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Grizzly Den

Traditional American Restaurant in Hoquiam, WA








“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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85 reviews for “Grizzly Den

  1. Taylor Vinkes

    Wonderful food, slow service

  2. J.Douglas Brady

    Great food. Friendly staff. Definitely recommend

  3. David Hilton

    The food is a hit or miss my wife fish and chips or both overcooked my cordon bleu hamburger was quite tasty but the service took forever to get the food out

  4. Arizona Tison

    Very good food& service

  5. Nyla Bellarin

    Love it great place to eat

  6. Paul Lopiccolo

    Great service great food best malts and shakes.

  7. alex delay

    Good food always takes forever to get it but as long as you go in expecting to wait awhile it’s worth it

  8. Tristen Hill

    Paid exorbitant amounts for subpar food and was told the wait would be 45 minutes. Wound up being two hours

  9. Alissa

    Great food..great staff..but we waited 1 hour 25 min for our food and they didnt bring it out to us so who knows how long it was sitting there for

  10. Vincent Passarelli

    Sometimes a Long wait unless you call ahead, but great people and yummy food, good menu and great ice cream too.

  11. Shanna Moehnke

    This restaurant has always been the place to go for A real hamburger home made french fries and if you like fry sauce you won’t find any better! And it will be the same Everytime

  12. Cindy Stone

    The best burgers and garlic fries. Just had a taco salad and it was amazing.

  13. J

    It’s good best p.b. shake your gonna get outside of smitty’s. But the food takes forever so be ready for that

  14. Robert Shackelford

    Fantastic service and food.

  15. Karen Turner

    *Big* food. Oh my goodness. Be hungry, and be prepared to take it home.
    Service is great in this small place, and it’s very busy on the weekends. The wait for food was quite long (it was really busy), but definitely worth it.

  16. Brandon Abel

    Great shakes for sure. Burger was good but towards finishing my burger the bun got soggy and I didn’t want it anymore. But still good. Just to much sauce.

  17. Harlan Zentner

    Fantastic burgers and fries

  18. Scott Nakada

    Big. Fresh burgers. Tasty. Good selection of burgers chicken, seafood. Real milk shakes and scoops of ice cream. Small rustic styling seating area. Outhouse on premesis. Meals available to go to dine in.

    Bring your wallet. The menu is ala carte. And the burgers alone are $8-$16 at the time of this witing. Home made Real Fries are $3-$5 extra and drinks extra. A family of 5= $80. Not something we’ll be doing as a normal go to due to cost but worth going back to.

  19. Robert Shackelford

    Great food, so much food made two meals out-of it.

  20. Kelly Scheffer

    Have always driven by and wanted to finally stop and try it! Got an order of the fish and chips and it was exactly what I’ve been craving for! Two giant pieces of fish, delightful fries, and finished the night with a child size icecream- which their portions are beary generous!!

    Will be returning to this place!

  21. Dr Steelhead

    Not the cheapest, but definitely a good burger; courteous service.

  22. Dawn Sprague

    The burger was amazing!!

  23. Bonnie Richards

    Staff was very friendly and helpful.

  24. Derek Jackson

    Ordered food for one person and it was almost $20 took more than 30 minutes to get my burger and fries, fries were absolutely burned to a blackened crisp and were not edible, the burger was okay but the fries completely ruined the whole thing on top of the wait…. When I brought the fries to their attention they told me that that was just how they did them and I asked for another order which they then gave me fries that were undercooked which completely goes against what they told me previously when they said burnt fries was just how they did it because these weren’t burnt they weren’t even cooked… I’m not sure if there’s new owners here or what because this place used to have excellent food but because of this experience I will never go back and I highly recommend that nobody else goes there either.

  25. Jessica Hendrix

    Milkshakes were like icy.

  26. Christina Ashby

    Stopped for a marshmallow shake. Took a friend for a treat. No hit of marshmallow, just a plain shake. Paper straw in a Styrofoam cup. The paper straw just topped off the bad treat.

  27. AM CT

    what a dump. literally. no restroom,just 2 porta potties in the parking lot. the food absolutely terrible, the ham was the lowest grade you could probably get and tasted awful, it was probably old, I took one bite and threw it out. They even managed to ruin the fries, they were tasteless.

  28. Robert Robinson

    Awesome food and great people. The owner is such a wonderful person who cares so much about whoever walks through that door. You really feel like family from beginning to end!

  29. Wayne Cavalli

    This place is amazing!!! The best burgers in the area from Ocean Shores to Olympia and beyond. High quality food at great prices! The shakes wow. Our first time there we thought why not try the peanut butter shake and have never looked at shakes the same. Grizzly Den has become our standard of comparison. We look forward to them every trip to Aberdeen, (coming from Ocean Shores its quite a bit)this place is our little treat. They are rather busy so we call ahead and its usually always ready hot and fresh at the time we specify. The burgers are always eaten fast so I haven’t taken a picture yet. Since Google asked for a review today I will post one next time.

  30. Pietro Durante

    Love their French fries! 🍟

  31. Anthony Mares

    Very friendly people when I went. Their burgers are huge! And delicious!

  32. Chris Pedersen

    Absolutely a 10. My brother lives in Ocean shores and every time I go to see him I stop in at the grizzly den and try something different . Always a ten with fresh pressed patties and fresh veggies on it.i have a burger book that I have been rating burgers in it for the last 30 years from all over the world and there are only 12 10s in it and the den is one of them. Highly recommended

  33. Dario Marasco

    Solid burgers and crisp fries

  34. Dan Hoyt (Higgs-Boson)

    Absolutely amazing food, great ice cream, the burgers and onion rings in particular are a personal favorite. Staff is very friendly and accommodating, and is all in all a fantastic hole in the wall burger joint. Every time I’m in this area I make it a point to come here

  35. Rick Harris

    Great Burgers and shakes 😋 Definitely a place to go back to!!!!

  36. Kathleen Brennan

    Worst food I have ever eaten and service was no better.

  37. R D

    Huge burgers! Waffle fries are the best in the county. Highly recommended. Call in during peak hours as they get very busy during lunch and dinner rush sometimes.

  38. OjosVerde I

    Best burgers in town

  39. Eugenia Hook

    Best burgers and fried mushrooms.

  40. Justin Nieland

    Amazing food , Great service and clean environment. Highly recommend.

  41. Jerry you too Cross

    They have great food and good people you got to go there and eat

  42. Francisco Madrigal

    Took almost an hour to get food out. Just chicken burger and fish & chips. cold by the time we received it.

    Edit: they ignored me and helped other customers when I asked for a cup of water. Not sure what’s going on. Not worth $25.

  43. Kimberly Spence

    OMG holy cheeseburger!!! This thing was the size of my head… the blackberry shake was sooo good… the iced tea was strong and good. My hubby had the hawaiin burger and said it was delicious…

  44. S.E. Miller

    Best hamburgers around. Great service….
    If know their menu definitely call ahead as they are that good and very popular.

  45. Cynthia Chase

    I bought $60 worth of food which just so you know was 2 shakes, 2 fries and 2 burgers and it was so bad I took one bite and told my son I couldn’t eat it. The burger was the worst I’ve ever had. We got 2 different types of fries and we both said they had no also took 45 mins to get out food. No joke it was gross

  46. Erik Flannagan

    The burger I got was huge. Hard to finish but tasted amazing. Wife had mush and swiss burger. She enjoyed it. Employees were nice. Did take a little while to get order but it was 12 30 in the afternoon middle of lunch rush. Very good place overall.

  47. Wendy Kaufman

    Always busy but we decided to finally try it. Wonderful food

  48. D. murphy

    Hamburger is great. Fries and milkshake gross

  49. Wanda Rankin

    Very good place for service and great place for good food.

  50. Ricky Lewis

    It’s hard to get bacon? Nah, I dont think so! Just complain and you’ll get good service. A bacon-burger, no cheese no onions and I got a piece of bacon… complained the next time I went, and every time since, and its perfect.

  51. James Weber

    Fries were cold and stale tasting,live 10 minutes from there,should have at least been warm still

  52. Ancient Technology

    Great food, homestyle handmade burgers, killer fries, icecream too.

  53. chris rasmussen

    Was a 30m wait for the food, but the food was great!

  54. Riki York

    The waffle fries and crinkle cut fries were perfectly crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. The oil they used was fresh. I got the mushroom and Swiss burger and it was amazing. The patty was cooked perfectly, not over or under cooked. Juicy. The toppings were fresh. Service was good. The inside has a few booths but not many. The booths are very spacious. If you’re big n tall, you’ll be comfortable 🙂 they do have a drive through, but I’d recommend calling in your order to use it. They stay busy and so you may have a wait. I didn’t get a shake but the other folks that did, looked amazing and made super fresh!

  55. A L

    This place was above and beyond expectations! Kind staff, delicious food and good prices. We’ll be back next time we clam again

  56. Ashley Ann

    They have good food (I especially love the taco salads there). The only down fall is they are pretty spendy.

  57. Alexis Boo

    Fantastic shakes! Clean atmosphere and the fish sandwich was the best ive ever had. 10/10 stopping by next time.

  58. Violet Skye

    Consistent, AMAZING service. Their food is absolutely phenomenal, packed with flavor and made with care. It’s a family like environment and it shows! Their business is run on a customer first basis, we also barely had to wait for our order!

  59. Lee Truman

    Great BLT delivered curbside to a hungry shopper…lots of bacon! mmm

  60. Kaitlyn D

    I have been going ti the grizzly den for over 20 years. It’s a staple of my childhood memories and unlike many nostalgic places from one’s childhood, this place actually has remained delicious to me. I will always love the Grizzly Den because of their friendly service, good food, and good atmosphere.

  61. Karen Custer

    Great place! Highly recommended! Yummy food, great prices and friendly staff

  62. Renee Holland

    $15.00 for a burger meal. Hamburger patty was in pieces and the French fries were burnt .

  63. Cornelia Rauth Felix

    The food was excellent but they did overcharge us, therefore 4 stars, not 5. They need to work on their math skills. Customer service was average. Maybe they could hone that as well.

  64. Janie Hunt

    The service is extremely slow! We waited 40 minutes for 2 sandwiches.

  65. Stephen Northcutt

    This is still my favorite burger, (and much more), joint in Aberdeen/Hoquiam. Big portions, I am partial to the Grizzly, eat half, enjoy every bite and share with my dog, I haven’t had the milkshakes, but my wife raves about them. Clean, you can watch the kitchen work. About a year or so ago, they added a roofed in set of outdoor tables that are perfect for mild winter rainy days. Since they are popular they are slow, most people order by phone and do take out. A little out of the way if you are a visitor headed for the beaches, but worth the detour.

  66. Shyanne

    Pricey for just a burger and fries 🤷‍♀️ when we showed up we were told it would be an hour wait, and it was, even though the place didn’t look busy (plenty of empty tables in a place with not many tables to begin with). Idk, pretty disappointed in a place with great reviews. Service didn’t even try to make up for the lacking in other departments… the woman was not friendly with us or anyone else that came in after us.

  67. Becky Ellenberger

    Bestest burgers & hand cut fries!! These burgers are no joke. The beef is fantastic and the fry sauce just takes these burgers to a whole nother level!! They require plenty of napkins as they are messy in the best way. Best thick, rich shakes also if you are craving something sweet. Generous portions, fast excellent service, the Grizzly Den will not disappoint.

  68. Jackson

    Placed a order and took damn near 30 minutes to get 2 burgers and frys, and very expensive 2 burgers was 43$

  69. Anonymous A

    I stopped by their tonight for 2 large milkshakes and a grizzly burger. Waited out front someone brought me milkshakes. After waiting 30 minutes I went and asked. They said the burger is not even on the grill yet it’ll be half an hour more. I’m not going to wait an hr for a burger. Their more focused on phone orders then the people right in front of their faces. So I sat their for 5 more minutes waiting for a refund because they had to calculate how much they will bill me for milkshakes. Yes you have that correct I was still charged for milkshakes when they can’t handle my burger.

  70. Tim Hanft

    Food was amazing once we finally got it over 45 minutes later, but, they were busy. Wish they had more options for combo meals instead of ordering everything separate. You can tell that the burgers are hand pressed and fresh cut fries you cant beat. Like I said food was awesome. The few things I complain about don’t matter.

  71. Sandra Curley

    My only regret is that I waited so long to try the Grizzly Den sooner. Their food is absolutely delicious and the portions are great 👍😋 my new favorite place to get burger and fries.
    Today we got a strawberry/ banana milk shake 😋

  72. Angel Clark

    SO DISGUSTING!! We have always stopped here for burgers and/or milkshakes on our way to and from the coast. Today was completely disgusting and shocking! We ordered 2 milkshakes and while waiting, observed the cooks using their gloved hands that were touching all over the food, to not only adjust their clothes but one cook kept wiping his hands on his jean pants in the same spot between touching burgers and buns. ABSOLUTELY GROSS! Don’t believe me? Check out his pants and the grease stain by his left pocket showing how often he wipes them. We were so grossed out, thank God all we ordered was milkshakes. We will NEVER order food from this establishment ever again 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

  73. j w

    Amazing milkshakes. Their BIG burger is HUGE! Might as well eat a pd of beef 🍖 not for the weak. Mushroom burger is my fav ❤️

  74. June Antioquia

    We ordered the daily special. Two 1/6 lb burgers between two grilled cheese sandwiches! Huge, delicious! With home fries.

  75. Kristine Hayes

    We stopped here on our way back to Portland from Ocean Shores. Delicious hamburger (and salad) and amazing service. You won’t be disappointed here!

  76. Crista Robertson

    Absolutely amazing a must stop!!
    So good, YUM!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Leesha Kamuta

    My family & I went in to order our food, being it was our first time…We waited patiently for the cashier, as she was helping someone. As we were waiting for the cashier to finish helping a customer, a few other people come in and stood infront where the cashier was and she literally goes and helps them, knowing we were their 1st. Then we ordered our food. She goes to add up the orders (by a calculator) then we tell her it’s for to go, since we needed to be back in town (Tacoma) for a funeral….After waiting about 30 to 40mins the cashier comes out & brings us our shake and says the food will be out shortly. We sat and sat and waited almost an hr and my husband goes in to check on the food…They tell him, sorry we just put it on the grill. My husband ask the cooks (bcause the cashier was hiding in the back) why is it just now being cooked, they tell him they had taken care of the smaller orders and they had a lot of phone orders. I just think if they are going to do this to people who have big orders, you should at least make it know to them before hand, -that your phone orders have priority and there will be a long wait…They never once said anything about the long wait or phone orders while we were ordering.

  78. Erika Fabig

    Just moved out here but my bf has lived out here before and said the place was awesome, he took me and he wasn’t lying OMG best burger I’ve ever had!!!!! Can’t wait to try out the whole menu 😁

  79. Debbie Beers

    The people and the food are fabulous, we love The Grizzly den

  80. Makayla Muir

    Every time I’ve gone here the people working are extremely rude and never get our orders correct. The food is not good for the price.

  81. Harold Dick

    Burgers were good but overpriced, especially with a second burger half price coupon, and 45 minute wait for a burger at a “fast food” joint is way to long, especially since they weren’t particularly crowded. Never going back.

  82. Tracy Boykin

    I ordered the cheese burger and home made fries the burger was Amazing and the fries just as much. Definitely will be going there every other month coming thru town.

  83. Carol Harmon “MamaBear” Bowling-Young

    1st time here. Although the menu said they have a garden burger I wasn’t sure what kind it was or what it had on it as much of the lettering had been either worn off or removed. I opted for the grilled cheese sandwich with mushrooms added and, I gotta say, it’s the best damn grilled cheese I’ve ever had! I chose to have on sourdough and they didn’t skimp!!

  84. Dave Shafer

    The best fish and chips we’ve ever had!! We’ve had GREAT burgers 🍔 there also!!

  85. David Riggs

    Burgers are fresh ground beef. Fries are large cut and perfectly cooked and with their fry sauce the best. Always stop on the way to Ocean Shores, and most of the time on the way home.

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