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11:00 am – 8:30 pm


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11:00 am – 8:30 pm

Black Straw

Chinese Restaurant in Spokane Valley, WA


82 reviews for “Black Straw

  1. Emily Graham

    Delicious mapo and crispy tofu, though mapo had meat and was listed under veggie options

  2. FairyTail4life

    Food is tasty and the drinks are super good! Friendly and quick service. Got to love it 😊

  3. John O'Sickey

    First time, wanted to like it. But, Wow didn’t know food could totally lack flavor. Poured the egg flour soup down the drain. Beef and vegetables had no flavor. Tried adding sriracha, soy to get any flavor, could have saved $45 and just drank Siracusa sauce. A newspaper has more flavor than the rice.

  4. Phi L3MM4

    Really good tofu dishes! Awesome boba as well. Great spot for large groups with huge servings.

  5. Nicholas Tran

    The rice was drier than the Sahara desert.

  6. MForce81

    Very good, some of the better fried rice I’ve had in years.

  7. Jessica Rienstra

    My husband and I have been getting Zane’s boba since he was in Kobe on Division. He’s the most kind person and the quality is always so, so consistent. We were going through withdrawals while he was closed to open up his own location, but it was SO worth the wait. We called ahead and when we got there, they made the tea on the spot as the food was finishing up. Everything was so fresh. We ordered a couple of bubble teas and an order of orange chicken. The orange chicken was piping hot, crispy, and so tangy without being overly sweet. It came with soup and rice, and was plenty to split between my husband and I. The bubble teas were, as usual, perfect. We’re always happy to support Zane and highly encourage anyone who likes bubble tea and Chinese food to give it a try. We can’t wait to try the rest of his menu!

  8. William Johnson

    Nice employees, great food & boba.

  9. Bradley Hanson

    I really enjoyed Black straw when it opened. Unfortunately, I feel that food quality and taste has decreased the last few times of eaten there. I also feel the portion size has also decreased. I used to get two meals from one order.

  10. Jimmy Deringer

    Best Chinese food I’ve ever had

  11. Mayra Deringer

    This place is amazing. I’m eating right now and already can’t wait to go back.we had beef fried rice, chicken noodle and an egg roll. Everything incredible delicious. The portions are very big also. Totally recommend it

  12. T Dawn

    We LOVE Black Straw! Absolutely delicious food dine in or takeout, huge portions, fresh flavors, friendly staff. Honestly cannot say enough! Worth the almost 30 minute drive to them! And the Boba is yummy with a wide variety of flavors

  13. Jeremiah Watson

    Best food in the Spokane Valley!!!

  14. Daniel Stauss

    First off, the food was amazing. We got the combo chow mein and Szechuan tofu, and they were equally delicious. Could taste fresh garlic and ginger in the Szechuan sauce, and the chow mein was full of fresh veg and plenty of meats. The dining area is kinda small, there are 4 booths along the front windows and some random big tables, and the decor was odd. They painted the place grey with black trim but the tables and booths don’t match at all. Weird thing to put in a review, sure, but it’s noticably off. Doesn’t take away from the great food, though.

  15. Josh Fulcher

    Honestly some of the best Chinese food I’ve had. The staff are super friendly and have great service and the portion sizes are huge family style. It is beyond worth it to try them out and I promise you’ll never want to go to any other chinese place.

  16. Gabrielle Truax

    Really amazing place and great for vegetarians! I got their tofu stir fry, and the way they make the tofu is so flavorful. They also have amazing boba!

  17. Zacarias Marcos Almeida

    Do not let the exterior deceive you. The interior is a modern looking space with ample seating and clean furniture. Food is some of the best for a boba place. I like the noodle soups and the Chow Mein but the Taiwanese Fried Chicken is a must try. It is hot and crunchy packed with a delectable sweet taste that leaves a long lasting impression on your mind. For the price they come in huge sizes that one order can last me 2 meals. If you have a few extra bucks to spend try any of the boba drinks! I like them all that it is hard for me to choose a favorite.

  18. Misty Rains

    Excellent food! I love the combination rice. Very large portions and very delicious

  19. Grace

    Really good asian food 🙂

  20. Livy Hayes

    Awesome place, we’ll set up and very clean, everything was delicious especially the tea

  21. Chet Savage

    Not too many good places for Chinese food in the area, but this is one of them! The walnut shrimp is phenomenal! I’ve probably tried at least half the menu at this point and everything has been at least well above average. Not a boba fan, but I know they have an extensive menu for that too. You won’t be disappointed!

  22. Hailstorm Thunder Gun

    Huge huge portions be prepared to share!

  23. J R

    Fast friendly service, great food!

  24. D. Cross

    Brown Sugar Milk Bubble Tea 👍

  25. Kelvin Goliday

    It was OK. Nothing special but not bad.

  26. Sadie Holland

    This restaurant was great! Great service! Food was delicious and there was hardly any wait between ordering and getting the food. It was fresh and serving sizes were large. The bobba tea was also great! By far best in Spokane Valley.

  27. Jamie Perez

    Go-to spot for some noodles & boba in the valley! I’ve had better boba, but theirs fills the void for sure. Always love to grab some of their chow mein noodles; I wish their popcorn chicken was a little less dry, but overall it’s a great place to grab some lunch or dinner.

  28. Jesse Foster

    First time trying and I’m not disappointed! I’ve never had Boba and been wanting to, so not sure how it compares, but I’m a fan! I initially thought the price of my meal was high for just fried rice and an egg roll, but the portion I got, omg, it’s enormous!!! It also came with a side soup I wasn’t expecting. The rice itself is easily the biggest portion I’ve ever gotten in my life. No complaints here and will definitely be back

  29. Judy Mayulianos

    Lots of great food at good prices!

  30. Patrick Peterson

    Very good kung pow chicken and szechuan beef…fair price

  31. Michelle

    Hands down the best Chinese food in Spokane. I’m not from Spokane and have had amazing Chinese take out and sadly have never been able to find a place in Spokane that delivers the flavors I’ve been missing from my childhood. Looked at pictures before we went and I just knew by the color of the fried rice that this place was going to finally be the one. There’s dine in on the left with takeout on the right. Massive portions that are worth the price. My mouth was watering from the smell in the air. Perfection! Black pepper beef, General Tsos chicken (an unbelievable red color) pork fried rice, and beef chow mein. Enough food that we had it for lunch, dinner, and lunch again!

  32. Emily Masek

    Some of the best and fastest Chinese food you can get in the area. I just moved here from Texas and can confirm that this is infinitely better than any Asian food I’ve had there. Every dish is flavorful. The only issue is that every time I get there, I forget to ask for a bit more spice. I do wish there was a more visible sign, but at the same time, I may just not be paying much attention. Highly recommend this for anyone who wants flavorful Chinese food and massive portions. 🙂

  33. Dan R

    Easily the best chinese food in the Spokane area. All plates are big enough for 2 so the price is actually great. Food is always amazing.

  34. Renee Nungester

    You can’t go wrong with the portions or price! Server was a friendly gal and was attentive. I took my 7 year old here and he actually enjoyed his food as well.

  35. Jess Raney

    Good tea!

  36. Jeremy Caldwell

    First time here and was very impressed. The orange chicken, fried rice, and chow mien where fantastic. They set the bar for quality and flavor that just can’t be beat. Will be back again and again.

  37. Dan St Peter

    As long as you don’t get hung up on strict definitions, the food was wonderful. We shared a couple of apps and three dishes, took most of it home, it was still good a couple of meals later.

  38. Preston Hudson

    The Black Straw was recommended by others and we decided to have dinner this evening. I am so happy we did as the food and service were both top notch. An amazing experience that we plan on repeating!! Will be passing on to others!!

  39. Shirlene Betts

    Mediocre food. Lacking atmosphere. Service ok. Would not recommend.

  40. Kaya “Spokane’s Realtor” Kennedy

    The Moo Goo Gai Pan was delicious and so was the He Fen Noodles with beef (medium spicy). Every time I come here I’m pleased! Delicious, flavorful food and huge portions. Their house milk tea with boba is my fave!

  41. Matt Holtz

    Very good large portions

  42. Savanna Kilgore

    Best Chinese food in town! The almond chicken was amazing as was the special chow mein. Huge portions and great service. Will definitely be coming back!

  43. Kristine Dale

    The food was really good, we ordered the Sesame Beef and it was really spicy. We like spice…but it was SUPER spicy even to us. Also had the Sesame Chicken and it was really good with not too much heat. A will definitely go or order again!!

  44. Chris “Hopper” Hardwick

    Amazing food, the portions were huge, the service was also amazing. Definitely going back

  45. Amy Evers

    So very fresh and delicious. Wise we lived closer.

  46. Bettytus t

    Good food,… excellent service!

  47. Hunter Johnson

    The food was amazing, the ginger onion beef was great and the ginger wasn’t overpowering in the dish, everything arrived quicker than we expected, and it was a good time overall. The oreo boba was funky.

  48. Scott Potter

    I got the almond chicken, sweet and sour pork and pork fried rice. The almond chicken was average, and it was a pretty small portion. The sweet and sour pork was excellent, and the pork fried rice was good. The portions seemed good on those. I did a call in order and the food was ready pretty quick. Overall, it was good food. I will try it again, but I won’t be ordering the almond chicken.

  49. Alastor NHF

    Best Boba drink location in the Valley, often the boba is properly soaked in sweetner which most places forget to do, it makes the tapioca boba have a so much more savory flavor I love.
    They also have the best selection of proper teas and a decent selection of other flavors and actually put the fruit in many of their teas or milk drinks.
    Just note they do use taro powder instead of the crushed root which only one location so far does which is ok, just wanted to state it incase of your(the reader) has a preference.

    They are a little more pricey when you add the boba, but only by a 40 cent average, and I think it is worth it, especially with how tough it is to be a business nowadays.

    Also their chicken and food dishes are absolutely wonderful, I do regret what I got but thats because I wasn’t thinking towards my actual taste, my friends chicken they ordered was far better, and my partners beef n broccoli was absolutely great and well seasoned.

    Also note to be very cautious if you can’t handle spice, read the signs or ask about their policy on if you accidentally order something too spicy as you can’t refund it.

    But even with all this in mind I give them a 5 star rating I rarely give, especially with impeccable polite customer service for people like me who struggle with pronunciations and decisions the multitude of times I have gone to this place. (10+ times only for drinks in the past years, and only once for food for a special occasion because I try to budget)

  50. Brenda Goodwin-Winn

    Awesome food and large portions

  51. Amanda Early

    I have lived in the Spokane area for 8 years and it took nearly 7 years to find a Chinese restaurant that deserved to be rated. My family and I have ordered take out on numerous occasions from Black straw and we never get tired of it! First time I was shocked by the price, only to realize they serve family style, which we love! The service and quality has never disappointed. Any time people ask us for a good Chinese place we automatically say Black Straw! As a matter of fact we are ordering from here tonight 😉.

  52. Melissa


  53. Rupert Winslow

    Great place, good place to eat excellent Asian dishes and a great tea, friendly staff!

  54. S A

    So happy to finally find such great food!
    We had chicken fried rice, tangerine beef, and orange chicken. All was amazing and fresh. Great boba tea and other drinks too!
    Tangerine beef is my new favorite thing…

  55. Steve Kelley

    Food was good, drinks expensive, service very good, decor not so,

  56. Kerry Shelley

    Three words. Crispy. Tangerine. Beef.

    We’ve eaten here 3 times, everything has been delicious but the crispy tangerine beef is to die for. So good.

  57. Robyn Stevenson

    Wonderful, flavorful food. The best I’ve had in Spokane!

  58. Elad Mirman

    Good tea flavors. Tapioca boba is slightly hard but overall not bad for Spokane.

  59. Madisen Monigold

    Great food every time we order delivery! Always fresh and made with quality ingredients. 10/10

  60. Maureen Wardle

    THIS PLACE IS 🔥🔥🔥🔥 food is BANGER, HIGHLY recommend the orange chicken. Servings are super big, so even if they look expensive you’re pretty much paying for two meals. Boba tea is literally the best I’ve had and service is great. Hokkaido boba tea was delicious (the boba was the perfect consistency) and even the rice was HEAT!!!!

  61. Jamie Lombardi

    Whoever cooked my delivery meal at 4:00 today, thank you! We stopped ordering for awhile and decided to try again. Everything was full of flavor and cooked just right. It was really delicious and fresh! Tangerine Beef / Sesame Chicken

  62. Bill Rabe

    Decent food. LArge portions. Good fast service.⅞

  63. Brandi Sharpe

    Dietary restrictions: They were able to make the orange chicken gluten free! And were very careful to not add any sauces that could have gluten in them.

  64. Jessie Lewis

    Best authentic boba and Asian cuisine I’ve ever had! So very delicious!! You HAVE to try their food.

  65. Glen Horman

    The soup is delicious,
    The pepper steak is delicious and we add the Kung Pao chicken vegetables along with a little bit of extra sauce when they are cooking it.
    The Kung Pao chicken is delicious but we also add a little extra sauce while cooking it so that it won’t be a little dry.
    I’m talking about last meal kind of food. It’s that good.
    It’s a tea bar so they do not have any alcoholic beverages. No beer, no wine maybe in the future but not yet

  66. Marie Thoris

    Only place for Boba like you find in Seattle! Plenty of flavors and dairy free options. Fried rice was really good and the portions are generous. Dine in or carry out. Dining area is clean and service is great.

  67. Max Avdeyev

    Big portions, good food. Would recommend this place for groups of people. Getting several items on the menu and then sharing them is ideal. Most food items I saw on menu were around 15 dollars. Boba is good, cost is around 5 dollars.

    Would recommend, and will be back in the future

  68. Suki Myoga

    It was just mediocre, especially for the price. The crème brule boba was kinda gross. The food was whatever, besides the combo fried rice that was great. For how pricey it was, I expected overall really great food. $80 for food we didn’t even finish.

  69. An Lo

    The best Chinese food in Spokane so far and their boba is great too!

  70. Bobbi Washington

    Today was my second visit to Black Straw Tea Bar. I had Tso’s Chicken and Shrimp Ho Fen. Both dishes were excellent (although I don’t understand the fascination in this town of putting baby corn in asian dishes. It’s just nasty and I hate it). Besides that both dishes were flavorful and the meat tender and juicy. Just perfect. Finding chicken that is moist in an Asian dish and crispy on the outside is rare in Spokane. These guys hit it on the head. I’ve only had a few dishes so far but I highly recommend you visit. I can’t wait to try a tea next time!

  71. Joshua Finley

    Small place with more seating than expected. Pretty good food but the staff are awesome! Super friendly and doing their best. Did was delivered quickly and was really good. It does not have that classic Chinese restaurant feel but it’s totally worth it.
    Dishes cost between 17 to 19 bucks a plate but the portions are generous and tasted great.
    Be warned that parking is a little tight so bring the smaller car or park near by.

  72. Brad Carlson

    Pleasantly surprised, very excellent, we will be back….

  73. Morgan Geiger

    The food was so good, and the people were so nice, and the music they were playing was good. The portions were very big as well which is really good for families. I felt really comfortable being there. Definitely will go again!

  74. Madison Stephens

    Loved this place! A gal pal and myself were unsure where to eat, we were recommended this restaurant by a fellow coworker and we were not disappointed! The employees were very kind, the music was great, the boba was DELICIOUS, and the food was amazing! We ordered and within 10 minutes had our food! It was a large portion with appetizers and could easily be enough for 4 people.

    The Honey Walnut Shrimp was wonderful, my friend loved her Kung Pao chicken, and our Egg Foo Young was the best I’ve had in years!

    We will definitely be returning time and time again. Thank you for the wonderful dinner!

  75. Richard Harmon

    I could not believe how good the food is. They have a huge menu and 3 of us had different meals and traded off family style. All 3 dishes were yummy.

  76. Michelle Washburn

    Tried this place for the first time today for takeout and was very impressed. The portions are great, the food is fresh and delicious, friendly staff. Can’t wait to go back and try different options. Highly recommend.

  77. ron white

    Very friendly staff..clean eating area..fresh food and plenty of it…great place for families ❤ and dates. We’ll be back thank you so much

  78. Daniel Conrad

    Excellent service and outstanding food, both in selection and taste. Generic but very clean atmosphere. A welcome addition to the Valley. I certainly recommend this establishment for tasty dining!

  79. Samuel Sommers

    Got a to-go order. Ordered wantons, almond chicken, and chicken chow mein. The only food we really enjoyed was the chow mein. The wantons and almond chicken were both overcooked. My jaw was sore from how tough the chicken was. Was disappointed with all the good reviews but maybe we ordered the wrong dishes….

  80. Liana Tautz

    Extremely good food and huge portions. I will be back again and again!

  81. Megan

    The servers are wonderful and the food is AMAZING. Try the Boba!

  82. Lorri Kilduff

    They have amazing food
    The orange chicken is the bomb.

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