716 Simpson Ave, Hoquiam, WA 98550


46.977545368254, -123.8846816433


10:00 am – 3:00 pm


10:00 am – 3:00 pm


10:00 am – 3:00 pm


10:00 am – 3:00 pm


10:00 am – 3:00 pm


10:00 am – 3:00 pm


10:00 am – 3:00 pm

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Brunch 101

Traditional American Restaurant in Hoquiam, WA







“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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41 reviews for “Brunch 101

  1. Crystal Tamu

    A hidden gem!!

  2. Grace Noble

    This place is magical! The Bloody Mary is to die for. My partner and I are vegan, so we asked about vegan options and they made us our own vegan sandwich! It was so thoughtful of them and ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! I am so grateful and will for sure be back next time we’re in town 🔥🔥🔥

  3. Maneevak Bajaj

    We stopped by Brunch 101 for breakfast before heading off to Goh Rainforests. The food was great!

  4. Tyler Gillispie

    Always a pleasure. Great food made with care!

  5. Robert Carsey

    Amazing food amazing wait staff

  6. Morgan Chinn

    I seriously don’t understand what people see in this place. It came highly recommended, and it was anything but good. First off, the most important thing, the food, was by far the weakest aspect of the experience. I had the Monte Cristo sandwich, which was the worst by far I’ve ever had in my life. It was stacked to the ceiling with warm unseasoned deli meat. WAY too much deli meat, you couldn’t even distinguish the flavors between the different types, what’s even the point of having a variety? And I still can’t fathom the choice of “carrot cake jam” (which is no way a jam, it’s just diced carrots) instead of a traditional jam to serve with the sandwich. It literally makes no sense and was terrible. When I asked for regular jam, I’m not exaggerating when I say I was brought about a tablespoon’s amount. Not to mention nothing was seasoned. Nothing. Not the sandwich, not the chips, not my wife’s eggs benedict or potatoes. Nothing. Drinks were comical as well, served in the smallest mason jars I’ve ever seen. After the ice, you get about a shot glass full of beverage.

    As far as service, it started off well enough, but after ordering the wheels completely fell off. No refills on my drink, I literally ate 90% of my meal with nothing to drink. Food took a while to come out, but once it was, the server completely abandoned us. I think it’s possible she could tell we weren’t enjoying it, so she just stayed away. If so, that’s definitely not how you handle such a situation. Needless to say, we’ll never be back

  7. Amee Weasa

    If you want gourmet! You found it! Great food, clean, nice staff and food comes out fast.

  8. Leanna Summers

    I love going to here. It does get busy, though. The staff is always friendly and working so hard. The food is above and beyond amazing.

  9. Hazel

    Truly impressed with this spot!
    Their menu has interesting dishes that put great flavors together and the space itself is bright and clean with colorful, fun touches throughout.
    This was our second time in and we’ll be back the next time we’re within a 30 minute drive for sure!

  10. TheHarleytt

    We really wanted to like this place. It has a lot of good reviews but our experience was not so great. Service was excellent. I ordered the Philly cheese steak sandwich. The sandwich was very bland and the au jus was gross. The chips were awful. My wife ordered the chicken sandwich with hash. The hash is just chopped and pan fried potatoes. The sandwich was covered on a very bland gravy. Maybe we were there on a bad day? We won’t be returning. Hopefully others will have a better meal than we did.

  11. Hanover Fiste

    Arguably the best food in Grays Harbor! Always busy, always delicious.

  12. Danny McCabe

    Best damn brunch / food I’ve had in a looooong time. Great staff, amazing flavor, and that French toast cheese cake 🤤🤤🤤Thai chicken and waffles was incredible too.

  13. bonnie carsey

    Might need to wait,but always worth it

  14. Karen Lunde

    We were traveling from Ocean Shores back to Olympia and stopped to grab breakfast at Brunch 101. The place is unassuming but comfortable, and the breakfast fare is tasty. I had a straight-up classic breakfast (bacon, eggs, and potatoes) and my friend had the Dutch baby pancake, which she said was delicious. (It looked beautiful!) One small complaint was that I never got a coffee warm-up. My friend also specifically asked for her eggs to be cooked hard with no runniness, but they arrived way undercooked. All in all, though, I’d give Brunch 101 another try!

  15. Savannah Broadway

    The folks are friendly, the cocktails are delicious, and the avocado toast is a thing of beauty

  16. Daryl Johnson

    An unexpectedly hip little stop on our trip to the coast. Great food and fun cocktails. I love a good brunch and this is among the best.

  17. Steve Hensley

    Food was outstanding! Little hole in the wall place but well worth the stop. Best place on the harbor.

  18. Bobby Shahideh

    I keep driving by this place, and I finally got to dine here. Such a fantastic menu end of food quality was wonderful.

  19. Lisa Reese

    This is such a great little place! We ordered the Eggs Benedict and the cream cheese French toast with a mimosa. The bomb!! We got there at 10:01 ( one minute after they opened) and it was already pretty full so make sure you get there early. Well worth the drive!! Highly recommend!

  20. Sinead Cruz

    Amazing food, whole family enjoyed

  21. Cam

    I stumbled across this gem by accident while on a cold motorcycle ride to the beach. I was mostly interested in a hot cup of coffee, but ended up having the best Eggs Benny I’ve ever had!! The beach will now the the 2nd reason for my driving through Aberdeen! 😀

  22. Carolyn Greer

    Relaxed atmosphere, and delicious food. Prompt service. You need to try it!

  23. Sebastian Manza

    Wonderful food. Recommend if you’re in the area and looking for a good brunch.

  24. Rachel Baisch

    All the dishes here are so delicious; they really take pride in how exquisite the flavors are! Jocelyn is so amazing and welcoming. Always a great time 😍

  25. Deron Schutz

    We really enjoy finding restaurants that have interesting and tasty menu options. We found that here for sure! I had the chicken+waffles which has an Asian twist to it. My wife had the avocado toast which she really enjoyed.

    We’ll be back… Tomorrow in fact.

  26. Kaitlyn Proctor

    The food was fantastic and drinks were great. I got the fried chicken bennies and the brunchata and both were delicious. Would come here again!

  27. Pat Hopper

    Fast service, nice place, great food and flavors. Will come again!

  28. allie s.

    So good! We made an effort to stop after heading home from Westport & it was the best food we had this weekend. Great service on a Monday! Cocktails were very creative and refreshing. The French toast and Eggs Benedict were wonderful and made our tummies happy for the drive home.

  29. C “svenska American” HL

    The dutch baby was AMAZING but very busy.

  30. rhonda horton


  31. Tasheena Wardell

    Amazing food but expensive. Take out or 6+ people has a 20% gratuity. That is not why I put 3 stars. Tldr: messed up food and declined to fix it.

    I called after they messed up an accommodation on my food, it was super busy, I get it. When I called back to have it fixed they declined, even when I said I would bring it back uneaten. It’s a 25$ meal (partially do to the 20% gratuity). In this economy I can’t afford to throw away a meal because of a mess up. Yes, due to this I had to throw away the food and they were informed.

    I really love small businesses but it’s a rock in a hard place when these things happen cause Denny’s would fix it. But this isn’t a million dollar corporation and I don’t know how much my 25$ meal costs them to make. Brunch 101 would likely lose money remaking it, so they declined. Asking me to eat around it.

    Again, AMAZING FOOD. 20% gratuity on take out or parties over 6, that’s on you to decide if it works for you. But I recommend you being incredibly specific if you need accommodations, maybe ask them to repeat it twice. I’ll rework how I want to order this in the future after I’ve had some time away. One bad day doesn’t define a restaurant but I wanted to be honest about my experience. (I asked for light potatoes on a burrito, the chefs messed up and gave me extra instead and very minimal other ingredients. Next time I’ll just order it without them when I’m ready to come back. It’ll fix the problem but I know some people REALLY can’t afford just taking the loss of buying yourself a meal as a reward and it’s comes messed up. I’m fortunate I can have a good cry and write it off as a loss.)

  32. Brandon Kern

    Such a gem of a place. Best breakfast we’ve ever had…especially the chicken and waffle. If this place was in Seattle (glad it’s not) there’d be a line around the block.

  33. Alana Keller

    Really welcoming and the food is great quality

  34. Christopher Hawkins

    Very easy to miss. It’s Right off the road. There’s a lot of parking across the street. The food was absolutely amazing so was the drinks. If I’m ever back in the area definitely will be back.

  35. Jules Thom

    Omg. The BEST French toast I have EVER HAD!! Can’t wait to go back 💚💚

  36. Skinthinner

    Very delicious and well priced.

  37. Lil Olin

    Good service and a nice atmosphere.
    The bloody Mary’s came with so much garnish it could have been a meal itself! Absolutely recommend.

  38. Neil Patil

    Modern brunch place meets hometown feel. Friendly place with amazing food. Sure it’s all Instaworthy, however it tastes as good as it looks. Thanks for the great meal and great service. We’ll be back!

  39. Richard Haven

    The best breakfast we have had in Washington. The beet salad was fantastic. The character cheese-steak sandwich was an excellent sandwich (I disappear despair of those that stone arrive strive only to be a Philly). Herself enjoyed the tarragon Bearnaise over house-made crumpets. And the Dutch Baby was small enough not to kill us while being delightful

  40. Natasha Lillo

    Fantastic all around! Thank you for providing such a wonderful spot and using local and handmade ingredients

  41. Tim Faulkner

    My family and I were on our way home and passed by this place. We decided to stop and have breakfast, and it was fantastic. The portions were great, everything was seasoned and cooked to perfection. There was only one waitress working and the place was jumping, but she kept everything moving and checked on us several times, I didn’t catch her name but she was amazing. My only regret was that I didn’t buy one of their t-shirts or the cinnamon rolls they had up front. If you get a chance, definitely try this place out.

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