278 Winslow Way E #102, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110


47.6250862, -122.518592


11:00 am – 8:00 pm


11:00 am – 8:00 pm


11:00 am – 8:00 pm


11:00 am – 8:00 pm


11:00 am – 8:00 pm


11:00 am – 8:00 pm



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Teriyaki Town

Japanese Restaurant in Bainbridge Island, WA


27 reviews for “Teriyaki Town

  1. Joe Titos (SpaniardSPQR)

    The best local Teriyaki place. The food is consistently good, with excellent flavor. The spicy chicken with mushrooms, Teriyaki beef, and egg rolls are my go-to’s. Not the cheapest food option, but rhe smoky flavor has me coming back for more.

  2. Dennis Faust

    Healthy, fresh stir fried Asian cuisine with generous portions.

  3. Annie Wang

    My friends and I were looking for a quick lunch on our day exploring the cute island of Bainbridge. This place serves delicious Japanese food with large portions that is both fresh and flavorful. My friend and I shared the chicken terriyaki and pork yakisoba. The meat was super well marinated and blackened and the vegetables and rice were crisp and tender. This is some of the best terriyaki and yakisoba I’ve ever had and definitely was a highlight of our day. The staff were super friendly and the interior is simple but cute. There is free iced and hot water for your taking although I don’t think there is a bathroom so we went to the nearby free art museum to use the restroom. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a quick, delicious filling nourishing meal!

  4. Manuel CastellanosIC

    Great quality food and not a long wait. Servers were helpful

  5. Leigh Wright

    Always so fresh, fast, and they give you so much food

  6. Mike McClure


  7. 정현준

    Really delicious.. The owners are from Korea. Even for Korea, there is chicken that is of a high quality. You must try it..

  8. Gabriela Micu

    The food is delicious and fresh!! The staff is also very friendly and helpful!

  9. Elisa Laverty

    Consistently delicious teriyaki!

  10. Matthew Santiago

    Great food very fresh

  11. Jaekob Borges (Jaekos)

    Really good food and the employee at the front was pretty cool.

  12. Eric Ringger

    Teriyaki classics in generous proportions.

  13. Aiden Snow

    super nice staff, good prices, amazing food.

  14. Ruenom

    Stopped by to grab some boba, great price at around $5 and large portion. Got Thai milk tea and the classic milk tea with boba, both delicious!

  15. Tiara

    Visited this place for the first time, shop is located in Winslow Mall, it’s an open mall. Ordered Teriyaki Chicken, portioning was good but honestly I didn’t like the overall taste. Chicken tasted weird, sauce was not good, rice was ok and the gyoza was also pretty okayish. Didn’t seem fresh. Have not tried anything else from this place but based on this order, I would not recommend.

  16. Kierstin Kelly

    I can’t sing enough praises for t-town honestly – I have tried just about everything on the menu by this point and it is all PHENOMENAL. The salad is always crisp and fresh, the rice is *always* cooked incredibly well, and every meat I’ve had has been grilled with care and love to absolute perfection. No matter what you get, you can’t go wrong! This is an Island institution that refuses to sacrifice or compromise on the quality of their food, and that rings through with their consistency as well. This is some of the best teriyaki I’ve had in my (almost) 30 years in Western Washington. It hits every spot. The spicy chicken is real spicy, not pretend spicy. It leaves my lips tingling afterwards and I live for that kind of spice in my life. The sauce and marinade is tasty, full of depth, and has a rich flavor profile without being saccharine or overwhelmingly sweet. It all has such a nice, delicate balance. I could eat t-town 7 days a week (if not for them being closed on Sundays). Absolutely stop here, and eat whatever sounds good to you – it’s sure to taste fantastic! (pics of all my takeout over the last 2-3 months 🤣 some things i requested specifically for an additional fee on quiet days FYI)

  17. Keith Killinger

    An enormous amount of meat for the price.
    — and good, too.

  18. Fred Araneda

    Best beef short ribs

  19. Steven James Burks

    Food is mad legit. Get it to go. 😊

  20. Jacob Ohlde

    This is your typical small teriyaki shop but wow it was great! Ingredients are fresh and top notch tasted like it’s made by someone who cares not your normal rinse and repeat teriyaki shop. Will definitely come back

  21. Bruce Fischer

    Great place for lunch on the island. Teriyaki is delicious and along with a nice inside area they have a nice seating area outside for you to enjoy your food if you prefer outdoor dining.

    They also have sauces out so you can add some sauce to taste. I always appreciate a sauce bar.

  22. Spencer King

    Tasty Seattle/PNW style teriyaki. Clean dining room & speedy service!

  23. Yenifer Camarillo

    Delicious food, the truth is I was expecting something sweet like chains commonly make Asian dishes but it wasn’t like that, apart from the fact that their menus are very varied.
    The service was excellent, they were super friendly and although the place feels somewhat warm due to the small size of the place, it is comfortable.

  24. Soemy Garcia

    Short ribs were DELISSSHH!!! 😋 great vibes, great service, quick with making our food! I’m definitely coming back when I’m back into the Bainbridge area

  25. Drew Owen

    A Bainbridge Island staple, no matter how much the new landlord of the mall hates that fact and wishes they were a cocktail bar instead! Great food, service, and atmosphere, and a classic spot for a quick bite after school or during your lunch break downtown.

  26. Stephen Parnes

    In heart of downtown B.I. Delicious food, lovely service, huge helpings, very reasonably priced. A gem.

  27. Nin Go

    Food was delicious!

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