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Ta Joia

Korean Fusion Restaurant in Bothell, WA

91 reviews for “Ta Joia

  1. tbh

    Amazing food and good people this place is a vibe and a half

  2. Zachary Freeman

    Awesome neighborhood spot, outstanding food, busy but quiet. The Lee family is awesome!

  3. Sam Pan

    Good portions and delicious!

  4. LW

    Their house spicy chicken is da bomb

  5. Jess Kudlo

    I have been here a few times after they were recommended by a coworker. SO good every time! Clean space, friendly staff… and food I now crave. Everything tastes so fresh and has tons of flavor. You must go and try at least once, but I can almost guarantee it won’t only be once.

  6. danny

    Amazing food and even better vibes!

  7. Lelolo

    Crispy chicken is really tender and juicy, probably the best I have had in months. Everything is just amazing! Anthony brings a highlight to our visit and we will definitely come back for the great food and super friendly staffs!

  8. Jacob Kim

    Super yummy food and friendly staff!!

  9. Dee S

    Great customer service and food. It has a cool Brazilian, tropical theme in the food and decor. I loved the chicken and egg roll teriyaki. And they were playing SZA! I will return 🤪😇🍲

  10. Kjiyu Chase

    I come here usually once a week and i loved their food so much with pico the gaio together. The staff were on top of it.

  11. Peter Hon

    Go here for when I have my kid for the week, and when I don’t have him (co-parenting with the ex).

  12. Travis Hume

    So happy to see this family back in business. Hands down favorite spicy chicken teriyaki.

  13. Parlay Pass

    My 1st time eating there. I had the salmon poke and kalbi with fried rice. Delicious. Cool interior with a comfy feel. Service was amazing and they had a nice drink selection. I will def be back for more!

  14. Victoria Royal

    Delicious, cute, and great energy!

  15. Kelly Zinn

    This is one of my favorite spots in Bothell. The “special” is a must, and also the wings!

  16. Heather B.

    10/10 recommend. What a cool place. Delicious food with a fusion twist. I had the beef bulgogi bowl, with a side of the pico. The (breathtakingly gorgeous btw) gal that took my order, told me the way to do it is to mix the pico with your rice and pour the cilantro dressing on the top… so freaking good! I will be back to try more!

    05/10/2023: Came back for my second visit, and this time, it was even better. Probably what I chose (the pulled pork), which is one of my favorite dishes. Ta Joia does it perfectly. It is cooked in a soy based sauce, but the soy is not overpowering, like it can be. It offers just enough flavor and saltiness. Paired with the rice and pico, and topped with the cilantro crema (I’m guessing this is what it’s called. I should prob find out), it was perfection.

    Also, I was more than a little surprised when the hostess (again, could be wrong on what you call the person who takes your order but also does the food prep? Anyways 🤷🏼‍♀️….) remembered my name! She either has an impeccable memory, or she saw this review. Either way, I was impressed and felt valued!

    Can’t wait to try everything on the menu. I read a great article on the history of the restaurant and the owners story. Search it on Google. Definitely an inspiring story that pulls at the heart strings.


    Wow! This little place is a hidden treasure where you feel like family when you walk in. We walked in during a lunch rush and we were greeted with a sincere “welcome in” and a smile by a young man who continued to have a smile on his face throughout our visit! This family owned gem made one of the best “fast food” meals I have ever had where they did not skimp on the details and passion. The perfectly grilled meat was met by some spice, and topped off with the freshness of some pico with a side of a cilantro, lime, jalapeño dressing that was divine. This will absolutely be a go to for a healthy and quick lunch or dinner.

  18. rylan yan

    The BEST spicy chicken teriyaki!! This family owned and ran restaurant is my go to when I’m in the Bothell area. From the friendly service to the welcoming environment to the delicious food. You have to eat here!

  19. Sean McCallum

    The food here is delicious. Even the tofu is cooked crispy and tastes great! The service is very friendly, but unfortunately the young ladies are fans of Jake Gyllenhall, just so you know what kind of people you are dealing with.

  20. Jennifer Lee

    Very welcoming and the food is solid. It has a small business vibe (which it is) that I really enjoy. Good ambiance. Spicy chicken had a good flavor especially with the cilantro sauce and pico de gallo. They were out of the bibimbap and japchae, my first and second choices bit the stir fry and tofu was still good. It was a healthy option for this area.

  21. Sunil Khale

    Simply excellent – the food, time to table, flavour, service. This place is a gem.

  22. Molly Smith

    The best place to eat in Washington. It’s that good.

  23. Vaish “Siso” C

    Great fresh food in an informal setting! Perfect for business lunches or dinners. Very friendly staff and quick service. Meat was very tasty and flavorful.

    They do have some veg options available – mostly tofu.

    Overall great experience

  24. Brian Hendershot

    Truly excellent! Especially the staff!!

  25. Mikael Pisnoy

    Got referred here by a friend and was not disappointed!

    Food was amazing, and there is a lot to choose from as well as a pretty customizable menu for any preferences or restrictions. Everything was fresh and tasted great. Portion sizes were also great! You absolutely get your money’s worth.

    Most importantly, the staff were extremely kind and attentive. I’ve been a handful of times now and regardless if there is a full house, or only a few customers, I have ALWAYS been attended to and checked on by either the managers or the crew to make sure I was good and that I was enjoying the food.

    Absolutely a must try if you are in the area and if you aren’t, it is definitely worth a trip!

  26. saradha vedula

    This place never disappoints. Fresh healthy tasty food with lot of vegetarian /vegan options. Staff is awesome, friendly and hardworking!

  27. Anthony Freeman

    Amazing food, amazing atmosphere, kind staff for a reasonable price. The hype is real, this place is amazing.

  28. B

    The best!!! I think I’ve had every dish and you can’t go wrong with any thing in the menu, but my wife’s favorite is the spicy teriyaki and the japchae! To the Lee family, thank you for your awesome food. You are the pride of Bothell!

  29. Joseph Stelter

    Fantastic food and great vibes. Truly an uplifting experience. Love it!

  30. Antony Chung

    This place is the spot! I can’t get this type of teriyaki anywhere. My go-to, is the spicy chicken with pico de gallo and gyoza. Hands down the best I’ve ever had. Do yourself a favor and go eat here, you’ll have a new favorite place to eat. I guarantee it.

  31. Andrew Song

    Wow, the food and atmosphere here is amazing! I can’t wait to come back and try everything on the menu.

  32. Jason Hanley

    The food is so fresh, well seasoned and prepared. The chicken and shrimp are grilled and the pico really brings it all together. You can sub rice for fried rice with an up charge. The wings were crispy and the breading was seasoned well with herbs. The green sauce with them was good. Food comes out quick too.

  33. Zak K.

    House spicy chicken is the best teriyaki in the region by far.

  34. Morgan Buckingham

    Had been wanting to try this place for a year, finally did. Wish I hadn’t waited!!! Everything on the menu looks amazing, I got the spicy chicken and salmon poke, they were soooo good. Very reasonable pricing and great portions! Can’t wait to go back and try more!

  35. Kristy Wu

    I absolutely love everything about this place! My favorite dish is the kalbi, it always hits the spot!!

  36. Georgi Mitev

    Food tastes really good and everything is fresh. I love the spicy chicken dinner item.

  37. Elisha Janisch

    Long black hair my food immediately grossed me out.

  38. Peter Kwon

    I enjoyed their food and had a great time conversing with Vivian (the owner’s daughter). After a full day of park activities with our two dogs, Haru and Hana… a great food is a must! This place had amazing food as well as service. What more do you need? I’ll return without a doubt, and you must taste the brisket with fried rice. The slow-cooked brisket has a sweet and tangy flavor. i don’t typically like asian fusion food, but this place definitely impressed me. Anyway, I’m thankful. Peter

  39. ROSIE Now

    This place is run like a Michelin star restaurant!! Clean. Good food. Great service!!

  40. Fernando Cadiz

    At first, when I saw the reviews, I felt locals were exaggerating. But it turns out that this is one of the best Korean food I have ever tasted. You won’t be disappointed with anything they serve here, from the fried rice to the makku rice beer. Come hungry and leave satisfied.

  41. RIP LilSnupe

    I was expecting good things from this place based off the reviews. The fried rice was really bland, almost tasted like regular rice. The spicy pork was good, but it was mostly lettuce. The best thing I tried was the feijoada and that was actually really good 👍🏾

  42. Greg Hernandez

    The service was extremely fast and the staff was really kind.

  43. Todd Langowski

    I go for the House Chicken and stay for the Creamy Cilantro sauce.

    Best Teriyaki in town.

  44. Mari G

    This was my first time there, ordering takeout for my family. Staff was super friendly and accommodating. Food was so yummy fresh perfectly cooked plenty of flavor! Will definitely be on my list of restaurants to go to when I’m in Bothell!

  45. Scott Rigtrup

    Gave this place a try, based off other reviews, highly over rated. Biggest problem, dinner prices ($16) with lunchtime quantity. Was expecting a dinner plate and recieved a shallow lunch bowl. Other places would charge about $10 for this quanity.

  46. Ben Everett

    Delicious, with great portions and excellent pricing.

  47. Jenny Rosario

    I got their signature fried rice and crispy chicken. Man I am without words like the amount of food and quality was insane. Whenever I’m in Bothell imma come here for dinner!

  48. Tamires Amaro

    The best food ever!!! You guys should try the sausage, feijoada and the pico! Delightful! I love this infusion of Brazil with the Asian food! Just makes me feel closer to home♥️♥️

  49. Paul Beaty

    Why is my food so good? Is it a secret sauce? Is it the way they perfectly cooked their meat? Is it the friendly faces? Is everything made with love? This place is so amazing that it makes me sad that I live so far away. Everyone needs to do themselves a favor and try this place!

  50. Dan Sundgren

    So good! Perfect char on the teriyaki

  51. Jessie Payne

    Dietary restrictions: They worked with me on my food allergies and had delicious basic dishes I could eat. I’m dairy free, gluten free (not celiac), and can’t eat nightshades.

  52. Ralph Bartolome

    Wow! Just wow!!! Amazing food and service. The attention to detail on your food is really great. This is a must try if you’re in the area. But if you’re not in the area, just make it a fun food trip! It’s well worth it!

  53. alex j

    Delicious, nutritious, well priced and fast. Favorite new spot in the area!

  54. Seattle Sounder

    Overall the food is great, tasty, and cooked well. But I do have one big complaint which might be the reason they lose me as a customer. They are CHEAP! I ask for extra sauce multiple times on multiple occasions and it’s as if I am ripping their hearts out. Moody facial expressions and all. Or better yet, they insist on putting the sauce on my food for me! I ask for a box, and they give me a wimpy little box that I can’t even put my food inside? If I pay for a service I expect it be delivered and not me being scammed out of what I pay for. Just an honest customer willing to help a business out with constructive feedback!

  55. Caleb Sparks

    The Bimbibap was pretty good although it lacked the crust you’ll see in stone pot bimbibap. The tofu bimbibap is a extra $3, I wish they told me that ahead of time. However, the tofu was very tasty. Hot and crispy on the outside but fluffy and soft on the inside.

  56. Alice Le

    SOOO good. Went yesterday for a quick late lunch and I want to come back again already. The flavor combinations work so well together.

  57. Dan Ewell

    Foods typically great. Careful if there busy.

  58. Crystal Romo

    Good food, lunch special is a decent plate for the price. Anthony is a rockstar. Superior customer service. The only downside was that there was a bland and borderline dismissive young (pretty) Asian gal that killed the mood. But besides that, I’d recommend this place

  59. Solomon Walden

    To be honest this is the BEST teriyaki I’ve had maybe ever! They cook on a open flame which give the chicken that tasty char. The spicy chicken was what was recommended for my first time and boy it didn’t disappoint. They told me to add the white sauce and pico de gallo to the rice. *FIRE* this combo makes you do a little food dance in your seat. As I said today was my first time loved it so much I asked my wife to bring me back an order for dinner tomorrow. Check these guys out if you’ve been on the fence. You won’t regret it.

  60. Marco Subero

    Oh man, what to say. First, if you haven’t been, run here now and get the dry seasoning chicken teriyaki, and if you’re a fan of cilantro, you must and I mean must have the cilantro sauce. Both the salad and Pico are great sides, but get the Pico and top it with some sauce. The staff here is how every and I MEAN every restaurant should be, friendly and kind, they make you feel like a friend and you know they appreciate your business. Keep up the great work and amazing food team at Ta Joia!

  61. Baki Efesoy

    Long wait time and bad place

  62. alan askew

    Love this place! The best spicy chicken I have ever had. Many other great menu items but you have to try the spicy chicken

  63. Jason Lindstrom

    Their bowls fill the holes in my heart. Spicy chicken con pico es muy good.

  64. Jonathan Boozer

    This place is a good restaurant if you’re looking for a good lunch. The portions were just right to make you full but not stuff you. The bulgogi rice bowl with the salsa, you have to get the salsa, was very tasty and fresh. Well seasoned and the flavors mixed really well. They also played some good music for a good atmosphere. In certain spots it was a little loud however. I would come back again to this place!


    The food here is so good I had to come back a second time. I ordered the wings and the fried rice. Everything was on point the food was packed with flavor in every bite. I highly recommend this place the staff makes you feel very welcome, I’m far away from home but they made me feel like a neighbor. I came in 2 days in a row and they remembered me and greet like a regular. I will eat here every time I come to WA.

  66. Jordan Westmorland

    Holy smokes Ta Joia is an unbelievable dinning experience! I swear by Google reviews so when I saw 4.8, I had to check it out and somehow it exceeded expectations! It’s rare to have such good food and have the staff working there just as impressive.

  67. Denali Williams

    Enjoyed a chicken & rice bowl. Would be the usual, tasty teryaki bowl but the addition of pico de gallo makes for a delicious fusion.

  68. Amie Marie

    We’ve used DoorDash frequently, and every order has consistently delivered amazing food. The chicken is incredibly flavorful and fresh, and the poke bowl is both fresh and delicious. Our first visit to the restaurant was delightful—it’s cute, clean, and the team is super friendly. Even my 5-year-old frequently requests the teriyaki for dinner. It has become a family favorite!

  69. David Vu

    Been trying to eat here for years. Finally remembered about them and went to get some lunch! I ordered the spicy chicken. Since it was my first time there, the server recommended to add pico de gallo and lime cilantro sauce. It was perfect! I love teriyaki for their sauce. But the spicy chicken was perfect with seasoning. I love burnt pieces of chicken for my fair of charred pieces. I’m glad I got to finally experience the Latin Asian inspired teriyaki shop!

  70. Insane Darkness

    This is the best teriyaki I have ever had. This is my new favorite teriyaki place. There is nothing out there like this.

  71. Frederick

    If I had to choose between ta joia and saving the life of your child you better get busy making a new one

  72. Hansika Rastogi

    Loved the food! Will recommend for sure. Can’t wait to go back

  73. Nick Anderson

    Not sure what all the fuss is aboot. I guess in the middle of nowhere your options are limited. Food was perfectly decent, but nothing worth going out of your way for. Noodles weren’t overly flavorful.

  74. Isaak Toledo

    Bomb 💣! Always Fresh

  75. Leon C

    Came in on a weeknight and had a short wait in line for ordering. Food was served promptly and both dishes were freshly cooked.

    Both the house chicken and spicy chicken were well-marinated and flavorful. The dark meat was nice and juicy. The sear was good, though the charring was a bit much especially on the edges. The grill could’ve used a quick scrub down first. Quantity-wise, the amount of meat was fair for the pricing. Could’ve added more salad though as it was finished in two bites.

    Service was fine. Water and tea are self-serve. Bussing is done by customers. Not much to say here.

    Atmosphere is clean, calm, and inviting. Ample parking in the plaza.

    Would come back again to satisfy our next teriyaki craving.

  76. rayyy

    Was here months ago but now moving to la… say goodbye to my favorite teriyaki 🙁 have been ordered two spicy chicken with my girlfriend with the name Ray so many times, enormous moments. Really missing this place… if got chance back to Seattle, definitely come back!!!!!!!!
    Highly Recommend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Riley

    After I left SEA, I deeply realized that this is the best teriyaki I have ever had. Lived in SEA for 2 yrs, ordered sooo many times. I really miss this place. Can you open another one in LA?😩

  78. Nigel Hoyle

    The food is great! Juicy chicken. And the pico and sauces are too good.

  79. Tony Thammavongsa

    My co-worker put me on a month ago. As soon as I first walked in and saw 2 Korean moms cooking, I knew it was legit lol. The pico is such a good pallet cleanser for ribeye and chicken thighs, and the cilantro sauce is just 😘 🏼 it’s been a weekly stable of ours for lunch 1-2x a week since and we put 2 other co-workers on. Also, today I walked in and gentlemen at the front greeted me by my first name…I made it or we just come here too much 😂

  80. S C

    I’ve been coming here for a long time and order probably once a week (sometimes more) — they cooked catering for our event back in September as well. So I may be slightly biased, but this restaurant is by far my favorite local place to eat.

    Fresh food, delicious flavor combos and the friendliest staff. The blend of teriyaki-style and Brazilian flavors is so refreshing and invigorating in a sea full of copy-and-paste teriyaki spots. Nothing against others, but they just aren’t on the same level as these folks.

    I’ve tried nearly everything on the menu and you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu. Personal suggestion – one of the new bowls they have that has the beans, rice, egg, spicy chicken, cilantro sauce and pico. Unreal. The flavor combinations going on there will have you going back for more bites just to taste it all again.

  81. shantel thao

    Amazing service and such a cute little place! We got kimchi fried rice,a teriyaki and crispy chicken combo, and veggie spring rolls. There was really nothing too special in flavor about anything we ordered and it was over $50. The kimchi fried rice was on the spicier side, teriyaki a little dry, but crispy chicken was moist and had good breading.

  82. Mina Farid

    Food is great and staff is amazing

  83. Gabby Flores

    I absolutely love this place. It’s my go to when I want healthy, delicious food. It is by far one of my top 3 restaurants in Washington. Portion sizes are great, and they are great from my macros easy to log!

  84. Jiyeon L

    I could drink the green sauce. And the spicy chicken and katsu. And the vibes. 10/10.

  85. Kamora Lee

    Have been wanting to try this place out when we moved near by but haven’t got a chance to for a whole year. Let me just say how much I regretted not coming here sooner. From the moment we walked in, we were greated with happy friendly faces. The food was phenomenal! From flavors to decor and omg the portions! Arrive hungry my peeps, you will leave full. Ta joia we will be back, be ready for the whole fam.

  86. Jack Palevich

    I tried a variety of dishes to go

    The Feijoada is great, a little too salty for me, but lots of good flavor. (I ordered it as the spicy house special which included spicy teriyaki chicken and a fried egg.)
    The shredded pork is good, a nice flavor.
    The spicy chicken teriyaki is good but a little too spicy for me.
    The house chicken teriyaki is a little too plain for me.
    The kalbi is OK, but plain.
    Pico is nice, heavy on raw cabbage, I liked it.
    The steamed rice was plentiful and tasty.

    The food was packed well — I think one of the pico containers leaked slightly, but everything else traveled well.

    This is in a large strip mall. Parking is tighter than you would expect. Easy access to/from 405.

  87. Drew Hamilton

    I just had a great experience and fantastically flavored teriyaki bowl 🥣 😋 👌👍
    I a big fan now!! 🤗

  88. John A

    Better than the average teriyaki restaurant! Interesting choice to offer pico on the side. The spicy chicken was nicely seasoned and not soaked in hot sauce like other places

  89. Siavash Irani

    A bowl full of rice, little bit beans and little meat, did not worth the price

  90. Nobu Goto

    Great family owned restaurant. Kind workers and amazing food.

  91. Aruna Somwaru

    the spicy chicken changed my life

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