104 Lincoln St, Hoquiam, WA 98550


46.981149099063, -123.88569359637


10:00 am – 9:45 pm


10:00 am – 9:45 pm


10:00 am – 9:45 pm


10:00 am – 9:45 pm


10:00 am – 9:45 pm


10:00 am – 9:45 pm


10:00 am – 9:45 pm

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Al’s Hum-Dinger

Fast Food Restaurant in Hoquiam, WA







“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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31 reviews for “Al’s Hum-Dinger Hoquiam

  1. L West

    Had a Humdinger and gizzards
    OMG. it was EXCELLENT 👍

  2. L West

    Great fried food. Gizzards are so hard to get right and they do it wonderfully

  3. Evan r

    Great fried food. Gizzards are so hard to get right and they do it wonderfully

  4. James McGrath

    We did a late lunch/early dinner. Had fish & chips. Everything was good.

  5. Samantha Raynn

    The best burger and shakes

  6. Sean Till

    Best cheeseburger anywhere! Love them! The whole menu is great, but I am hooked on their cheeseburgers!

  7. Brett Caskey

    I went there 2 nights in a row 2 leave with only a milkshake! First night got there at 9:45 fifteen minutes before they close open sign was on but no one there 2 serv me 🙁
    So I go back the next night and get there about 9:15 and the person in front of me got the Last hot food for the night said the grill was off for the night and I asked if they take call in order’s and they do but no one answered when I tried calling them before I drove over there! Super disappointed 😞 was craving humdinger for days had to settle for a 7 eleven hot dog not exactly what I was looking for!

  8. Erica Van Lierop

    Good saucy cheeseburgers, reasonable prices, and yummy twist soft serve cones. A well run, old fashioned establishment!

  9. Stephen Northcutt

    While it is true there is no dine in, there is an outdoor table with a lovely water view. This is your basic all American burger, fries, fried food with excellent milk shakes. So far, I’ve had the Bacon Cheeseburger, Haliwich, fried mushrooms, banana split; enjoyed everything but the mushrooms, but I think that was my fault, I only enjoy mushrooms so much and this was the first time I’ve had them fried. Plan to be back, looking forward to the clam strips, prawns, and a malt!

  10. Thomas Brock Top

    Very spendy, avoid the strawberry shake as it contains too many strawberry pieces that get stuck in your straw.

  11. Damon Holland

    A must stop in hoquiam! Great classic style burgers and shakes! I go every time I’m any where near

  12. Jack Schoen

    Went there on a recommendation when visiting ocean shores. VERY glad I did. If you’re a fan of the drive-up fare, I highly recommend you check this out. The deep fried mushrooms alone are worth it.

  13. Angel Willy

    We thought it was gonna cost more than it actually & the food was pretty decent.

  14. Frank Beals

    Been going here for many years the food an service is always very good

  15. Ricky Lewis

    Too much salt! Other than that, excellent food!!

  16. Dawn Wilson

    Always very friendly service and super yummy food!

  17. Nick Allard

    The food here is phenomenal. My group tried the chicken strip basket, the humdinger, the deluxe burger, the bacon burger, the corn dog, the onion rings, the Green River soda, three different kinds of milkshakes, and a polar. A polar is like a blizzard from dairy Queen. The large milkshake is huge, much too big for one person to have all of their own. My fiance and I shared one, and didn’t finish it. Super tasty though. We were not disappointed by anything we tried, except the chicken nuggets. They were very dry. The chicken strips were super good though. The staff here is friendly, and knowledgeable about the menu.

    This place is right on the waterfront, the Hoquiam River. The view is absolutely breathtaking, especially at night. 10 out of 10, would totally recommend.

  18. Annymay Tiedye

    It is great that this place motivates my kids and grandkids to come see me. My grandson can be bribed to visit me with a promise to stop at Humdinger.

  19. Rebecca Wood

    Best place to stop for a quick bite to eat or get something cool to drink on a warm day

  20. Jack Jolly

    For a burger place, they have awesome taste. I had a BLT with a milkshake. Heavenly 😊👍 Very busy at 2 on a Tuesday!?!? Others know it’s a tasty place too!

  21. John Knox

    Been coming here since I was a kid 40 yrs now I bring my children this place is awesome

  22. Kat Krukoff

    Always great! Yummy food! Customer service is awesome! Can’t say enough about this place

  23. Joseph Parks

    Great prices at a local old-fashioned burger joint. If you are traveling through like we were, this is the place to stop at!

  24. lindsy spargo

    Thoroughly disappointed with the service I’ve received tonight. The restaurant does not close for 40 more minutes and I was told that I could only order fryer food, do they close at 10:00 or do they close at 9:20pm? They should put that on the website. The girl working was extremely rude and unapologetic. Just go to the grizzly den they’re open till 9:30 and will actually take your order up until 9:30 pm

  25. Robert

    After moving back to the NW, If you ever lived in Texas, or another State that has Whataburger, it is the fast food burger joint that I miss the most.
    Hoquiam and Aberdeen don’t have a lot of fast food franchises; and I understand why.
    Al’s Hum-Dinger is an excellent example of how generational cooking and long standing Mom and Pop restaurants are so much better than the corporate version of food. Al’s is amazing. Their menu is pretty extensive: ranging from fried gizzards, numerous flavors for shakes, and for fast food served dine out fashion, ie paper bagging; their burgers are not only the closest thing to Whataburger, but so much better.
    The employees are very friendly, and to the cook, I salute you Ma’am. You make some fire as food

    Looking forward to my next visit.

    Definitely five stars all day, but don’t show up too close to closing time. Google maps may say they are open, but the staff is there cleaning up from the days worth of fulfillment.

  26. j s

    Always nice experience… So glad I rediscovered this place after years. Always stop off season when the lines aren’t super long.

  27. Matthew Hunt

    The humdinger is as good of small business American burger as you can get. It was amazing. Don’t bother with the burritos. Not sure why they are on the menu. They are just the ones you buy in the freezer section of a grocery store

  28. Jim Laughlin

    Every time I come into town I have to eat at the Dinger!! I love the fry sauce. They have my favorite fries.

  29. Obsidian Shards

    A great place to go for a burger and a shake as only a genuine hometown restaurant can do it.

  30. Inzane

    Great place to stop if are in the neighborhood or passing through on the way to coast or home from the coast.

  31. Jeanine Kanov

    Fast, friendly service. Delicious burger with perfectly toasted bun and good toppings to burger ratio. Yummy fries and fry sauce!

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