617 Simpson Ave, Hoquiam, WA 98550


46.978258446869, -123.88562806471


7:00 am – 4:00 pm


7:00 am – 4:00 pm


7:00 am – 4:00 pm


7:00 am – 4:00 pm


7:00 am – 4:00 pm


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9:00 am – 4:00 pm

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The Jitter House

Cafe in Hoquiam, WA





“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”


57 reviews for “The Jitter House

  1. Becky Kight

    The house coffee was unique and yummy. We had the quiche and veggie panini and they both were flavorful and filling. I highly recommend this place. The owner was very friendly and welcoming

  2. Bethany Farmer

    What a wonderful surprise this little spot was! We were just stopping on our way through town for coffee and we received so much more. Sam the owner was the perfect definition of hospitality, welcoming, kind, attentive and I loved how excited he was over all he had to offer. Rightly so!The food was delicious and very well done. The pastries were all perfectly made. The best cranberry scone I’ve ever had, real Apple fritters! (That I’m eating for breakfast as I wrote this review) Every bite and every moment we spent here was lovely. Thank you for being so good at what you do!

  3. Raeanne Wolfley

    Always an amazing experience here; the coffee is phenomenal as is the food.

  4. Melody Schaefer

    Really great experience. Suggested a coffee for us and we had a great breakfast

  5. Tom Flink

    Great food… Espresso was the best !!!!!

  6. Carmen Barnett

    Delicious goodies and coffee – the pumpkin spice is amazing!!

    Updated – still love this place!! The azuquita is my favorite, as well as biscuits & gravy and tomato basil soup. Definitely recommend for anyone… whether it is stopping through or locals.

  7. Kati Sessions

    Very friendly staff, great food and coffee. So glad we stopped in!

  8. Kelly Ward

    Fantastic the owner is amazing . I’ll be back

  9. Cayla Quinton

    Love this shop! Coffee is amazing. Food is amazing. Owner is amazing! All around, it’s a great experience.

  10. Paul Glenn

    Aberdeen has to be one of the worst places in America but this coffee shop is amazing. Had one of the best Lattes of all time here. Was the only good thing about this rundown town.

  11. Roxana Gonzalez

    Good place to get a coffee with a nice vibe and ambience to sit down and talk.

  12. Stephen Northcutt

    Cozy, people from all walks of life, inspiring decor, (patriotic and uplifting). Good coffee. I did not get a snack there, mostly sweets and I am a savory person and after we left my wife said they had quiche and somehow I missed it. Service was slow, one person working the place, but that is the norm everywhere we go these days. We would like to come back and try something other than the breakfast menu.

  13. Matthew Horton

    Amazing! Great food! Best coffee in a long time! I will definitely be back!

  14. Jessica Buettgenbach

    Probably the best cup of coffee I have had in town. Price is great and the atmosphere is very welcoming.

  15. Steve Peterson

    Atmosphere Graaaaaat, low-keyed, a great place for a relaxing cup of coffee!
    Check it out!

  16. Andrew C

    Good food. Cozy atmosphere. Great coffee. Big windows. 10/10 would (and will) recommend.

  17. Trisha Hop

    You have to stop in … Cafe Con Azuquita coffee , it’s fricken amazing you won’t be disappointed.

  18. Dee Greninger

    The food, the service, and the atmosphere is so excellent here!

  19. Julie Becker

    Great breakfast burrito!! Service was excellent!! They have a variety of delicious looking dessert items too.

  20. Rebecca Martin

    The English muffin sandwich and Cage Con Azuquita are my go to breakfast here. It’s so good, so quick, and so friendly!! Hubby’s biscuit and gravy were amazing!! We will be back to support our local owners!!

  21. Tanya Boucher

    Their homemade quiche was amazing!! Would definitely recommend!

  22. Mateo

    I love this place, it’s great if you’re in town pay a visit and the guy who owns it is super cool

  23. Jess Nik.

    Charming atmosphere. Very Good coffee and nice decor. Food was made and served with love but some dishes need quality control review and feedback before they are ready for the menu. Tons of potential here. Check it out and give the owners your honest feedback. They seem receptive!

  24. Hannah Munford

    Wonderful staff, great coffee, and great bites!

  25. Jeff Crowley

    I love this place.

  26. Matt Bissen

    Food was great and the staff was super friendly and accomodating; plus the atmosphere was very warm and inviting. I would highly recommend the gouda sandwich and the quiche, both were excellent!!! I’ll definitely be back whenever I come through!

  27. Nick Chambers

    Simply fantastic! Biscuits and gravy with egg was way better than I expected, the drink well made, plus the place has a lot of comfortable chairs and it’s not too loud. Highly recommend.

  28. ken mehin

    Great food, great service and great location.

  29. Katherine Wagner

    Fantastic breakfast and great atmosphere! I highly recommend the cafe conazuquita, it was easily one of the best coffees I have had.

  30. Harrison Ornelas

    Great place to stop for coffee and breakfast on the drive to Olympia National Park and open early. Top notch service. Really flavorful coffee. Huge cinnamon rolls.

  31. April Gann

    Service was ok. The turkey avocado panini was not fresh the avocado was brown and tasted spoiled. The Quiche was tasty. chips were stale, my Italian soda was tasty. Was not worth $35.

  32. Whitney Jewell

    Wonderful customer service. Great coffee. Breakfast burrito was delicious. Definitely will return.

  33. Carolyn Greer

    Love the relaxed atmosphere, great coffee and food, and gracious service!

  34. Jeremy

    Great atmosphere. They are very friendly but very busy. Good food and drinks.

  35. Ben Wang

    Excellent cafe , pastry and breakfast, clean and nice place with friendly staff!

  36. Arianna Kieser

    Absolutely wonderful! We stopped in for breakfast while driving through town and ordered the Cafe con Azuquita and the Quiche. Both were really delicious and the two gentlemen working were incredibly polite and friendly. We will definitely be coming back next time we are in town.

  37. Denise Koppenstein

    Very Quiet,even People sitting there, having Coffee or Me having Breakfast, Tomato soup is really good has a lot of Flavors and so filling,Prices are good 👍😊,nice Place to hang out, maybe meet some people?😉

  38. Gregory Hollandick

    Seriously the best breakfast burrito I’ve had.

  39. Christopher Anderson

    Great food and coffee. Customer service was insanely good. Had excellent sandwhichess

  40. SamBo Herrera

    The experience was awesome and the food was quality! Definitely a needed stop in Hoquiam!!

  41. Liz Veillette

    This is a must stop for breakfast or lunch! Friendly staff, incredible pastries and drinks, and delicious food. We will definitely be s
    Visiting again when we come out to the coast.

  42. Nathaniel Esquivel

    I had no expectations coming into this place, but the coffee, particularly the cafe con azuquito was delicious. Wonderful coffee, good food, and kind people. I hope life pours into this place and the area, such a beautiful place and people.

  43. Patrick Keating

    Fantastic. New favorite coffee shop. Food was also great!

  44. William C Smith

    Had a speciality coffee and really enjoyed it. The breakfast burrito was not that great, but maybe it was just me. My friends like it. Service was great.

  45. Tony Prindel

    The Con Azuquita is probably the best cup of coffee you can get in the Harbor. The food, while slightly pricey (what isn’t these days?) is also very good. I particularly enjoy the spicy pastrami sandwich as well as the tomato basil soup. Atmosphere is cozy, employees are kind, and overall I’m super grateful that they managed to survive the lockdowns.

  46. J Brian Addleman

    God, country with great coffee and food!!! How can you not love this place. The atmosphere is warm and comforting!! Had breakfast sandwich, it was fantastic, and a fresh baked and warm green apple fritter! Local coffee [Olympia] was really yummy. If you are in Hoquiam, or just passing through, if you don’t stop you are missing this little treasure!

  47. Cassandra Zievers

    The pastries are amazing and the coffee selections are great!

  48. Rosalie Petersen

    Had their specialty coffee, the absolute best! Craving it again!! Food was okay, breakfast sandwich & Carmel nut roll.

  49. Natali Helberger

    Excellent coffee and service. And those maple buns are deliciously fluffy!

  50. Sue A Brooke

    Absolutely amazing experience at the Jitterhouse! I had the Quiche, OMG! the best I’ve ever had in my life! Also the best coffee… The owner was super fun and working his buns off… Hope to be able to come back someday! Highly recommend this amazing coffee shop!

  51. Abhijeet Deshpande

    I had a great experience here. Signature coffee and veggie Omelette was amazing. The person at counter is extraordinary human being with his kindness and humility.

  52. vadim kasko

    The coffee is really good. They also recommended their kish, which I ended up not liking, but the server was awesome and replaced it with a burrito which I liked much better, and they didn’t charge me for the kish. Good atmosphere.

  53. Laura Clor

    Fantastic homemade soups, and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

  54. Lisa Demase

    We liked the whole experience but the food was very to taste or flavorful and just not my style. The got the breakfast quiche. Loved the atmosphere and the service. The place looks great and coffee was delicious

  55. Tommie Davis

    I was very disappointed with a number of things!
    I know it’s a small town so what you get is what you get, but come on!
    It takes so little effort to do the right thing and actually care about what your doing!
    I suggest to the owner to maybe YouTube The best scrambled eggs-
    Or tell the barista to ask if one needs room for cream rather than filling the paper cup to the brim!
    And adding to that, if your staying there offer a real coffee cup!
    Don’t be lazy because you don’t want to wash dishes.
    Have some class!
    The cream cheese was bad so I spent the entire Saturday afternoon with an upset stomach!
    And I only ate half of a very substandard plain bagel.
    My advice is simple- be kind, and pay attention to detail.
    I’m heading back to NYC and looking forward to people that take pride in what they do!

  56. Monika Wieland

    Fantastic find to duck out of the rain and grab a bite to eat! We grabbed two of their paninis and found them both unique and delicious. The mocha was well balanced and also really good. Service was very friendly. Highly recommended!

  57. Jamie Leigh Broten

    Best part of the day. Chicken apricot sammy 😋

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