1198 W Summit Pkwy, Spokane, WA 99201


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11:00 am – 6:00 pm


11:00 am – 6:00 pm


11:00 am – 6:00 pm


11:00 am – 6:00 pm


11:00 am – 6:00 pm





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3ninjas Curbside and Catering

Mexican Asian Fusion Restaurant in Spokane, WA



Add double meat: Chicken $2.50, Pork $2.50, Steak $3.50

BBQ Pork Sandwich $15.00

Pulled pork, house pickles, BBQ, garlic aioli, jalapeno slaw, jalapeno onion mix. Served with chips and salsa on a Hoagie

Buffalo Sandwich $15.00

Chicken, bacon, provolone, blue cheese, candied jalapeno, buffalo sauce, pickled vegetable, fried onion, jalapeno

Cheese Steak Sandwich $14.25

Steak, peppers, mushrooms, caramelized onions, smoked jalapeno, horseradish, cream cheese, provolone Cubano $15.00

Mojo pork, pineapple, brown sugar ham, quick pickled candied jalapeno relish, mustard sauce, and provolone

Italian Beef $16.00

Steak, giardiniera, smoked habanero aioli, paired with a smoky burgundy infused au just for dipping

Po’Boy $15.00

Pickled peppers, crunchy Cajun shrimp, candied jalapeno pickle mix, Cajun slaw, remoulade

Steak Banh Mi $14.25

Marinated steak, pickled vegetables, sriracha aioli, candied jalapeno, cilantro, cucumbers on a large hoagie


Served with chips and salsa. Add double meat: Chicken $2.50, Pork $2.50, Steak $3.50

BBQ $13.00

Chicken, BBQ sauce, fried onion jalapeno, cheese, cabbage, smoky creama

Fire $13.00

Chicken, habanero jelly, cabbage, cheese, onion, jalapeno mix, habanero aioli

Jefe $13.00

Mojo pork, cilantro aioli, brown sugar pineapple ham, cabbage, quick pickled relish

Steak and Cheese Steak, blue cheese, balsamic glaze, onion jalapeno mix, mushrooms, onions, and peppers

Thai Peanut Wrap $13.00

Chicken breast, sriracha aioli, peanut sauce, citrus slaw, wontons

Veginator $13.00

Garlic aioli, hummus, giardiniera, cucumber salsa, greens, cucumber, feta, tomato, candied jalapeno, wax peppers


Add double meat: Chicken $2.50, Pork $2.50, Steak $3.50

Bulgogi Steak Salad $14.00

Bulgogi steak, mandarin oranges, sesame seeds, green onions, wontons, greens, lemon ginger dressing

Greek Salad $14.00

Chicken breast, cucumber, feta, Greek dressing, tomato, red onion, power greens

Hummus and Veggies $9.25

Fresh hummus, pita bread, house chips, celery, carrots

Chips and Salsa $6.00

Ninjas homemade chips and salsa


Add double meat: Chicken $2.50, Pork $2.50, Steak $3.50

Choose rice, noodles, or cabbage

Bulgogi Bowl $15.00

Beef, carrots, greens, cucumbers with Szechuan sauce, scallions, sesame seeds

Curry Bowl $14.00

Silky curry sauce, chicken breast, pineapple salsa, Asian slaw

Orange Chicken Bowl $14.00

Sweet orange glaze, flash-fried chicken breast, pineapple salsa, Asian slaw

Beef and Broccoli Bowl $15.00

Marinated steak, broccoli, pickled carrots, and celery, cabbage, Asian slaw

Firecracker Bowl $16.00

Fresh jalapenos, cabbage, pineapple salsa, flash-fried chicken in our firecracker sauce

Teriyaki Bowl $14.00

Chicken or tofu, teriyaki, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, pineapple salsa, Asian slaw

Peanut Bowl $14.00

Chicken or tofu, peanut sauce, mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, Asian slaw, peanuts


3 Per order. Flour or corn tortillas. Add double meat: Chicken $2.50, Pork $2.50, Steak $3.50

Bulgogi Taco $14.00

Korean marinated steak, cabbage, sriracha aioli, candied jalapeno, sesame seeds, wontons

Pork Carnitas Taco $12.00

Slow cooked carnitas, picco, habanero aioli, cheddar cheese, and cabbage

Thai Lemongrass Taco $13.00

Chicken breast or tofu, cucumber salsa, cabbage, sriracha aioli in a lemongrass marinade

Smoked Chicken $13.00

Marinated chicken, cheese, smoky creama, cabbage, and picco

Mahi-Mahi $13.00

Fresh battered Mahi-Mahi, picco , cabbage, and smoky creama

Aloha Taco $13.00

Teriyaki chicken, creama sauce, roasted red pepper, pineapple salsa, and crunchy wontons


Mango Habanero $5.00

This sweet sugar skull has some kick, great with tacos

Smokey Jalapeno $5.00

Our best all around sauce. Smoky and dominated b jalapeno

Sweet Melissa $5.00

The hottest thing you’ll have all da. Habanero American style pepper sauce






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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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19 reviews for “3ninjas Curbside and Catering

  1. Conner Kennedy

    Great food, great service! Had us try all their hot sauces while we waiting for our food. Fun environment

  2. nortonet ollyd

    The food is good but they don’t list all the ingredients in the description, which is just really odd. I wouldn’t order something that has things I don’t eat if I knew they were there. Anyway, like I said the food was pretty good.

  3. Steven Kitchens

    Just wow. The little one makes great yum Yums

  4. Danielle Baumgartner

    I had the tofu peanut bowl and it was so good! 12 bucks and I was able to eat leftovers for dinner.

  5. Linda Masterson

    SO good! And fast! I went in for a pickup and my order hadn’t gone thru (my fault) and they still had me served up in 10mim. The guys are super friendly. Big portions and delicious food. I definitely recommend trying this place out!

  6. Kayleigh Slayton

    This food is absolutely a home run for fast easy take out with HEALTHY options. We tried this on a whim and now have ordered it three times for lunch and dinner. Staff is friendly and takes care in what they do.

  7. Mark Miller

    Awesome Cubano!!!

  8. Tamara Marie

    Fire cracker bowl was okay. I can’t say the food was worth all the hype.

  9. Aar Sep

    Ordered the smoked chicken tacos for pickup. Good portion and flavor! Great timing and service. It was packed up and ready when I arrived. Some lime/acid and a little extra salt would have made it perfect.

  10. Rain Eller

    If you’re in the mood for something new and flavorful I absolutely recommend 3 ninjas. They are a small joint but they’re bursting with deliciousness and excellent customer service to boot! I had their fire wrap and two drinks and it only cost me around 14 dollars. The wrap itself was excellent, grill charred chicken with a cabbage slaw wrapped in a delicious grilled tortilla shell. The crunch of the cabbage mixes well with the sweetness of the meat which also adds its own crunch thanks to the grill. It comes with an anazing sweet and spicy jalapeno sauce which really brings everything together. It also comes with their own hand made and seasoned tortilla chips with a side of salsa! Altogether the experience was fantastic, the staff was friendly, and the food was outstanding. I’ll definitely be coming back to 3 ninjas again and again.

  11. sam mikolasy

    We ordered a sandwich and a bowl, this place is hands down one of the best places to get a quick meal in Spokane.

  12. Joseph Larocque

    Just ordered pick up 2 orders of bulgogi tacos and received chicken flagstaff. Called to inform them and the repsonse was call postmates that’s who the order was through. Didn’t want to credit or remake order. Worst customer service

  13. Jacob Nagele

    Tonight 10-4-22 was my usual order. My husband odered online through their website as a pickup order. Ordered 2 orders of bulgogi tacos. He picked up our order and when he got home discovered they were actually buffaloc chicken tacos. I called them and explained the situation. Read the receipt to the owner word for word. He blamed uber eats as i am guessing that is who facilitates thier order platform. All i wanted was for them to remake or give credit for another day and they said no, i needed to go through uber eats and get a refund. I explained i didnt want a refund but the food i ordered. He was adimate that uber eats made the mistake even though my receipt clearly states bulgogi. With his refusal he lost loyal customers as we go in at least 1 a month and it was not uber eats fault as the receipt states our order and husband pickednit up in is to bad they are lacking in customer service. After this encounter i will not be ordering or patronizing their establishment as clearly they do not care about the customer.

  14. Tesmond Hurd

    3 guys cooking of good food with house-made salsas/sauces…couldn’t find a better lunch spot! Sandwiches are on point with lots of meat, the only downfall is the bread could use a little more toasting to keep from getting soggy, but otherwise highly recommend!

  15. Lily Latham-deck

    Amazing little joint with great fast customer service and attention to detail with delicious food!

  16. Scott

    Great food, but a little bit frustratingly odd and inconsistent hours at this location. Currently closed on weekends and closes right in the middle of dinner on weekdays.

  17. Michaela Buckner

    Oh man these guys are the best! When Covid was going on, the only good delivery was these guys! Never disappointed. I work right next door in Liberty Lake and I’m never sad when I forget my lunch, just means I get to treat myself to Three Ninjas!
    Their wraps are HUGE, and a staff favorite at the coffee shop next door (New Love Coffee) is the Beef Bulgogi bowl with cabbage! So good.

  18. Robert Hammell

    The 3ninjas restaurant in Spokane I try there food it was good

  19. Tony S

    This place is awesome. Great flavors and if you like spice this is the place. It’s my goal to try everything on the menu. Highly recommended!!

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