104 Lincoln St, Hoquiam, WA 98550


46.98111937744, -123.88563197263


10:00 am – 9:45 pm


10:00 am – 9:45 pm


10:00 am – 9:45 pm


10:00 am – 9:45 pm


10:00 am – 9:45 pm


10:00 am – 9:45 pm


10:00 am – 9:45 pm

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Al’s Hum-Dinger

Fast Food Restaurant in Hoquiam, WA




53 reviews for “Al’s Hum-Dinger Hoquiam

  1. Kevin Helton

    They have the best burgers in Grays Harbor. They’re also really fast. I’ll call them for a take out order and it’s done in 10 minutes.

  2. Sir Cahoona

    Great grub

  3. Zak Niebrugge

    Food is a little pricey but other than that it was such great quality food!

  4. Patty Goodman

    I called in a to go order. The lady was very polite on the phone. When I got there for my timed order it was ready like 30 seconds after I got there. Both the ladies I spoke with were super nice and served with a smile. On top of that the cheeseburger and fries with fry sauce and my chocolate shake were the best!!!! 👌 highly recommend this place.

  5. Joe Comouche

    Very nice staff. Great food and shakes, just order and they bring it out to you with a smile.

  6. Gary Hall

    We’ve been coming here for about 50 years and the hamburgers, fries, and shakes have always been the best. Now the outside dining needs some work but watching the glow of the Hoquim river and the humm of the logging trucks driving by leads to a wonderful ambiance!!

  7. Kathy Hall

    We’ve been enjoying the Humdinger for 50+ years with our family headed to Kalaloch or Iron Springs. We enjoy the good food on tables outside along the Hoquim river. The gizzards are the best. The staff is friendly and service good. They pound on the window when your order is ready. No bathrooms but you can cross the road between logging trucks, to the city park. And we’re on our way!

  8. Beth Kloppman

    They get busy. If you’re in a hurry call ahead

  9. Kevin

    This place is the best. The food was excellent and the Banana Split was the best I had in years. The staff was very nice.

  10. Morgan Chinn

    If you don’t love the food here, I don’t get it, because this place is the epitome of killer dive food! The burgers are so, so good, the crispy, buttery bun and perfectly seasoned beef. Definitely add the bacon. Onion rings and fries are solid, shakes are really good, too. To be honest, they used to be better, I don’t know what they changed about the fruit ones, but they aren’t as flavorful as they used to be. Definitely get the hot fudge shake though, you won’t regret it! Great variety, great food, overall great place to eat. Just remember to bring cash to avoid fees!


    What can I say other.. clam strips!…

  12. Rafael Jimenez

    All good fresh made meal friendly service polite

  13. Lily

    Delicious food and quite quick! Love the fried mushrooms and I especially like that the onion rings are bite-able and don’t pull the entire onion out when you bite into them!

  14. Elle Perry

    This is the best place for a very amazing burger and fries!!!

  15. Daniel Conway

    Reliably good. No BS.

  16. Jessica Cleverly

    Their goop sauce is amazing! I love that they change out their seasonal flavored soft serve ice cream. They are always fast and efficient and the serving sizes are always generous! A staple to Hoquiam!

  17. Christy Russell

    most Everytime I have went there I was not impressed at all. from rude customer service to way charging. tonight I got 1 pop, 1 md float. 1 corn dog & order of onion rings (only got 5 of them too) for nearly $16 my drink had way to much Ice. .

  18. Jayme Fleury

    Humdinger is a grays harbor classic! My favorite burger joint. No indoor seating (not because of covid, just how it always has been) You can call ahead or order there & wait by the river. 2 outdoor tables. More of an eat in your car or take the food home situation. When I was pregnant my cravings were a humdinger Double dog lol

  19. Calvin Lawson

    Their milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.

  20. Leanda Miles

    I recently visited, and always was happy with service and food. This time it was upsetting and disappointing. My food was hamburger smashed serverly that it fell apart,as other also the other burgers we got,they had wilted lettuce on them and carelessly stuck together, my fries were cold,soggy, and extremely hard(not fresh as always). On top of this the staff were having issues with other coworkers .They were showing unprofessional attitude toward staff while in front of customer ,when order was mixed up due to unproper communication between staff. I love the food,smiling faces, and have been coming here since i was a kid. Hopefully, the staff was just having a bad day, and things will improve tomorrow and service will be great as always!

  21. xsz dad

    Amazing! Best food in town.

  22. Ian Strait

    Fantastic food every time.

  23. Micah Wells

    My only problem with the Hum-Dinger is the price for the amount of food. It’s a little steep. But the food still taste great as usual.

  24. Ying S

    Fast, convenient, good food, and good price

  25. Kristi Heller

    Sooooooo delicious especially shakes. And we’ll price!!

  26. Adolphus Estes

    So good that you won’t care about the calories. The staff are sooo nice and the kitchen is sooo clean!

  27. Robert McNamara

    Great food, Great service.
    Always open and very clean.

  28. J Quinby

    Not as good as it used to be. Fry sauce container so small you can’t dip an onion ring into it. Staff messed up order due to only hearing what they want to hear not what was being said. Humdinger used to be the place to go for the best burgers in town. Not any more. Definitely overpriced for the quality. Save your money and go to McDonalds.

  29. Dillon Clark

    Food and service was amazing at love with people that worked there

  30. Anna Tyman

    Food was good, somewhat greasy and some of the food came with pieces of hair. Milk shake was tasty but it’s more like ice cream with flavor hard to slurp through a straw . The staff was very nice and quick service.

  31. Melanie McIver

    As of April 2023,they are very short handed. The food we ordered was somewhat soggy, either left submerged in the oil or wasn’t allowed to cook entirely. Flavor was awesome, but like many of the places around, just not enough employees to give the original 5 stars I had given.

  32. Mighty Mouse

    Going to have to downgrade from 5 star 4yrs ago to a meh 3 star as they have gone downhill the last year…in every aspect.

  33. DC Groe

    I placed a $60.00 order and sat in my vehicle waiting and the lady working the front with the brown hair ended up giving our whole order to the people that came and ordered after I did and then when I asked about my order she started acting like she didn’t know what happened and blaming her coworkers very unprofessional I did not appreciate wasting my time and gas or the fact that the lady couldn’t own up to her mistake, other then that I love this restaurant

  34. Mitchell Mallott

    I grew up 4 blocks up the hill looking down on this place. Walked and rode bikes there as a chid for dipped cones fries and burgers. Moved away at 9yrs old so each vidit is a must when we pass through to the ocean. One historic landmark and priceless memory. Yes we bought the t shirt too

  35. Carl Gardner

    Hum Dinger is ❤️! This place has been basically the same since I was a child (which was an awfully long time ago), and even before that, according to folks even older than me. The burgers are delicious and so are the milkshakes and everything else that I’ve tried. The Kicker, the prices are lower than everyone else, but don’t let that fool you. Walk up counter service only, always friendly.

  36. Weazle “TGW”

    Good food for a decent price with a nice view of the Hoquiam river and small Foothills service is above average in my opinion with speed and efficiency.

  37. Terrill Sarter

    Nice people and great food. The fries were salted to perfection. Shake so thick I struggled to use the straw, had to just let it gloop into my mouth (TMI huh 😏) I liked all the food and will be back! …More

  38. Adam Setterstrom

    Great food amazing owners

  39. The money man 21

    Fantastic food! Fantastic service worth paying the money for they won’t let you down and they have all kinds of flavors they shakes and and smoothies come check it out. It’s a great place to come get food

  40. jeff ives

    Great burger the fish sandwich was ok

  41. Laurie Deccio

    GUYS……GO HERE!!!! lol I stopped here on the way home from Ocean Shores and man am I glad I did. This is my new favorite hamburger! Frugals in Tacoma always held that spot, until now! I had the deluxe cheeseburger, fries and a Pepsi. Everything was delicious!!! The service was good, there was enough parking and it’s definitely easy to find, as it sits right on the edge of the road. I’ll definitely be making the hour and 15min drive to eat here again.

  42. Anna Patterson

    The food here is delicious. The prices are reasonable. The view of the river is amazing. And the staff is very courteous and prompt. If you haven’t tried this place yet you are missing out!!!!!!!!

  43. JD Feever

    Love everything about this place….. Very retro which makes it even more COOL…..The girls work really HARD here making YUMMY food!! After you order at the walk -up window, you go sit in your car or just go hang around outside while they prepare your food… Once it’s done, they either bang on the Plexi-glass side window to get your attention or motion you, if you’re watching…… AWESOME 😎

  44. Susan Rath

    Had a hot fudge milkshake; heaven on a cup. Highly recommend you try it. Can’t wait to go back

  45. Ray Hendricks

    It is a small shop. There are only 1 or 2 tables outside if you stay to eat. Parking lot very small. Food was worth it and milkshakes…

  46. ken ashley

    Has probably been the best hamburger for the last 20 years you definitely want to go there instead of any other fast-food chain

  47. Mike Violette

    The food was excellent and hit the spot. The staff was really helpful and friendly.

  48. Lindzee Davis

    I come all the way from Elma sometimes to eat here. One of the best best burger places this side of the state of you ask me. Amazing job guys!!

  49. Lola Kamuda

    A roadside shack with an amazing view and great food!

  50. Joshua B

    Delicious, fatty, awesome fried food after hiking the National Forest for days!

  51. Steve

    A nice little restaurant with a good selection of fast food. However, on our way back from Seaside, Oregon to Seattle, WA my wife and I tried calling multiple times before stopping by no one picks up the phone. It was Tuesday around 3 pm we decided to stop by for two things; fried mushrooms and gizzard. They ran out of gizzards. So, we ordered the mushrooms and headed home. It was one of those things/ days, it took us a little over an hour or so just to make it across the bridge. Traffic was heavy.

    I would have given this place another star if I got the fried gizzard and a restroom for the customers to use. The long trip there was not worth it unless you are on your way to or from the ocean shores. This doesn’t make any difference, but the waiter took food to others sitting in their cars. Ours, the waiter made some gestures for us to go and get our food from the little window, knee-high.

    We love their food and will stop on our way to the shores or when we go fishing in the area.

  52. Nittle

    Always love coming here for a quick bite before heading out to the beach

  53. Tasha Downs

    First time visiting Al’s hum-dinger and It was delicious. The staff were friendly, but also efficient. Great set up for the little spot they are in.

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