and salad bar! Prices were great and service was excellent! Food was good

  13. Kris I guess

    Generally average pizza, a little more expensive than the other places in ocean shores, but their website says they deliver later too, so when they get everything ironed out, it might be a nice place.

  14. Steven Brown

    Food was excellent but slow service, but first weekend open we’ll see how it goes. Definitely try the subs

  15. Laura Skinner

    We are so fortunate to have this restaurant here! Excellent selection, very reasonably priced, beautiful service, and the food is delicious! I love that their buffet pizza is cut into very small slices so it’s easy to try multiple varieties.

    I’m also completely blown away by how smoothly they were running, considering they’ve been open for less than a week! There are of course going to be things that need to be smoothed out in the beginning but they are handling it beautifully. I saw Margaret (the manager I think?) running around solving problems as they came up and let her know that everything was wonderful, because I am truly impressed with how well they’re handling the madness of opening week in a small town with very few restaurants. Really looking forward to making this a regular in the dining rotation!

  16. Becky Scott

    Not even a one star. I went there at 3:33pm, ordered garlic bread and 2 small pizzas to go. Was told it would be a 30 minute wait
    At 4:13 asked where my order was AND was told it would be ANOTHER 30 minutes.
    Trust me, I will NEVER order food, not even a straw.

  17. kenny bodnar

    There food is underwhelming over priced poor to ok quality of food and

  18. Kate Dewey

    This place was great! We were a last minute party of 28 that they were able to accommodate in the party room. We ordered in advance and the manager, Margaret, was fantastic at helping me navigate the dietary (vegan and celiac) needs of some of our party. We come to Ocean Shores every year with our family and this might have to be a new tradition!!

  19. Lynn Camp

    Such a welcome addition to our little town! A very good lunch buffet, and I’m in love with the cheesy bread. It gets busy, but everyone is kind and seems to take pride in their work, even during the crazy busy times! Welcome to shores, we’re happy you’re here!

  20. Dennis Schulte

    I’ll just say, ignore the bad reviews. The competition is scared. The pizza and pasta are both outstanding. They have had a few hiccups in the first week, but it is worth your time and money to stop in.

  21. Susan Franck

    Nice buffet for $10 soup salad and selected pizza. Long time since I have enjoyed a good salad bar.
    Come check this treasure out.

  22. Gavinardo

    A wonderful new addition to Ocean Shores with owners and staff that are earnestly trying to make good food and a good experience for all their guests. They’ve encountered such huge demand in their first month of business, the wait time and adjustments in service and hours are totally forgivable. They shred their own cheese, make their own dough and sauce, and offer a HUGE range of menu items! The lunch buffet is excellent and the pour-your-own beer nook is great! And the pizza is delicious!

  23. Sandy Paws

    I’ve been 3 times already since opening weekend…Maybe the new best pizza on the beach. We’re local and have been wating for a quality and consistant pizza and so much more, your salads are great also. Got wings today they look good. Look forward to many returns. Welcome to Ocean Shores!!! Keep up the fantastic STAFF…Phone order today for delivery, top drawer service. Memorial Day Weekend…

  24. Wanda Brown

    I have never been to the Pizza Factory but my co-worker’s son works there. She brings in pizza. I only work graveyard shift so the slices I have enjoyed have been in the fridge for a few hours. I just had the last slice and it was from yesterday and heated up, it was great! Therefore, you can buy a pizza bigger than you want for your visit and feel confident that it will be great heated up for 2 days after!

  25. Christina

    This place was so nice and reasonably priced. It was clean and the staff was really nice and patient. Ocean Shores needed a place like this tbh. Happy atmosphere and fresh ingredients. I loved that it was more active and loud so I didn’t need to quiet my kids.

  26. Renee Holland

    Awesome customer service and food. Long line, once you got your first plate there was no getting seconds because of line. Could be due to holiday..will try again.

  27. Troy Cornyn

    Place is clean! Staff was amazingly kind, and food was really good, even accommodated our dietary quirks. Pour your own beer!! Yes Please!

  28. J. Y.

    Great food, amazing staff, unbelievably cheap, and impressively well-kept restroom!

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