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Sushi House

Japanese Restaurant in Spokane Valley, WA









“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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62 reviews for “Sushi House

  1. Chris Grodhaus

    Excellent food. What I got was different than I ordered. I didn’t send it back, don’t know what it was. Oh God it was excellent. I will be going back when I can.

  2. Wkmmjj

    Really good sushi all around but I’d be careful to ordering any uncooked sushi, I’ve gotten sick a few times from here.

  3. Carrie Cole

    Best Sushi 🍣 place in Spokane Valley they are AWESOME!!! The fish is Very Fresh!!!

  4. McKenna

    The food was fantastic and beautiful! Wonderful waitstaff who patiently answered all of our questions about what was gluten free and what wasn’t. I will absolutely return and bring people with me in the future.

  5. Alina Lashkay

    Usually i come dine in here and have a good experience,But today i have decided to order out…I got a sushi roll and 2 orders of sea Urchin “nigiri”,I want to give a shout out to the chef in the back thinking it was ok or funny to add an old discolored sea urchin,as you can see for yourself in the picture.If you hate your job so much there just quit,but putting the restraunt down like that shame on you buddy. Very childish.Grow up.

  6. Lamour Solutions

    Great sushi and the friendliest staff! Every time we’re in the mood for sushi in Spokane Valley area, this is the place we go. Love it here and the staff is always so kind and quick to greet you and say hello. I highly recommend!

  7. Sarah Haney

    Best quality and quantity of sushi with the best prices I have found in Spokane WA and Spokane Valley WA area. Also has good Chinese food for a sushi restaurant, for when you have company or a date that doesn’t love sushi as much as you or visa versa.

  8. Jessica Masden

    Amazing sushi with attentive servers. We had a Godzilla roll, Seattle roll and Salmon nigiri were our top picks!

  9. Rachel O'Hara

    Love the food! Great wait staff and sushi chefs. Highly recommend eating here.

  10. Michelle D

    This was our first time visiting. The staff was wonderful and made ordering over the phone a breeze. The pick up process was fast and easy. The food was delicious and well made

  11. Shannon Masuoka

    We are visiting with family from Olympia….and omg….their sushi was to die for. 5/5 would absolutely recommend – and the service was excellent!

  12. Donovan Stewart

    Great food and service. They have a full bar and a great selection of sushi, appetizers, and Chinese food. All the food is great.

  13. kalah clawson

    The taste wasn’t worth the price. The staff was great but you can definitely get better flavor at other sushi restaurants in town .

  14. Hey Gurl (Pennee)

    This place is amazing. The food is fantastic and is fairly priced. I would definitely recommend this place to people who enjoy sushi.

  15. Jacqueline “jackie” Collins

    I have ONLY ate California rolls and I also have mastered making them. I didn’t care for this 1, it’s made with a crab mix or something? The sweet n sour chicken was hard and just not tasty.

  16. Briton Woolf

    Best sushi I’ve had in awhile. I got the Red Dragon Roll and it was amazing. 10/10 would recommend both Sushi House and the Red Dragon Roll. Staff and restaurant were nice and accommodating too!

  17. April Heilman

    Food was wonderful. The service was awful we had to search for our waitress to order food and to fill our drinks. Just not a pleasant experience. We will not go back.

  18. Team Pitcher

    Great sushi and an excellent value- at an already competitive cost the rolls are larger than most places.

  19. Tony Dougherty

    Best Sushi I have had in the area. I have done both dine-in and out, both good experiences, but I prefer dine-in. I definitely recommend this place to everyone.

  20. Chris Hoffman

    Sushi house is great!!!! Great food!! Great costumer service!!!! And don’t eat sushi, it’s the Chinese food that l love!👍😊

  21. Maria Ann

    Had a few different options than we normally do today and all we’re very good! Blackjack and Transylvania rolls are top notch! 🤤

  22. linleyyy

    Such good sushi, great Thai Iced Tea. Love the avocado roll, and I 100% recommend the *007! Loved it! ❤️

  23. Catherine Hernandez

    Really good food, good presentation, friendly atmosphere, very busy right away.

  24. Witch_Freakk

    Every time I go in the staff is so kind. The food is amazing, my favorite is the yakisoba noodles(beef). I love everything about this place!

  25. travis james

    Took my 6 yo son there for dinner, it was our first time there. It was super good. I had a roll, and sushimi he had the kids noodle plate and we shared calamari as our appetizer. Fish was good, roll was good, noodles where good, the calamari was our favorite part though SO good. Price was fair, was 60 bucks for the food and drinks and 30% tip (the server was very helpful, it being our first time I asked alot of questions).

  26. Ashley Maye

    Close to the best sushi in Spokane! Always great service and amazing food!

  27. Sandra Hokama

    Great service. Friendly staff. Very clean. Delicious food in very generous portions.

  28. Wendy Holnagel

    Our favorite sushi place on the west side was Trappers. Took us a while to find this place. Top notch service and pretty dang good sushi.

  29. michael groce

    Sushi was so good.
    And pool tables where fair awesome invirment over all

  30. Josh Manfred

    Great food, ended up going two days in a row. Had the teriyaki wings and the chicken teriyaki plate, egg rolls, edamame, basil fried rice, salmon sashimi, salmon roe, and a few other things. All of it was amazing. Super fresh, not salty, about as close to perfection as I can imagine.

  31. Rj Bryant

    consistently awesome. good service, great food.
    definitely recommend

  32. sbb714

    Really good Asian food, friendly, helpful, efficient service. I liked everything about this place.

  33. Cassie Johnson

    My first time here. Service was great ,food was excellent. 10/10 would recommend!!

  34. Thatone Guy

    Great sushi wonderful staff. However if you go for your 21st birthday for some cocktails be sure to have a horizontal ID, won’t accept vertical sadly.

  35. Casey Vanwormer

    Got some takeout there yesterday. I had high hopes based on the reviews but was severely disappointed with what I received. Tempura rolls were not fully fried, they were soggy and doughy, oil was old or something and smelled and tasted terrible, the drizzled sauce was watery and the put so much on the sushi that they were more soupy and soggy than anything else…. I threw away $100 worth of sushi and calamari!!! Very dissatisfied!!

  36. Kellie Geisler

    Spicy Seafood Ramen, sushi/sashimi boat, Godzilla roll. Excellent!

  37. Valerie Brown

    Driving by and seen sushi so we stopped. We were so surprised how big the rolls were. Usually between two we can eat 4 rolls. Today we ordered 3 and couldn’t finish them. 007 and Godzilla was our favorite. If you haven’t tried it you should.

  38. Sandy Roth

    Really delicious and fresh. Love the old school mix matched dishes. Service was fantastic and the food came fast. Has a Diners Drive-ins and Dives kind of vibe, really enjoyed it.

  39. Sieglinde Tyrrell

    The sushi here is so fresh and delicious. I have been here many times with my family.

  40. Karyn Christner

    This has become our go-to sushi place, largely due to the most amazing Geisha roll. We’ve tried many rolls and nigiris and have yet to be disappointed. The calamari, seaweed salad and edamame are also worth ordering. The ambiance is casual and the service is stellar.

  41. Kane Mindermann

    This place does not disappoint. It was referred to me by a friend. Now it’s always amongst the top choices of places to eat. We make it a point to try new rolls everytime we visit. Of everything we’ve tried, only a couple made the “do not order again” list. Not that they were bad, but all the others were better. This place is well above average, from all other sushi restaurants I’ve been to. I highly recommend giving this place a try! Good soup, good rolls, good food!

  42. T

    Sushi house has beautiful rolls … as they say you eat with your eyes first… never a disappointment

  43. Carlee Meyer

    Love this place but super unimpressed with the service. They brought my kids food and my man’s food at the same time and they finished both theirs before I even got mine. Like 10 minutes after

  44. Paul Hoy

    I have to give 5 out of 5 the food is just that good. The choices on the menu are many and diverse. The staff is so friendly and extremely efficient. The portions are generous and absolutely delicious. This is the best sushi in all of Spokane and the surrounding area.

  45. Hallie Wiseman

    We are new to the area and were looking for a yummy sushi spot near us. All of the rolls we had were delicious and tasted fresh! We had the TNT roll, the Bruce Lee roll, and an avocado roll. In addition to sushi, they also have other Asian food on the menu (like Chinese) and had Thai iced teas! A good spot for anyone looking for solid Asian food with a variety of options.

  46. John Stansbury

    The sushi is amazing…my buddy doesn’t eat fish but the general tso chicken was incredible…highly recommend for anyone in the area

  47. Alan Hallberg

    We usually get sushi from Toro or the Wave. Wave was to far and Toro was closed so we thought we would try this place. The outside isnt much to look at, but inside is very nice. The service was fantastic, our food was super fast and tasted amazing. Cost was typical. This will be our new goto place for sushi.

  48. william kinzel

    Atmosphere is 2 star. Clean but not fancy which is fine although prices are more 3 star. Certainly not cheap for what you get. $10 for 6 steamed wonton appetizer. Entrees similarly priced. Food itself wasn’t bad but service was terrible. Went with my wife and her food literally came out 40 minutes before mine. Had to flag the server down just so we could pay…. Had high hopes but you can’t win them all I guess.

  49. Jordan

    I came here with my mom on a whim. While unassuming from the outside, the inside had plenty of seating. It is separated into a bar area and restaurant area, so don’t make the mistake of coming in from the back door like we did. The servers were really friendly, and the food was great. The portion sizes were also reasonable, which is great for people who don’t want a massive amount of food.

  50. Adan Gonzalez

    I was honestly so surprised by this place. The sushi was great! The food came out so quickly and the service was great. Definitely coming here again.

  51. Kayla R

    Love this place! They have a huge selection of sushi, sashimi and various other Asian foods. I had a bento box as well as a California roll which were both delicious. Also, the plating is really gorgeous and I wasn’t expecting that!

  52. Jessica Graff

    We ordered from here solely based on the reviews as we are from out of town. And honestly I am so confused as to how this place has such a good rating. This place is super gross inside and I immediately regretted placing a to go order over the phone when I walked in to pick up my order. The sushi was extremely soggy, and 110% not authentic. The edamame tasted like it had freezer burn, and the miso soup tasted like it was straight out of a plastic bag. This place was $100 worth of disappointment. The only reason I gave the place two stars was because the girl that took my payment was extremely nice, and helpful. If you’re used to good, authentic sushi do NOT ….. I repeat ….. do NOT waste your money here. Now let’s pray our family doesn’t wake up with food poisoning in the middle of the night.

  53. Ryder Broadnax

    Food is SO filling the Bruce Lee roll is perfect it was impeccable the spice mixed with a little Wasabi and soy with a Tai ice tea to drink is the perfect dinner it’s also perfect for any Occasion but be sure to bring a coat it can get a little cold in there but 5 stars overall

  54. Daniel Lopez

    Sushi House is always good, I’ve eaten here many times and it’s always been great. They have the best miso soup in town, and their rolls and chow mein are very good. Also recommend the bento boxes! Clean, good service, good food.

  55. Mandi M

    The only reason I did not give 5 stars is the lack of gluten free options. I ordered the Phad Thai and it was very good. The staff was also very nice.

  56. Justin Harris

    Amazing sushi, great prices, I love this place, but depending on what waitress you get you might wait up to 30min to order, went on a Thursday and there was no problem the place was busy the waitress was amazing as was the food, mind you we had 4 people in our party, go the next day and same amount of people in the restaurant but it is just 2 people in my party and we have to wait 10 min just to get our orders and we where waiting 30 min and we dident even get to order WE WERE FORGOTTEN, the waitress mad no effort to take or order, this was totally unacceptable

  57. Meghan Holloway

    I have been looking for a good sushi place after living in Hawaii for four years and for the longest time everywhere I went was disappointing but this place was absolutely amazing! Their Thai Tea was delicious and not to mention the variety of tasty sushi rolls they had that satisfied my picky sushi cravings. If you’re a sushi lover looking for some good sushi I highly recommend trying this place.

  58. Angel Roupe

    I believe they were short staffed. They did forget our table. They each thoughtvthey had helped us but no one helped us. So we were waiting a real long time. It was for my son’s birthday and this is the place he chose. He loves the avacado boats and sushi of course. It will not stop us from going back. We love being together as a family so the wait while we did get concerned if we were going to be helped we enjoyed our time.

  59. Paul Johnson

    Kind of run down, needs paint and repairs, and there were party people hanging around outside, but people bringing their kids inside. Strange mix. Ordered Sapporo on tap, but they were out. Sushi came so fast that my wife thought it was premade. Premade or not it was all served with a very sweet sauce. The caterpillar roll had matchstick cucumber pieces that had an odd texture. The spider roll was not well made. Then the bill came and found out they were charging top dollar for low grade sushi. You should skip this place, and we wished we had.

  60. Darlene Backes

    Very casual atmosphere. Even has a bar. Super friendly people and decent customer service. The sushi is off the charts incredible. Big pieces, fresh, a little pricey but very well worth it. They also have a nice menu selection. My husband loves their pad thai noodles and I love their beef yakisoba noodles

  61. Jaye

    Food was amazing!! Bartender (Tony) comes out from behind the bar to come up to the upper level to see if anyone needs anything. Great service!!! I also love that they have a outside smoking area(beer garden) off the bar area. Pool tables are fast!! One was just re-felted with new rails. The other one was leveled as well..

  62. Eula Fullerton

    Glad we decided to try this place ♥️ Our new favorite sushi spot. My husband and I love trying different sushi places but a lot of time we find ourselves disappointed. The vibe is really nice and they have a large variety of food you can order. Today we tried 5 rolls. 3 of them I’d highly recommend trying: red dragon, tnt, and Kamikazi. We also tried the Godzilla and 007. Finishing off with a mango float ♥️

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