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Black Straw

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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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155 reviews for “Black Straw

  1. Jessica Rienstra

    My husband and I have been getting Zane’s boba since he was in Kobe on Division. He’s the most kind person and the quality is always so, so consistent. We were going through withdrawals while he was closed to open up his own location, but it was SO worth the wait. We called ahead and when we got there, they made the tea on the spot as the food was finishing up. Everything was so fresh. We ordered a couple of bubble teas and an order of orange chicken. The orange chicken was piping hot, crispy, and so tangy without being overly sweet. It came with soup and rice, and was plenty to split between my husband and I. The bubble teas were, as usual, perfect. We’re always happy to support Zane and highly encourage anyone who likes bubble tea and Chinese food to give it a try. We can’t wait to try the rest of his menu!

  2. Hokuloa Beebe

    HANDS DOWN THE BEST BOBA IS SPOKANE. I followed Zane from the Black Straw in Kobe to his new location in the Valley, his Boba is that good. I used to drive half an hour into town just to snag some drinks😋 (now its only 10 mins away😍)! The Black Straw is so unique compared to the other Boba shops in town, they have fresh made tapioca pearls, cheese foam, and egg pudding (All I HIGHLY recommend). Please come check out this fantastic Boba ♥️♥️♥️

  3. Marti Jannen

    Great food, drinks, and service!! Best fried rice in town and the egg foo young was delicious. The service is amazing, so kind. Highly recommend.

  4. Cojo H

    Best place to get boba in the Spokane area. My wife and I used to get his boba all the time when located on division, and now we still make the drive out to the valley to get his boba. He is also serving some really awesome food choices now, so you can’t go wrong at black straw.

  5. Victoria Warthen

    A local gem! The matcha milk tea was creamy and sweet, but not too sweet. The tapioca pearls were fresh and the crispy chicken had the perfect amount of crunch and seasoning. Will definitely be spreading the word and coming back.

  6. Garrett Combs

    Best boba tea in town. We drive 20 min but it is worth it! Great service and the people who work there are always kind and fast. Please come down town Spokane black straw!

  7. Courtney Wallace

    Had the cashew chicken, shrimp fried rice and sesame chicken. All of it was excellent with big portions and comes with rice and soup too. All of the drinks have been great too.

  8. Larayna Yevtushuk

    Love the taro milk tea with boba

  9. Caitlin

    Great tasting drinks (the Okinawa milk tea with Boba is wonderful, so is the egg pudding topping) also got an order of orange chicken, the portion was large and it came with rice and soup as well. Will definitely make this place a regular stop!

  10. Sarah Partch

    This is the only bubble tea place that I will go to in all of the Spokane area! Have been seeing Zane since he was at Kobe on division and followed him to the new place in the Valley. The BEST boba and flavors I’ve ever had! Zane and all his staff are so nice and even remember me and my order😁 Definitely go here if you want an amazing drink (and food too!).

  11. Bennie Crocker, CPT, SGX, Pn1

    This place is spotless. Clean. Customer service on point. They have tons of options. And for Spokane, this is the best Bubble Tea. I would stop in here if you have some time. It’s worth it.

  12. Susan Leon

    Friendly service. Delicious milk teas. With or without boba. Also had several entrees including combination fried rice and chow mein. Huge servings and flavorful.
    We will be returning to try more options.

  13. Michele Goffinet Schartung

    Great place for Bubble Tea (I prefer their blended w/boba). Hokkaido and Okinawa are my favorite so far. Tried their Sesame Chicken (very tasty) and Almond Chicken (solid, but I prefer a stronger nut flavor), which they give you (Jasmine?) Rice and Egg Flower Soup, both were very good!

  14. Courtney Shih

    This is the BEST place to get boba in all of Spokane. I am originally from California where there are plenty of great tea shops, and when I moved to Spokane I was disappointed to see that most places serving boba are not good at all! Then I found Zane and now only go to Black Straw for my drink cravings! Since he moved, I even drive all the way out to the valley now just to get some, and try all of their yummy food as well!

  15. Paris Underwood

    First time eating at this restaurant, it was recommended by a friend. The service was excellent and the food was excellent! One of my new favorite restaurants. I highly recommend this place.

  16. I

    This is our new favorite place to get bubble tea in the Spokane area!! 😍 & the employees are very nice, welcoming and gets the drinks done fast! 🙂

  17. Chris Cashion

    Came here for some weird boba tea. Got some weird boba tea. 5/5 will be returning.

    We gotta upgrade the sign to wife 5/5 stars.

  18. Ace Kaston

    Everything here is amazing!!! I cannot give enough compliments. Tonight we got orange chicken, almond chicken, and two teas. Everything was perfect, fresh, and doesn’t taste like it is overloaded with salt and fake preservatives. Customer service is great, prices are fair, and portions are generous. This instantly became my new favorite restaurant and I cant wait to go back!

  19. Sunny

    got the tso’s chicken, which was amazing! the almond chicken was dry and overcooked and the sauce was weird, which was unfortunate. the wonton comes with a lot of veggies, tasty broth and plump wontons. i believe every entree comes with a soup? so be prepared for that especially if you order delivery. the rice is well steamed. overall pretty tasty!

  20. Chucha Dejesus

    Great food definitely worth it. You definitely get your money’s worth. Don’t order anywhere else trust me No one around has better food then here!!

  21. Suzanne Barnes

    AMAZING drinks and the staff are above and beyond. My 11 yr old daughter dropped her drink as soon as she got to the parking lot and they had a new drink made and ready for her the moment she walked in since they watched it happen- but they sent her back with napkins the second time 😉

  22. Kami Smith

    Best Asian food in the Valley, the portions are enormous!

  23. Leslie Amland

    Has some of the best boba tea, szechuan beef, and egg foo young in the Spokane area!

  24. Alina Morse

    The portions were huge and the food was so good! My boyfriend got a tea and he loved that too!

  25. Heidi Gham

    This is my new favorite! SO yummy, big portions, friendly fast service. We’ll definitely be back again and again.

  26. parker e.

    Oh my goodness, this was wonderful! I had the strawberry milk tea, and sampled the rest of my party’s taro, brown sugar, and matcha boba teas. All four flavors were delicious! We also had the orange chicken, chicken chow mein, and chicken fried rice. The servings were large and the food was delicious. They also came with some soup, which was amazing! Wonderful experience, highly recommend!

  27. Arabella Mickel

    AMAZING!!!! it tasted so good! the staff was super friendly and helpful, and the food and drinks were amazing. the portions were huge, and the tea was perfectly milky. most definitely stopping by as soon as im able!!!

  28. Erik kennedy

    Great place to get lots of good food and boba

  29. Ellie Larocca

    They are so nice here and I loved the tea!!!

  30. JP

    First time there. They have good bubble tea, haven’t tried their food yet.

  31. Jordyn Allen

    So happy to have an actual milk tea bar in Spokane! Even if I have to drive out to the valley, I think it’s worth it if I really have that craving.

  32. Heather Micek

    love this place, amazing beverages, delicious food!

  33. J Fezz

    Delicious food and boba tea drinks. The staff are friendly and welcoming. They make some of the best American Chinese classic food dishes. Cashew chicken here is amazing. Broccoli beef is 10/10. Chicken fried rice is best I’ve ever eaten.
    Boba here is hecking good. They have freash brewed teas, cheese foam teas, milk teas.
    Oolong cheese foam tea is my favorite and passion fruit fresh tea is my spouses choice.
    The best thing about eating here is it is always clean and tidy, the ingredients are fresh bright and flavorful.
    If I could, I’d vote Black Straw as best new restaurant in Spokane Valley.
    Check it out!

  34. tparbs (Terri)

    BEST Chinese food I’ve ever had!! I think they opened up here in January; they were up near Gonzaga before. Now they’re on Sprague in the same building as Simply Northwest. HUGE portions. Their ingredients are incredibly fresh, and everything is absolutely authentic. I grew up in the Midwest which has excellent Chinese, and moved out here in 1998 from Chicago with plentiful excellent Chinese restaurants. I’ve always complained the Chinese food here was NOT authentic and poorly done. Not anymore!! Also, don’t let their prices scare you off. One entree will feed 1 1/2 to 2 people, depending on the entree. We’ve now done take out 3 times. So far, one of our favorites is the Beef Onion dish. The Sesame Chicken is also amazing, as is their Orange Chicken. The included egg drop soup is SO good! I wanted to let everyone know because I’ll cry if they go away! 😉 Seriously, check them out!! 👍

  35. Lonnie Scott

    This was our first experience coming to Black Straw Tea Bar and Kitchen. We will definitely be coming back.

    The place is nothing fancy as far as looks go, but the service and the food more than make up for it.

    The complimentary egg drop soup is the best egg drop soup I’ve ever had.

    For the main course I had the Kung pao shrimp. The portion was huge, and was outstanding. My wife had sesame beef and it was great.

    One thing I highly recommend is the passion fruit ice tea. They mix jasmine and a bit of lemon into it and it’s wonderful.

    I highly recommend this place.

  36. Gloria McNelly

    Excellent customer service. Great tofu. The Tea is seriously outta this world. I tried the Brulee/Oreo milk tea. This is my new favorite restaurant

  37. Tania Anderson

    Great service and amazing food. We had the beef with wide rice noodles, pork fried rice, orange chicken, peppered beef, wonton soup, popcorn shrimp and everything was so so good. Nice flavors and lovely atmosphere.

  38. Don Anderson

    Brought the family here for dinner tonight. Loved all of the food! We ordered way too much food, but wanted to try many items. We started with calamari and popcorn chicken. Calamari was tender and lightly breaded with tempura vegetables with it. Large popcorn chicken was a ton of food, came with sweet chili sauce. Entrees were pork fried rice, orange chicken, black pepper beef, and rice noodle chow mein. The wide rice noodles were so good! Highly recommend this entrée. Orange chicken was great, black pepper beef was amazing… I don’t want this review to be super long, do yourself a favor and try this place out. We didn’t have any of the tea.

  39. Niikos

    New favorite in the neighborhood. Great menu, great service, super comfortable atmosphere.

  40. Elizaveta Ptitsyn

    The place is new but the food there is AMAZING!!!! GET the walnut chicken if you can!! Their soup bowls are huge!!! And so comforting! The food there is 5/5. Dining set up can be worked on but is VERY clean.

  41. Heather Bramlett

    I tried their strawberry matcha latte with boba today, it was amazing and gone within 5 minutes! I will be back to try their food, it looks delicious. Employees were friendly and inviting.

  42. Chantel Blanchard

    Tried Black Straw for the first time today via door dash. This place is my new favorite! Tea is amazing, fresh ingredients and even added tofu to chow main. The pricing looked expensive but the portions were ginormous and completely worth the price!

  43. Veni Avdeyev

    The food is absolutely amazing! I had the combination rice noodles and it’s super good! Definitely recommend! The portions are really big though!

  44. Keslyn Powell

    Was there about an hour ago and got some passion fruit tea with black boba! It was probably the best I’ve had. The inside was decorated beautifully and the workers were the sweetest people I’ve ever met. So helpful. Definitely coming back. 5 stars.

  45. Kami Innamorato

    I’ve been to Black Straw twice now. Both times I ordered matcha (no sugar) with sea salt cheese foam and boba. Fantastic both times! Next time I’ll order food too. I keep hearing great things just haven’t stopped when I’ve needed a meal. The staff is friendly and quick.

  46. Kendal Peterson

    Absolutely amazing! Friendly outgoing staff and delicious food. Beef onion ginger and orange chicken can be made gluten free & I highly recommended! We will be back!

  47. Tadgh O'Duinn

    This place is amazing!!! Great big portions and amazingly fresh food. This place is going to explode this summer. We had a great server and took care of my the five of us. We can’t wait to go back and try more of their great food…. maybe without the kids next time.

  48. Karissa Rivera

    Was craving some delicious egg flower soup and it was amazing! First time but definitely not the last! Ordered it to go and it was super hot when I got home. Perfect for not feeling well. Thank you!

  49. Crys Ahlstrom

    I have been looking for a place in Spokane that had a great Thia tea with tapioca pearls and this place delivered! The staff our super nice and I even though I live downtown Spokane it is worth the drive. An added plus is that they also have Chinese food dishes that are so tasty. Not too heavy and full of flavor! So if you are in the search for a bubble tea, check them out and maybe grab something to eat while you are at it!

  50. aurelia vanderwilde

    Wonderful!! We came in just wanting to get boba and tried the Hokkaido and the tarp with coconut milk. This was the best vegan milk tea I have had perfectly creamy and not too much ice. We ended up also getting lunch and I am so happy that we did. We ordered the tofu vegetable delight and requested a 3 spice -which they were happy to do even though it does not normally have spice. The food was delicious and a perfect balance of spicy, sweet and flavorful. It had a good balance of tofu and vegetables- all of which were chopped. The portion was pretty large and was enough for 2 people with some leftover. The staff were also happy to answer questions and very patient. We will definitely be coming back and I recommend this place to vegans and non vegans alike.

  51. corinne clark

    We have been looking for the “perfect” chow mein since we moved from our home town 11 years ago, and they make it! It’s a combination chow main and it has shrimp, beef, and chicken and lots of veggies. It’s so good! They also serve a great almond chicken . The portions are huge, like family style. Very attentive wait staff, interesting drinks, definitely give them a try.

  52. D'Lana Parker

    The food is excellent, the tea is killer and the staff is very friendly! It is a little pricey, but you get a lot of food for your money. More than enough to take home for a second meal.

  53. Stephanie Lutje

    So glad we tried this place! Friendly staff, amazing food, and huge portions. I highly recommend this place!

  54. Emily Brownie

    Not only is their boba incredible, but their food is also really amazing! We had very affordable food that was very tasty. Also, the portion sizes were MASSIVE for the price! The staff were also incredibly attentive and kind. This place is very much worth the trip and I am very much looking forward to going back!

  55. sherry damskov

    Food portions are incredible and are perfectly prepared 😁 one dish of broccoli and beef fed my entire family of four!

  56. Rick Gee

    Not only am I over the moon to see a full-featured boba shop in Spokane, but the drink are excellent, even by Seattle standards! Great service, and while it can take a little while to get out the door, I’d say it’s worth the compromise for great quality. The boba itself is done just right as well.

  57. Brad Thiessen

    The best taro bubble tea I’ve had. Other flavors are good too. we didn’t try the food.

  58. Tasha J (MeowOutLoud)

    Delicious tea, nice atmosphere, and friendly staff. They have tons of toppings, too. I have yet to try their food, but the tea is great. Definitely check this place out. The tea here is Jasmine tea with cheese foam and boba.

  59. Melon

    The food was excellent, it came out hot and was very flavorful! The service was top notch, the staff were attentive and very nice. Would definitely eat here again next time we go through town. 🙂

  60. D T

    Best Boba in town! Large portion food and superb, friendly service!!! They use real ingredients and fresh fruits, unlike all the other Boba places in town. Also try their food, it is a solid A. My favorite dishes are their special combo fried rice, special combo chow fun (long rice noodles), and Mapo tofu. My favorite Boba, would be their Super fruit tea w/ boba, Nagasaki milk tea, Strawberry Matcha Late w/ red beans, and Taro milk tea.

  61. Jose Aguilar

    Great little Gem! Loved the food as it was pretty authentic tasting and had great flavor. I feel like you can’t go wrong with anything here. Great prices as well for how much food comes in your order. Definitely happy to have found this spot as I am only a few days into Spokane.

  62. Gabrielle Cook

    So first time having Boba. Not my favorite thing in the world but the employees were super kind and I loved the atmosphere!❤

  63. C Q

    Best boba in all of Spokane. I’ve been making my way around trying quite a few different joints and hands down the quality of the milk tea and boba are the best.

  64. Jessie Lewis

    Best authentic boba and Asian cuisine I’ve ever had! So very delicious, but not ready for the type of volume that entails. Please be gracious to the team and facilities as they level up

  65. Joan Llompart

    Amazing boba tea and lunch spot!! If driving through the valley it’s a must stop spot! The portions are also huge! New favorite place for sure and the staff is also super friendly and will take time to listen to your drink requests to make something delicious!

  66. Heather G

    Omg I was there for lunch and you get SO MUCH FOOD and it’s delicious. Must try the Brown Sugar Cinnamon Bubble Tea and Kung Pao chicken 🤤🤤🤤

  67. Sarah Ann

    We ordered take out 3 nights ago been snacking on it since then and it is freaking amazing I didn’t expect the portions to be that large I heard very good things on Facebook of course and so that’s why we had to try. prices match pretty well to the food it’s very flavourful and delicious And also abundant we also received soup and rice with our order and I didn’t expect that, the soup was also amazing.

  68. Atlas Hugged

    After seeing amazing photos and stellar reviews on Spokane Food Finder I can say that all the rumors are true! This place serves huge plates of fresh and delicious food. The Bubble Tea menu is impressive and the Cheese Foam was a pleasant surprise! The ambiance of the space was also excellent and the service was beyond 5-Stars.

  69. Melina Mendoza

    First time here and I really enjoyed the food. The Hokkaido Milk Tea was a bit too sweet, but enjoyable. We ordered the Fried Wonton, Shrimp Fried Rice, Sweet & Sour Pork, and Wonton Soup. The Sweet & Sour Pork offered at Black Straw is one of the best versions Spokane has to offer.

  70. Shipra Behera

    Beware of the HUGE portions! We ordered one dish per person like hungry wolves and was not able to finish anything. Food was amazing! Watch out for the spice level though. I ordered spicy Mapo Tofu and it was way hotter than I expected. Loved it but my insides cried, so make sure to ask about the spice level. The one dish that really stood out was the sesame chicken. It’s the best sesame chicken with the perfect mix of spicy and sweet. I highly recommend it.
    Also give their boba tea a try. I loved the taro with tapioca.

  71. Kevin Gould

    I rarely give 5 stars but The Black Straw is amazing! I had the shrimp fried rice… big, tender, meaty shrimp and delicious rice.
    Everything is “family-style” so huge portions designed to share. If I have one criticism it’s just that, I’d like to see personal sized rice bowls and I’d make a point to go there for lunch. I think there’d be a market for that.
    So, great place, friendly service, good food. Stop reading and go eat!

  72. Resa Brown

    I usually don’t make reviews for places, but I HAD to for Black Straw. Black Straw is undeniably incredible! I placed an Uber Eats order tonight for RIGHT before closing (because I suck) and it was the BEST tasting tea I’ve had in a long time!!! I definitely recommend the Superfruit Tea! So good and packed full of real fruit! I’ll never go anywhere else to satisfy my boba and fresh tea cravings, if I could rate 10 stars I would!

  73. Sami Scioscia

    The food here is delicious with huge portions, great for family style eating. Their boba is the best I’ve had in Spokane. The staff is really friendly! Definitely in my top five places to eat in the area.

  74. Brittini Brischle

    This place is LEGIT!!! Spokane and Spokane valley has really suffered in the Chinese cuisine and I think that void has finally been filled!!
    Decided to spoil myself and order some takeout as I was the only one home and bing watched some trashy TVs and just ate to my hearts content.
    The popcorn chicken arrived STILL CRISPY and was so perfectly seasoned that dipping the in sauce would be a crime. The soup, while a little stanky (thanks cabbage) was delightful and piping hot and omg the beef rice noodles were what dreams are made of….and I swear that box was over 5 lbs of delicious noodles, veggies and beef. And it was all SO FRESH!!
    Absolutely 100% recommend. Like….go now.

  75. Davin Mercado

    Drove here from Cda to try based off a friends recommendation. The food and staff are outstanding. Order had a mistake I didn’t realize until I made it home. I made the trip back to get the order corrected. upon walking in the door I was greeted by the staff whom were aware of the mistake before I could say anything the gentleman explained they already started making me a new one and had refunded the meal cost. I did not expect or even ask them to do this the customer service is just that great. I can not tell you how refreshing it is to deal with such morally valued folks. No one is perfect every time but this is how you correct it by taking accountability and just fixing it. awesome! The food was great it was definitely worth the trip I will absolutely be making it again soon. Best almond chicken and fried rice I’ve ever had. Thank you again

  76. Scott Hively

    Tasted like everything was made in someone’s kitchen. Food is served family style and you get plenty. Couple reviews noted a long wait. I’d suggest they go back to Panda’s rubbish and leave this place alone. Have a bit of patience, the food is worth it.

  77. Dillon Deshane

    Sooooo much food. The portions are huge. Like it looks like we hardly ate any by the time we were full.

  78. Jasen Thomas

    Came in with high expectations, and those expectations were exceeded! My fiancé and I ordered Fried Wontons for an appetizer. Wontons were good and crispy, and the sweet chili sauce was great. Next, we had TSO’s Chicken and Black Pepper Beef. Not only were we blown away by the proportions of our entrees, but everything was so fresh and cooked to perfection! Our Teas were also fantastic, as were the soups. Wei Ying, our server was awesome and very helpful in the decision of our food and drinks. We will definitely be coming back here!

  79. Michele Egizi

    Had sesame chicken and pork fried rice and it was delicious. The portions are big great price and the staff was nice. Wish I could bring you guys back to Colorado with us😆

  80. Todd Arnold

    Best noodle option in Spokane Valley. And very milk tea too!

  81. Judah Larsen

    They made me gluten-free orange chicken!! I was so happy! Hot, generous family size portion and good! They also took it seriously and didn’t pretend everything was gluten-free. They only wanted to serve what they could be certain was safe for me.

    My wife had General Tso’s, not gluten-free but she said it was very good!

  82. M7chelle Huskinson

    Unimpressed, poor service, bland food.

  83. Brad Freitag

    Huge portions. Definitely expect to take home leftovers if you don’t done family style. Excellent food and service.

  84. Rebeka Arnold

    Hands-down the best Asian food in the area. Everything is fresh, delicious and expertly prepared. Their Ho-Fen noodles are to die for and every meat dish comes with thick slices of meat. Owner/manager is always friendly.
    5 stars!

  85. Kasey Kraft

    4.5 Rating. Such friendly, great service! Food was wonderful and fresh. Meat in dishes were plentiful and cooked perfectly. Wish they had combination dinners. Hard for couples to get any variety with only family style portions.

  86. Sara Obrien

    Absolutely amazing food. Every dish was so fresh and tasty. Recommend honey walnut chicken and shrimp, ginger onion beef, chow mein, fried rice, and all drinks.

  87. Jodi Ward

    Loved the coconut Boba, got a noodle dish, cashew chicken, and a tofu dish. All were wonderful and very fresh. No sitting in a steam tray! We will be back!!!

  88. rickcanna buler-stairs

    The absolute most astounding egg rolls I have ever eaten. Sincerely I am floored.

    And that was just my appetizer. Wow!

  89. alice morse

    Huge portions! Definitely enough to share. Super delicious food, excellent service. Clean. Will go back again and again…..we had orange chicken, beef chow mein and breaded shrimp. The hot mustard is made in house and is delicious and hot!!

  90. Jennifer Hill

    This was the BEST boba tea I’ve ever had, and the egg rolls were amazing too!

  91. Marc B

    Wow a must visit if you haven’t eaten here. Absolutely delish food!!! Waited less than 8 minutes for our dishes. Great portions, great flavor. LOVE THIS PLACE!!

  92. kinzie rose hunter

    Amazing huge servings of Hot Sour Soup. It definitely is helping my sinuses and helping I believe it will help me feel better. Also had the egg foo Young appetizer it was delicious and a great recommendation from the staff. Will definitely order both items again.

  93. Anusha Gollapalli

    Black straw has the BEST boba I have ever had, even in comparison to boba places in Seattle and on the east coast. The milk tea is always creamy and flavorful (but never too strong on flavor) and the boba is cooked to perfection. I’ve come here many, many times and I’ve never been disappointed. Reasonable prices and friendly staff as well! No other boba place I’ve been to lives up to this one – if you’re in Spokane, definitely make time for a stop here!!! My favorite is the jasmine milk tea!

  94. Sheila Borst

    So I’ve tried three times now. Firstly, so fresh tasting. I can’t explain it when I say “so fresh” when most Chinese food is good but the veggies don’t snap! but so many yummy dishes from the Walnut shrimp, the chow mein and the orange chicken were all great. The soup that comes with the meal is yummy. The only reason this doesn’t get a 5 star is that all three times I was there at least two of the items I want are not available. Consistency is important for restaurants to be successful. I love the bubble popping Boba tea and they have been out each time. I tried the almond chicken. My other guest and I were not liking it. Odd since everything else was amazing. Also, ordered hot black tea and they served it in a large pint beer glass which neither of us liked. Overall, I’ll for sure be back except I’ll call beforehand if I’m in the mood for something specific to see if they are out before I go.

  95. Amanda Walker

    I brought my soon to be wife and in-laws here for the first time and it didn’t disappoint! By far the BEST Chinese food I’ve had in the last 10 years of living in WA. When I say I crave Chinese food – this is what I meant. Our server was a bit scattered brained as every chair was filled so I felt bad. The ONLY complaint I have is there were mushrooms in 3 of the dishes and I had no idea it came with it, I’m severely allergic to mushrooms so I didn’t get the chance to enjoy those dishes but wasn’t their fault. Next time I’ll know to say no mushrooms 🙂
    We will definitely be coming back.

  96. kelli b

    This family style food is so delicious and the customer service is top notch!! Will be back!

  97. Strange Canvas

    Amazing food! Had the Almond Chicken and it’s one of the best I’ve ever had! Portions are huge and great to split. The egg drop soup is also wonderful!

  98. Happy Radish

    Absolutely incredible! I go here quite often and every single time, their boba is perfect and their service is amazing. Each worker is extremely kind and I always look forward to going in there. It is honestly dangerous how close I live to it because I will keep buying more😂 I would give it 10 stars if I could

  99. James Green

    The best Chinese food and service Spokane Valley has to offer. Love their soup and entrees. Like many other restaurants I wish they cleaned a bit more ( salt and pepper shakers, table items, bathroom dispenser surfaces…)

  100. Lynsey

    Amazing FRESH food! The sesame chicken is fantastic and every other mea I’ve tried is super fresh, the general Taos chicken could be crispier. The milk tea is delicious!

  101. Kuni Wuni Wuni

    The food and boba were both very good. The portions are also very large. We ended up having lunch and dinner for the next day!

  102. Amber L

    What a great restaurant! I tried the sesame beef with veggies and it was delicious! My friend ordered the combination chow mein plate and she enjoyed hers as well! Everyone was very helpful and polite. It wasn’t super busy in the dining room while we were there, but it looked like a lot of To-go orders. I highly recommend giving this place a try!!

  103. Laura Diaz

    Food was excellent. The Szechuan sauce was spicy with a nice sweet and sour mix. The noodles were so perfectly cooked we even though they were using home-made noodles (they are not, but they’re excellent). Good vegetarian and seafood/meat options. The servers are incredibly attentive and friendly. Portions are big, I think we could’ve easily shared a plate rather than ordering individually.

  104. Mama Bolt

    Decided to get Doordash pick up from Black Straw knowing the food was off the charts delicious from a previous in house visit, but was so blown away by how quickly they got my take out meal ready tonight! 10 mins and when I came in they had it beautifully packaged and boxed and I was out as quick as I came in! Thank you Black Straw for the really yummy Brulee Bobas and really good food, and especially for your FAST service!!!

  105. Di Smith

    This place is an incredible hidden gem. It is really hard to pick a favorite dish, as everything I have tried so far was absolute heaven. With that being said, I do love love love the combination chow mein. Talk about flavors that have a party in your mouth! I love that every single bite is rewarded with meat and/or veggies. The best part about this particular dish for me, is that I get to take what I can’t finish at the restaurant home, then bring to work the next day or two(depending how long I want to stretch the leftovers out). It even tastes amazing cold! I usually am not a fan of leftovers eaten that way. But this is the exception to my rule and wow it’s so good! Another dish I look forward to whenever I visit, is their miso soup. I was raised eating this soup as a daily staple, so when I like a simple Miso soup, its pretty damn amazing in my book. The ingredients they put in this recipe just fuses together well, and I wish I could take home a gallon of it. It’s simply delish! There are dishes in their menu that can satisfy even the pickiest eater, and their servings are plentiful. I love that about every choice on the menu. The staff is attentive to your needs and the place feels cozy to me. It is nice to find a special place like this! I cannot wait to visit again!

  106. Luke Larsen

    Hands down best Chinese food in spokane. I have tried 15-20 asian cuisine restaurants in spokane and in the valley and this restaurant is the best. Even restaurants above the price range of Black Straw are not as good. I have dined in as well as done uber eats pick ups and had it delivered. Finally a place that beats the expectations of take out food. The food gets delivered EVERY time with steam pouring out of the styrofoam…The flavor profile is one of the best I have had. The orange chicken has real chunks from a fresh oranges in it. Not something I would expect from a place in this price range. Much less is Spokane. I have recommended this restaurant personally to multiple Friends, each person has come back to me saying what an incredible experience it was. I almost gave up on going out to eat during covid from so many poor experiences and further more sub par and disappointing food. Not Black Straw. Do yourself a favor and order the Chow Mein or the Orange Chicken.

  107. ron white

    Very friendly staff..clean eating area..fresh food and plenty of it…great place for families ❤ and dates. We’ll be back thank you so much

  108. Ghost Mode

    Staff were great, place was clean and welcoming – BUBBLE TEA WAS authentic and BUSSIN 12/10

  109. Chelane Connell

    SO much yummy food!! Egg Foo Young is some of the best I’ve had. The staff is super friendly. The only downside is that the parking is not the best. The restaurant is small and plain so don’t go in expecting ambiance.

  110. Nate Fisher

    Instant favorite! Recommended by a friend and we’re so glad we took her advice. Excellent food, amazing drinks, and reasonable prices. We will be back for more!

  111. Beth Lund

    Went with friends and we split a couple dishes. The vegetable fried rice was loaded with veggies and very good. The crispy tangerine beef was amazing! Drinks were tasty and beautiful, especially the brown sugar latte with boba.

  112. William Hein

    Been here twice, both times the food was phenomenal. Great place for a convenient takeout lunch too. I placed an order, they asked how far out I was – I said 10 minutes. They said the food would he ready. Sure enough, I got there exactly ten minutes later and it was ready to go.

    Prices might seem high but are actually fair for the amount of food you get. (2 entrees fed three big hungry dudes)

    FYI, the black pepper beef is phenomenal. Try it.

  113. Jon Frye

    Black Straw has the cure to bland food. Full stop best in the city.

  114. Winky Twinky

    Food is delicious, customer service was fantastic, and their brown sugar milk tea is amazing! Highly recommend!

  115. Helen Locke

    I love this place so much. I can’t begin to describe how friendly there staff is. I come here for Boba all the time and have never been disappointed. If you are looking for a drink to try, matcha Boba is my favorite.

  116. Karol Snook

    My son took me to Black Straw for bubble tea on Mother’s Day. He is a regular customer there so I told him to order me something he knew I would like. He ordered me a Butterfly Yacalt (spelling?) Fresh Tea with one quarter of the usual sugar, no ice, and grass jelly instead of the tapioca “bubbles.” It was pretty with a layer of purple on top of the white main color with the dark rectangular grass jelly pieces on the bottom. The flavor was kind of flowery and just the right amount of sweetness.

    Black Straw also serves authentic Chinese food as attested by my daughter who lived three years in China so I will have to try that another day.

  117. Mandy Maurer

    Absolutely love everything about this place! The food is fantastic and their matcha with cheese foam is my jam! Wish you guys were open on Wednesdays!

  118. Morgan Jones

    Great food, great price! You get alot of yummy food for your money! Will continue to eat here!

  119. Amberlee Parham

    Food was all hot and fresh. Best tasting almond chicken I’ve found in spokane. The sesame chicken and milk tea were delicious as well!

  120. Kim L

    Best Chinese in Spokane Valley. Great flavor and prices reasonable. This is a great place to order multiple dishes and eat family style.

  121. Heather Aske

    This place has the best fried rice I have ever had and the same goes for their orange chicken. We are always impressed by the friendly service and they are so good with our kids. We love almost everything about this place and it’s one of our favorites!

  122. Kammie

    This is, from my experience, the best Chinese food in the valley. Portions are significant, and the food is delicious! There is also a wide range of yummy tea available.

  123. MrsBarfield Baheza

    OH EM GEE! My new favorite place! Service to food is awesome!!!

  124. Celeste Gabel

    First time eating in. Had chicken Chow Mein, Peppered Beef & Almond Chicken. Every bite was so good. Fresh and great flavor. This chow mein is not remotely like what most Chinese restaurants serve. I can’t wait to try more menu items. Fast friendly service. Family style servings so be prepared for tomorrow’s dinner.

  125. Tony Cane

    Honestly, the portion size was fantastic (will be back very soon) and the food tasted amazing!!!! I ordered the Tso Chicken and Orange Chicken. It did come with sides of steamed rice. I also ordered a tea drink (can’t remember the name) and you HAVE to add CHEESE FOAM to it!!! (:

    My order also came with some tasty soup I do not know the name of… All around, great experience and you will not leave hungry.

    10/10 I recommend!!!

  126. Scot Tabert

    Had the shrimp chow mien and sesame chicken. Both very good and lots of it. Will go again.

  127. Steven Driskill

    I’ve been to many boba and many restaurants with similar food. Black straw stands out among its competitors. Friendly staff, great selection of food and boba flavors/toppings. Also they have generous portion sizes that are certainly meant to be shared. The most impressive was their egg flower soup. I’ve had egg flower, egg drop soup a lot but theirs was excellent and I’m saying that even though I had it on a 90 degree day! Well done Black Straw.

  128. Nathalia Alvarez

    I am not the person who rates but on this occasion I will , this food is amazing nice portions , I order to go and I got everything I wanted and the extra sweet sour sauce plus soup , and it is delicious!!!!

  129. stefani capi

    So good! This place is amazing. Make sure you come here on an empty stomach because the amount of food you receive is crazy! The food was delicious! Our server was super friendly, they had a really great staff and atmosphere. Definitely come check this place out, it’s worth it.

  130. Austin Taylor

    Excellent Asian food at a good price for the amount of food you get. The fried rice is some of the best we’ve had, as well as the orange chicken. The soup side is also fantastic.

    7/17/22 Update: the tangerine beef is quite good with a nice crunch, and most importantly the portion sizes are still huge and enough to cover three meals for us.

  131. Emma Sumerlin

    I loved it everyone was so nice and understanding even with me haveing a gluten allergy I loved it and the atmosphere was so nice definitely recommend and will recommend to others 😃

  132. Tina Cao

    So hard not to drive by every weekend to get a drink or food. The tea in their boba is amazing, super rich and full of flavor. The food there is phenomenal and the staff are the best

  133. Nate

    Absolutely love eating here, the chow mein is super delicious. We get it when we come here along with popcorn chicken. The Matcha green tea with cheese foam and the boba is a nice cooling beverage. Great service, great food. Take out service is really quick always. Very personable staff! Family owned business!

  134. Samantha Wickstrom

    Hands down the best Chinese American food I’ve had in a long time. Most Chinese places I encounter have bland food and it’s full of oil but this is far from that. Excellent customer service from staff and the restaurant was clean! Definitely will be coming back again and again! Also the Boba tea was refreshing!

  135. A M

    Everything was so delicious! Spokane is lucky to have an amazing restaurant like this here.

  136. Cloud Yay

    Food is always fresh and delicious, the boba tea is amazing, the almond chicken needs a lot of work (pretty bland as far as the sauce) but everything else we have tried especially the sesame chicken and orange beef is amazing and FRESH! The owners are lovely people and they’re also very friendly to their food delivery drivers!

  137. Toni Orness

    The food was absolutely amazing. My family and I tried several dishes and by far it was the most delicious Chinese food we have had in Spokane.

  138. Mary Simmons

    One of the best Chinese food places I’ve been too . Definitely recommend extend family style.. Pick a few things and everyone share because the portions are huge.. Plus they don’t do combination meals so this helps if you live eating a few different things…

  139. Doug R

    We went here for my wife’s birthday on the recommendation of some friends. Home Run!!! Absolutely monstrous portions of VERY fresh food. Prices are really fair, especially for the amount of food you get. If its your birthday, you can choose one of their teas or drinks for free. Excellent service as well.

  140. Christopher Gowin

    Best Chinese food in Spokane! I’m so lucky to have them down the street from my house.

  141. Heather

    WOW, best Asian/Chinese food I’ve ever had, hands down. Commi Cali doesn’t even have this good Chinese food.
    -Fresh recipes (no heat and serve junk)
    -Steaming hot
    -Large, shareable portions
    -Decently priced
    -Friendly staff
    -Quick service
    -Cute dining room
    Orange Chicken and Fried Rice is great, as well as Kung Pao and Black Pepper Beef. I think everything is just good here.
    Prefer boba elsewhere but my focus is the food 😍

  142. Alyshia

    I’ve come here a few times and it’s always wonderful, but this is the first time I’ve ordered for pickup and it was not good. We ordered honey walnut shrimp and Kung Pao chicken, and they sent us honey walnut chicken instead (the Kung Pao was correct). I’m not sure where they got that from, it isn’t even something that is on their menu. I think they charged the full amount for shrimp as well, but they didn’t include a receipt. Since we didn’t know until we got home, we couldn’t exactly ask them to correct the mistake either. They did include some egg drop soup as well, which was nice, but really disappointing experience unfortunately. In case anyone is wondering, honey walnut chicken isn’t a good combo, lol. 2 stars for past experiences, but this one was a miss.

  143. Jessica Ruetsch

    The hype was a bit much for what this place is. Definitely not the best, but love that they have tea options.

  144. Brooke Gill

    Excellent food!!!! Fast service! Come hungry, portions are huge and fresh!!!

  145. Connor Heidke

    Me and my girlfriend love this place and the people working are always so pleasant. BEST Asian food in the valley ESPECIALLY for the great prices and huge portions. If you were on the fence about a Chinese/Asian food just go with this place you won’t be disappointed 😋

  146. Nick and Nina Herriot

    Excellent food and specialty beverages! We had the sesame chicken and Szechuan chicken, and two milk teas. Wife had the Hokkaido milk tea with grass jelly, and for myself the Oreo brûlée milk tea.
    Both were tasty and made the perfect after dinner desert! Can not wait to try more of their menu and drinks! Thank you black straw for a filling and delicious meal!

  147. Kaleb Ashby

    This place was amazing. Great food and tea; friendly staff was a plus. Highly recommend.

  148. Kelsey C

    Ate here with my brother one evening and everything was great! I had the almond chicken and he ordered the shrimp friend rice, both of which came out piping hot and were very generous portions. I also had the strawberry matcha latte and all I can say is DELICIOUS.

  149. Kenneth Horn

    First time here. Clean, friendly staff, good food. Will go back to try other items on the menu. I thought a little pricey until I saw the amount of food you get. It’s a lot. Best Tso’s Chicken I’ve had since moving here.

  150. Heather Roberts

    Lots of hot fresh food for the money. Will go again!!

  151. Raquel Rice

    Super friendly and awesome food. They have lots of drinks. The restaurant is super clean and the ambiance is fantastic.
    11/3/22 Update: Not as great as it was before. They have no cups so if you order tea they give it to you in a glass. They don’t have sweet and sour sauce for the egg rolls instead they serve that awful bottle sauce and tastes like vinegar. Sad 😔 this was a good place.

  152. Tanen Trufyre

    Excellent portion, great food, courteous and attentive staff!

  153. Tiffany Weishaar

    I love this hidden gem. The tea and food are delicious.

  154. Jacob Williams

    The best Chinese food in town. Their sesame chicken is out of this world. Pork fried rice. Sweet and sour pork. So many more great dishes. Really good boba w/ a great selection of flavors. Huge portions as well, we always have leftovers.

  155. jaelyn strand

    This was delicious! Their servings were huge I’m stocked for lunch for the next few days

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