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Poke Oasis

Poke Restaurant in Burlington, WA








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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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73 reviews for “Poke Oasis

  1. Heather Bielecki

    Went here tonight for the first time. Amazingly tasty poke bowls with so many options to choose from to customize your bowl! The person who helped us was super nice answering my many questions. Even the owner stopped and chatted with us. Excited to visit again! Definitely check them out and support this local business!

  2. Chris G

    Great presentation and color combined with good flavor. Give this place a chance, you will go back.

  3. Steve Strouf

    First time here and it is excellent with very fair and affordable prices. Location is meh. If this place was in your face on the main drag it would be slam packed always. Good food friendly and good service. It gets 5 outta 5 from me

  4. Ross H

    Excellent food and staff. You won’t regret stopping by. It will make your day

  5. Tia Myers

    Everyone is always super nice and friendly, food is fresh, delicious, and has been consistent (I’ve been about 4 times). Good portion sizes. Recently they’ve added a lot of fun smaller sides that are hard to find elsewhere like spam musubi and inari!

    Definitely worth checking out if you are at all interested!

  6. Josh Etringer

    Food was delicious! Fresh and good price

  7. Jenna Franseen

    Poke Oasis is simply incredible. The owner is very welcoming and friendly, explaining poke and other dishes to anyone walking in from the newest poke customers to the seasoned consumer. The predefined combinations are creative, fun, and try to celebrate popular sushi roll flavors. They have such a breadth of veggies and proteins. The combo is well worth it as the appetizers are delicious (we enjoyed the gyoza and the chicken). The miso soup is also amazing (and fun to sip out of a mug). We highly recommend for anyone looking for a delicious lunch or dinner spot!

  8. Mahkayla Barnet

    It’s amazing, will definitely be back. The poke bowls were flavorful and fresh. The avocado was fresh. The place was clean. And the staff were friendly. The only thing I would change, is the edamme being in peices instead of whole but it’s really no big deal. Very very happy!

  9. Traci Edwards

    I LOVE this place! The owner is very friendly and welcoming. The space is cute. The food though is fantastic! It’s the best place to get a poke bowl from my experience in this region of Washington. Highly recommend giving this place a go! We also really enjoy the pickled options the owner makes in house!

  10. Darrin McKay

    Finally a Poke restaurant worth going to, again, again, and again. Something for everyone and very fresh. Sushi with a twist. Loved it.

  11. Chelsea Smart

    Great service and amazing food, a treasure find in Burlington.

  12. Ryan Dillon

    Excellent Poke! My wife and me have been to dozens of Poke places throughout the country and Poke Oasis hits the spot. Staff was super friendly and informative of menu items, etc. Highly recommended this fantastic restaurant, we can’t wait to go back, which will be very soon!

  13. Brandy Melvin

    Very clean, open, warm and welcoming environment. This is a place where all is welcomed with a smile and great food. Very accommodating to all (especially kids of all ages).

  14. Ashley Holtrop

    We absolutely love this place! This is our go to Poke resturant. The food is fresh, the portions are large, and the staff is always friendly!

  15. Jaretta Osborne

    This place has fresh delicious food and excellent customer service. The tempura was exactally like we had in Okinawa. Fresh, hot and delicious. The poke was a bpwl full.of happiness. We will be come back again and again.

  16. Jittichai Kanayat (Mai)

    Clean and tidy place, great food too.

  17. Kirill Gamaley

    Excellent local food using fresh ingredients. Friendly and courteous service in a clean and stylish atmosphere. Highly recommend to lovers of sushi and asian cuisine.

  18. Jeremy Hays

    What else is there to say beside best poke bowls in ever. A top quality build your own poke bowl adventure. Plus other great foods. If you have kids it gets even better. They have card games in a free to play Tekken game. Great prices and fresh fish. Exactly what Burlington needed

  19. Joshua Goodloe

    New expanded menu with Ramen!! I love it! Poke bowls are filling with all sorts of different options. This place is fun,clean, and fresh.

  20. Lee Salazar

    Wow! Amazing Poke Bowl! It was just over $13 which is a great deal for the amount and quality of food you get. I got spicy tuna and spicy crab. It’s very fresh and satisfying. I’m very glad to learn that there is a good poke place in the area. I hadn’t heard about it before! My wife and I will be coming again soon!

  21. Rachel S

    FINALLY! We’ve been driving down to Everett for poke for the 2 years we’ve lived here. So happy to have found this place. High quality, fair price, great customer service. 10/10 recommend.

  22. Carol Peterson

    Wonderful food. Helpful staff. Highly recommended.
    Rice bowls with all kinds of tasty toppings.

  23. Kawaii Alchemxzt

    Great place to create your own poke bowl or you can choose a bowl from their menu that are inspired by sushi rolls. The owner is very nice, friendly, and attentive as are all the workers. The owner also takes time to explain to all newcomers how the ordering process goes. The poke bowls are amazing with lots of protein, veggies, toppings, sauces, and a few fruits to choose from to create the perfect bowl that will satisfy your taste buds. Therefore I highly recommend stopping by at Poke Oasis. They also have a nice little arcade station you can use if you so happen to dine in. And last thing before I go is you have got to try the spam musubi it is bone apple teeth!!

  24. Marilyn

    Love this place. Very fresh. Fair prices. Friendly staff. What’s not to like?

    Side note- I really appreciate that they don’t charge extra for avocado.

    I also think it’s cool how they’re constantly bringing new things to the table (new sides, spices, toppings, etc.) and seeing what their customers love.

    We love Poke Oasis!

  25. Roseann Mills

    Delicious! Fresh and yummy selection of ingredients/menu items to choose from.

    Vegetarian options: You can build your own bowl with a variety of ingredients.

  26. miguel sanchez

    There’s a couple games in the restaurant to keep you entertained, musubi was excellent and highly recommend the poke. Going to try one of each and that tempura Ramen again!

  27. Thomas Inman

    Absolutely love this place. A must try! Fresh seafood, great flavors, tons of options, and a fair price.

  28. Lars Swenson

    I loved this place. The owner was super friendly and helpful. He was very enthusiastic about the place and walked me through all of the options they had there. The portions were BIG and absolutely delicious. And they give avocado for free! Which is unheard of anywhere else. Will definitely be going back soon!

  29. Cassie Woodworth-Narvaez

    thank you for labeling your vegan food so well, it was delicious!! we will definitely be back :’)

  30. Kira

    I’ve been here a couple times and I can’t recommend it enough! Their food and quality is incredible and the price is reasonable, their staff is extremely friendly.

  31. Vanessa Kucherka

    Very delicious! Great friendly service. I will come back again for lunch

  32. Nathan Woodworth-Narvaez

    Very clear labeling on dishes. Knew what was vegan and what was not very easily, which is a struggle sometimes. Very kind staff who care about your experience.

  33. Megan B

    Ordering was a little confusing but totally worth it.
    The food is Amazing.
    Great atmosphere

  34. Clairissa Rasmussen

    Best poke we’ve ever had. A friend recommended this place and my husband and I are now obsessed too. So good! The service was wonderful and the whole restaurant is a fun place to be. Easily one of our top 5 favorite places to eat. 🍜

  35. Daniel Vargas

    Great place, and staff. Clean, and quality food. I will be back asap!

  36. Kawika T

    What a treat to have such fresh seafood and great selection of homemade toppings!! Casual friendly atmosphere. Found our new go to poké location.

  37. Isaac Owen

    Great food at a great price. We will definitely be returning!

  38. Frances Mumford

    So far I have tried the Salmon Lovers, Tuna Hunter, Spicy Salmon Don, and Spicy Tuna Don Poke. Also the lumpia, spam musubi, and avocado bomb. Loved all of it.

  39. Kye Won Park

    What a pleasant dinner we had! Truly authentic food and cheerful staffs!

  40. Susan Dixon

    Love the sushi lasagna. Very fresh not disappointed yet.

  41. Jeremy Clark

    Presently surprised by the place. I’ll be going again for sure.

    My wife and I tried the poke, but the rest of the menu looks interesting.

  42. Anita Mitchell

    I freaking love this place!!

  43. Robyn Burdick

    OUTSTANDING. My new favorite restaurant, hands down. Super friendly, fresh, and food I can’t find anywhere else nearby! The atmosphere is great too. It’s such a fun place to camp out in with bowl after bowl of poke and all the boba tea I could ever wish for.

  44. James Pontius

    Excellent food and excellent service. Very friendly. Absolutely nothing to complain about which is impressive as I am pretty damn picky.

  45. Copper Reilly

    First time and i loved it i got a salmon poke bowl with no rice and salmon roe very fresh and tasty decent prices. I am on keto and love that i can actually get a keto dish staff very friendly and the place was nice can’t wait to come back

  46. Augkana Arnold

    Fresh food. Nice & clean restaurant. Amazing service.

  47. A M Smith

    My new favorite eatery in the area. Great Vegetarian/vegan options. Friendly, knowledgeable and courteous. So helpful making your first bowl.
    Thank you!

  48. Sierra Hampton

    One of the best vegan ramens ive ever had in my life! And ive eaten ramen at many restaurants including some high end ones in seattle! This place is so underrated for how delicous they are 10/10 def recommend

  49. Morgan Goebel

    The chicken kalguksoo was amazing and had such a unique flavor! My friend ordered the vegan gyoza ramen and that was delicious as well. Definitely coming back here!

  50. Aaron Brandes

    First time in and not disappointed. Definitely going to become a regular.

  51. Claya Chu

    Very happy to find this place during our visit to the tulip fars. We had both spicy tuna poke and seared Salmon poke. Both Are Fresh and Delicious! The miss so so up and egg drip sore server a wide selection of offerings and staff were very friendly. Would recommend if you’re nearby!

    The grilled salmon and spicy tuna Poke are delicious. I feel that the store’s route is a bit secondary/two-dimensional hahaha. There are many other dishes to choose from. The store is very friendly and it is a good fast food choice in a small town. I ordered miso soup and egg drop soup and it was surprisingly delicious!

  52. Jojo Cinco

    Super delicious poke! First one in the area and June (chef) is the pioneer! Had the salmon poke and wow!! Home made sauces made it pop… So good! Don’t hesitate to try Poke Oasis!

  53. Zakiyah LD

    Fresh food! I tried the BYO Poke Don, got a juice, and got seaweed salad. The staff were very sweet and the atmosphere was nice!

  54. Elaina Thompson

    Dang fine food. Fresh, flavorful, and such a breath of fresh air in this one horse town. If you like flavor in your food and an owner that will be kind and caring about your experience, highly recommend eating here!!!

  55. Linda Ramsdell

    The gentleman who was running the store was incredibly helpful and man the food was good. My 10 year old loved it!

  56. Lee Freiberg

    I aimlessly walked in without knowing the actual time. Not only did they serve me early it was amazing food. This is amazing to have in our small town. Thank you!

  57. LUNA “LinLin”


  58. Ryan R

    First time here and this place is amazing. The staff are friendly and even gave us samples to try. Deff a must try!!!

  59. Adam Wunsch

    Amazing staff. Very energetic and truly want you to have a great meal. Besides the poke, their musubi is very tasty.

  60. Faith L

    Best poke my husband and I ever had, so delicious and filling. The bubble tea was good, too, and the staff very friendly and helpful. We highly recommend giving it a try and we hope to go back whenever we are in the area.

  61. J. N.

    tl;dr This is frankly one of the best places to dine at. Deserved 5/5.

    Hiya! My mom and I wanted to leave our review with you guys. Jun’s (excuse me for getting your name wrong) a fantastic host and was able to ease my mom’s first poke experience into what’ll be a fantastic palette for her taste buds. Me being somewhat experienced with poke bowls, I was absolutely floored by the selection and how it tasted (read about that later). Thanks so much for being an utter delight to us and so considerate too!

    As for the atmosphere, we definitely took the time to take it all in. From the gaming station setup (loving the Street Fight joycon) to the trinkets and doodads all over the place and finally, the overall vibe felt like fresh air to us. Even got tempted to snag me a keychain, love the lil’ fella! It’s such a welcoming environment where you can take the time and enjoy your food. Also, good tastes in music as well!

    Now onto the food, I ain’t no food critic when I say this… but I am amazed by its deliciousness has it crept in my mouth, until it finally reached its destination. Despite it being a poke bowl, each ingredient and choices I’ve made has been spectacular and interwovened in such a way that any poke appreciator would have a thrill making their own bowl.

    These are words from my mom. You are one the best places she has ever had the pleasure of dining from. Your place deserves its praises and no doubt you’ll see us again in the near future. Even if we had to drive all the way from Seattle up to you guys! You guys have a way of serving me a vegetarian-focused bowl with the right combination of food! I cannot simply wait to try out your vegetarian/vegan musubi!

    As for the takeout, we ordered 2 chicken udon soup and my little brothers devoured their portions with ease! The musubi with eggs slap pretty hard too! You knocked it outta the park with your food, atmosphere and service!!

    All in all, definitely an affordable place for the food we’ve gotten.

    From us to you, we want you guys to have all the success in the world. We’ll be sure to drive all the way up to you guys to dine at your comfy establishment in the near future!

  62. Mack Blackburn

    They have a lot of selection: poke, udon noodles, bulgogi, bubble tea, and more. There are board games and a tekken machine inside as well. One of the best things to do around this area IMO

  63. Matilde C Calderon

    Strongly recommend this place! The ingredients were fresh with many different options. The owner was so nice and he gave a lot of instructions and recommendations when I was making my order. This place also has some board games for customers. The portion of my bowl was generously big and it tasted delicious. I will definitely come back!

  64. MJ Irelan

    This is, without question, the best Asian restaurant in the valley. All the ingredients are fresh, the fish/seafood are topnotch, and the food is quite delicious. The new menu is quite extensive as well. (No, it’s not just poke!!!) Joon is also the nicest, kindest, friendliest host who works hard for his customers, plus the prices are the most reasonable ones I’ve seen compared to other restaurants in the area (not just the Asian ones). The restaurant is quite clean, simple, and just has a pleasant vibe all around. I’m glad my friend tuned me into this little gem. It’s a newer restaurant and its amazing food should not be kept a secret any longer. I’m really looking forward to coming back here again and again.


    This place is well worth the drive from whidbey! Everything was fresh and seafood was melt in your mouth fresh! Friendly staff and very accommodating.

  66. Kjersten Heron

    Nice place, but the tuna bowl really disappointed me. One of the tunas didn’t taste very good, the bowl had lots of rice, and overall it didn’t have the ‘lots of fresh flavor’ I expect from a poke bowl. I’d like to try another thing here, hopefully this bowl was a fluke. Half of it went in the bin.

  67. Atosha Rhoads

    This place did not disappoint! The food and service was amazing! The atmosphere is cute and friendly. Will definitely be going back many times.

  68. Mike Freedman

    Excellent Poke spot! It relatively new and it’s a real gem. Delicious and the staff and the service are wonderful.

  69. Nat Glynn

    absolutely yes in every regard

  70. Mutt Bane

    Top notch, might be the best poke joint I’ve been to!

  71. S L

    Food was fantastic! Got a poke bowl that was fresh with amazing flavor. There were lots of options to choose from and the portions were large. The person who greeted us was so friendly and helpful and the atmosphere was great. There was clearly a lot of thought put into the restaurant and it really showed! Would 100% come back!

  72. Esteban Alacio

    The experience was incredible. The food was fantastic and fresh. The portions to the prices were incredible! The owner noticed my friends and I confusion and helped us out in a great service! He often checked on us and told us his vision behind the place. It’s one of my favorite poke spots of all time. Would travel back to Washington just for this restaurant

  73. Kacy Thompson

    This is such a fantastic place. I was apprehensive at first, as I’m not very familiar with the world of sushi and poké. However, right when we walked in, Joon was incredibly friendly, helpful, and made us feel really comfortable. The food was fresh, healthy and SO, SO GOOD. If I could give it more stars, I would.

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