307 S Park St, Aberdeen, WA 98520


46.968933748765, -123.82491366908


10:00 am – 8:00 pm


10:00 am – 8:00 pm


10:00 am – 8:00 pm


10:00 am – 8:00 pm


10:00 am – 8:00 pm


10:00 am – 8:00 pm


10:00 am – 87:00 pm

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Taqueria San Jose

Mexican Restaurant Located in Aberdeen, WA


43 reviews for “Taqueria San Jose

  1. Lucretia Keilwitz

    Amazing food. I’m so glad they are still in business. Amazing food, keep up the good work.

  2. Mehrdad

    We ordered fried tilapia and it was great!!

  3. Alexander Loyd

    The food is amazing

  4. Jeff Campbell


  5. Kalissa Demarco

    Let me preface this by saying: 6 months ago, my boyfriend and I were obsessed with Taqueria San Jose. Slowly we’ve been loving them less and less… The salsas changed which is a bummer, they were perfection before. They’re always overly spicy these days, and my partner (who is Mexican & eats spicy food daily) agrees the recipe changed. The beans and rice are hit & miss these days- again, it’s like they adjusted the recipe. I’ve never thought of beans as spicy, but these are. And tonight, might be the deal breaker. We’ve NEVER (in 3 years) had any complaints about their tacos… but tonight the meat is burnt and crispy- we’ve spit more meat out than we’ve eaten.
    The best part of tonight’s meal was the grilled onion… overall, this entire meal was a 3/10 when it used to be a 16/10.
    I don’t post this to be mean, I post it in hopes the owners share it with their team and start adjusting course. We’ll retry them in a couple months, but being repeatedly disappointed over the past 6 months is enough. We’re sorry, but please please go back to the old TSJ 💔

  6. Damon Taylor

    Very good restaurant in grays harbor very friendly and outgoing

  7. Andrew Moore

    Super Al Pastor Burrito. Delicious and consistent Every time.

  8. Adam Richardson

    Some of the best legit Mexican food in the area. And the staff are always super nice whether you’re speaking English or Spanish.

  9. Byron Gudino

    Great Mexican food

  10. muria myhre

    Authentic, delicious, and you get so much food! Best chili rellenos on the harbor!

  11. Rachel Watson

    As always the best food ever!!!

  12. Wendi Krieger

    This place is great! I have traveled many places and love getting horchata. This place has the best horchata I’ve EVER had any where! The quesadillas and chimichangas are phenomenal! I will definitely be back! Great food and so happy I tried this place.

  13. Brian Washington

    Stopped by here on our way to Lake Quinault for the weekend, and it was amazing. The tacos were authentic and I probably could have eaten 10 more. The employees were really nice and kept the place very clean too. Can’t wait to go again!

  14. Ronan Murphy

    This place has been a local staple for years. It’s newer location is a little out of the way and hard to get to, being in an awkward lil alleyway, but it’s absolutely worth it.

  15. Dulce Maria

    I love this place and go alot, the food comes quickly and the space is decent. The tacos are good and so is the tacos de tripa The staff are extremely kind as well love this place.

  16. Demitrios Vekk F.Z.

    Nice spot. Decently priced for the portions. Taste is good!

  17. Michael Knotts

    Expensive has to be the main description of this business. For 4 tacos your paying 23 dollars no sides no drink. Me and 3 others ran a 80 dollar bill just for 4 tacos apiece. That’s not a taqueria that’s an indoor dining price with a fast food service.

  18. Rose OKeefe

    Delicious food, good service, reasonable prices. My favorite taqueria in the area.

  19. Giles Ellis

    Every dinning experience is nice, the foods amazing and well priced.

  20. Mistie Raven

    I would definitely say this is a hidden gem. Great, affordable food. I grew up in California and it reminds me of home. So good.

  21. Alex Trice

    Outstanding food and price

  22. Christina Hopkins

    Taco salad is perfect!

  23. Big Jim

    Food is pretty good. Ask them to cook the meat for tacos an extra minute or two or it comes out a bit bland. The extra time really makes a difference! Service is fantastic!! Food comes out very fast. Not a lot of seating so be prepared to take your food to go during busy times. For a quick and filling snack order the plain quesadillas! Fast and filling and only a couple bucks! Yep, I’m a regular there!

  24. Brett Peteterson

    This place is off the hook dont pass it up it is so….. good fish tacos rock

  25. SM Tan

    I’m glad that this iteration of the old store in the mall reincarnated themselves here. The tacos are pretty good! I stop when I’m traveling through town.

  26. Isaias Villasol

    A very good meal 👌 I recommend it
    All the people who work in the restaurant are very friendly.

  27. Brian Krous

    Best taqueria in the area without a doubt.

  28. Jessica Brewer

    Delicious, fast and fantastic staff

  29. Robert Petty

    Great food! Friendly service! So glad to have found a place with good asada fries in Washington. Will def be my go to place for now on.

  30. christopher howard

    The food is seasoned. Not blah.
    Friendly and fast service.
    Best place of this style/menu.

  31. TheGTAmaster99 From Xbox (cuteboy99)

    Amazing food, good service, friendly people ☺️

  32. Alyssa Arnold

    Always the best 👌 I’ve been going here for years, and I’ve never once been disappointed! Fresh, homemade, and quickly prepared. The Carne Asada burrito is my “go to” but I’ve tried many of the menu items. If you like spicy, try the house made green salsa.

  33. justina perez

    Had some alpastor tacos and wow . Ordered the azada fries to go, and they PACKED the plate.

  34. HaterZgunnaLuvMe

    Food is amazing and affordable compared to other places in the area.

  35. Ana Fuentes

    Delicious and good excellent service

  36. Corinne Harrison

    This Place is Fantastic. They use to be in the mall by a different name. The food is so good. Can’t wait to go back.

  37. Mike Taylor

    Best Mexican food in Washington.

  38. Ian Strait

    Food is excellent.

  39. Billy Sansom

    Nice people n doing a good job

  40. Jake Onyx

    The real deal. Fantastic

  41. Katherine Chwazik

    This place doesn’t look like much from the outside but WOW the burritos are delicious and huge, and you are missing out if you don’t get horchata.

  42. Jammie Hoffman

    The #1 my husband ordered was AMAZING, every bite was seasoned to perfection and made us want more!
    The salsa and chips were good
    And the hot sauce was smoky, spicy and delicious
    However the Birria Queso Tacos were not at all our favorite.
    The consume wasn’t very flavorful
    The cheese was excessive
    The meat was bland and full of gristle and fat!
    I’d go back and get the #1 again FOR SURE!

  43. Minister Elana H

    Just awesome

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