12024 E Sprague Ave, Spokane Valley, WA 99206


47.65676744721, -117.24246952534


10:30 am – 8:30 pm


10:30 am – 8:30 pm


10:30 am – 8:30 pm


10:30 am – 8:30 pm


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Thrifty Scotsman

Hamburger Restaurant in Spokane Valley, WA










“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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129 reviews for “Thrifty Scotsman

  1. Diana Wren

    Always the best. By far my favorite burger place, and the tarter sauce is the same recipe I remember as a kid. I love that times may change, prices raise tad, but their quality and taste has never changed.

  2. Wkmmjj

    Best chicken baskets you can get, a large gets you 6 large pieces with a bunch of fries. If you like milkshakes then this place is definitely for you, ask for a chocolate peanut butter shake and you will be surprised how amazing it it.

  3. Glenn Case

    One of the best places to get food the food is good and price is not bad

  4. Bigred 85

    One of the best burgers I’ve had in months

  5. Bryan Morrow

    Absolutely love Thrifty Scotsman, always great friendly service and delicious food!!! Best burgers in the spokane valley area.

  6. tyler arnold

    Been eating here for over 25 years still the best ! Always love making a special trip out to the valley to enjoy this American classic restaurant

  7. Marilyn V

    Really great prices and quality food. Been going there for 14 years. Love it!

  8. J Moon

    This is my go to burger place. The food is really good here. I love that the meat is real and fresh. They also peel and cut real potatoes for the fries. All the food here is fresh. They flavor is really good. We always get bacon cheeseburgers, chicken tenders and fries. The burgers are juicy and flavorful. The Tenders are seasoned good and crispy. The fries are crispy plus soft. Their fry sauce is good too. Their shakes are also good. The portions are big and it’s pretty cheap too. They are always busy and packed but the food comes out fast. We always bcall in our order and it’s ready within 15 minutes. You can dine in, take out, or use the drive through.

  9. Dave B

    Simple affordable and delicious burger place. Fries and shakes are great too!

  10. Hannah Cornwell

    They have the best peanut butter and banana milk shakes in town

  11. Terinna Pelley

    Went in the late afternoon wasn’t as good as earlier in the day🙁

  12. Eric Stalorites

    Great food. I had them make me an Elvis shake. Pretty freaking good!

  13. Rumyana Kudeva

    Best burgers and fries in town. Friendly staff and great prices.

  14. Shawn Briggs

    All very good. The shakes are 👍👍

  15. Jeff Gordner

    Great service and good quality fast food at a fair price. Especially like the fish and shrimp items

  16. Peter Shollenberger

    Delicious burgers and fries! Well worth it!

  17. Mack Daddy

    This place is great. Always fast and fresh.

  18. C

    Best burgers in town!!! Real bacon awesome sauce LOVE this little place💕

  19. Gidget Willoughby

    The food is always really good and the service is always great

  20. Austin Taylor

    Tasty burgers, great steak fries, delicious fried shrimp, and really good milkshakes. A little on the spend side, when they claim to be “thrifty”, or cheap. But worth it imo.

  21. Paul Gardner

    Great place to get old school burgers, fries, shakes or onion rings! We had all of the above and it was great! Reasonable prices. The small fries and shakes are plenty! You only need the large ones if you’re sharing.

  22. Brandi Beer

    For a much as you spend on a burger, it should come with a side of fries or tots. Cheeseburger was dry and salty. Lil Papa was greasy and salty. Nothing special with the burger. Onion rings smelled like fish (probly due to them frying fish) but had good flavor. Tots were good.

  23. Shawn Crippen

    Great Place to eat!! Delicious!!

  24. Megan Smith

    My kids love it and so do I. When it’s been a particularly long work day, this is a treat for us. Plenty of food reasonably priced! The best part is everyone can get what they want- burger, corn dogs, chicken, blt, fries, onion rings… sometimes even a milkshake (special occasions)! Easy, quick, and everyone is happy.

  25. corinne clark

    Good food.

  26. Meaghan Primm

    Always a treat ♡ great staff and good food

  27. Kristina Larsen

    Best butter scotch shakes ever 😋 the food is so good 👍

  28. Tammy Parker

    First time here & really enjoyed it! Nice little place, good food, great service!!

  29. Andy Ramirez

    This was my third visit and each time I look forward to visiting when I’m in town. The food is very good everytime. Customer service is tops.

  30. Nikki J Clure


  31. Ramona Bowman

    Always a favorite! Best burgers around.

  32. Lord Varyus

    Burgers bomb shakes even better. Best fast food in town. Careful because sometimes it’s not very fast but still worth it

  33. Kathy Spencer

    Cheese burger was dry and not alot of flavor, even with tomato, lettuce and mayo and mustard.

  34. Sheri Axel

    Loved the food. Black raspberry shake was delicious. Fish n chips were some of the best I ever had!

  35. Amanda McKiddy

    I really enjoyed my burger. It’s old school diner style. I had the thrifty burger with large fries (You get a TON of fries warning). They also have fish and chips which I wanna try.

  36. Angus Jordan

    Been going there for years now

  37. Alejandro Ueland

    Really enjoyed the visit. Food was good, staff was very helpful, and shake was made with real strawberries. A+ in my book.

  38. Audrey Campbell

    Loved this place and the old school feel of it. Ordered a basic cheeseburger and it was hot and fresh, staff were nice even in the middle of the lunch rush. Clean restaurant with plenty of seating.

  39. Brad Quadsinthemudd Jordan

    The super bacon is my favorite. I’ve been coming here for over 20 years and the have never disappointed.

  40. Jon Floth

    Still one of the best values around. Always delicious burgers and the best fries in Spokane!

  41. Robbie Bass

    Delicious food and onion rings would recommend it for anybody!👍

  42. Air Framer

    Just a solid burger joint

  43. Rizzell Gryphs

    I wish they were open later or became a 24 hour joint, but that’s okay. This is my go-to mom and pop burger place. Ron’s and Zip’s are WAY too overpriced and Zips is going downhill fast. But Thrifty Scotsman hasn’t let me down. Decent prices and decent food. Thanks for staying classy and yummy.

  44. J N

    First time coming in even though I’ve lived around here for years. I thought they only took cash still, as the legend had it, but apparently that changed 3-4 years ago. Bottom line – awesome, big burger (Lil Papa, 2 meat, 2 cheese, bacon, ham, fixins) and fries, for just under 10 bucks. The fries were truly excellent: crispy outside, fluffy inside, and tasted like real potatoes! I should have been coming here for years – it’s light years better than any fast food for about the same price. Highly recommend. I’m looking forward to returning to try some other items.

  45. Destiny Roy

    I love this place

  46. Chris Goodhue

    Drive through service good, great fries.. got the burger wrong and was still good.

  47. Robert Brazington

    Awesome food, friendly workers.

  48. Eric Dixon

    Great ma and pa restaurant always have great food and probably been one of my favorite restaurant for man

  49. Steven Barnett

    A cheap version of zips

  50. Anna Lorenson

    Chicken strips were really good, but the fries were kinda dry.

  51. Alexandra Geiger

    Best chicken and burgers in town 😋

  52. Ryan Hahn

    The square footage on the superbacon is no joke. A millions stars.

  53. Chuck Matheson

    Always been one of my favorite places. Everything was delicious, as usual.

  54. Willy Something

    My favorite restaurant. Best in town. Amazing food, super friendly….

  55. Terry Cooper

    Locally owned! The best fish and fries I have had. Just great food all around 😋

  56. Kayla Cowick

    The food was amazing as was the price and the cashier was super sweet and friendly. (Young gal with long blonde hair)

  57. Jessica Obrien

    Favorite place to take the family

  58. Yvonne Wilson

    Great service, good food, affordable prices

  59. David Farnham

    I got a Lil papa and a onion ring and my son got a big papa and fry it was GREAT!!! Love Thrifty Scotsman!!!

  60. Rodney Jamerson

    Excellent service and really delicious food!

  61. Michael Gradey

    So delicious! The best!

  62. Amanda Turnidge

    My favorite place in Spokane Valley to get a milkshake. #SupportLocal

  63. Andrew Lowndes

    Great burgers and shakes and other food to.. staff always smiles and are helpful and nice.give them all a raise 😀

  64. Dennis McAdams

    Friendly staff, fast service. The best french fries around. Had the double fish and chips with a salad too. Lots of food and at a fair price.

  65. Sarah Jensen

    Amazing food great staff

  66. Allaura

    Ordered for the whole family and everyone got exactly what they ordered! Thank you guys so much!!

  67. Travis Fiest

    Great burgers even better prices.

  68. Allyn Ankerbrand

    Burgers and fries are good. Friendly people!

  69. Dale Spencer

    Very good food. Fair price.

  70. Rick Rossberg

    This was my 1st time here . I ordered fish , fries , and a 1/2 salad . I normally don’t eat fast food . I was impressed! The food was Awesome 👌 They gave me plenty of condiments. Extremely fast service through the drive thru . The person that took my order was patient as I didn’t know what to order 🙃
    I will definitely be back . Next time I’ll try a burger. I almost forgot to say , inexpensive for what I ordered 😃

  71. Danny Brownson

    They always get your order correct and it’s always delicious!

  72. Gladys Brown

    Good fast food and value for your money. Black raspberry milkshake was thick and awesome.

  73. jerome' anderson

    Always a good time here. Fast and friendly service.

  74. Gavin Thorpe

    my burger smacked, definitely reccommend, lets go team. yall did amazing. 100

  75. Michelle Washburn

    I really like this place. I always get the thrifty burger and the bacon is so good, not like other places where you get one barely cooked piece of bacon… Great food and it’s thankfully affordable. And they give you condiments!

  76. Jeffrey R

    Always a great place a Spokane legend.. Fish and chips are always magical and the burgers. Fries are perfect.. the milkshakes are super good and they have loads of flavors. They have indoor and outdoor seating. Food is always hot and fresh.

  77. Liana Lawler

    I work in this area several times a month and have been desperate for a new lunch place. Tried this place on a whim and I can guarantee, as someone who eats out for lunch almost every day, the food here is fantastic. Real, thick sliced bacon, big portions, reasonable prices, AND amazing milkshakes. I will be eating here any time I am within 10 minutes. Don’t let the drive thru lane deter you, the Thrifty Scotsman makes amazing food

  78. Sterling McConnell

    What can I say about this place that you won’t learn from walking in? The hamburgers are delicious, so big you can hardly fit some in your mouth. The staff have always been friendly, helpful, and accommodating. The fries are over the top. Its always fun to come here.

  79. Randy Tillman

    Hell of a burger it was actually quite delicious

  80. Michelle D

    The food and service here is always wonderful. The food is made fresh and is always delicious.

  81. Scott Boles

    They are always consistent and I think they have the best fast food burgers around.

  82. Mike Moehrle

    The facility was super clean the staff was super friendly and the food was absolutely amazing ‼️

  83. joseph beckman jr

    Area staple, always friendly staff, good food at a fair price.

  84. Eric Lobdell

    Among the best in Spokane! Locally owned, friendly service, quality food.
    Comically bad drive-thru speaker though!

  85. trevis bivens

    I like better than zips, food it great prices are fantastic staff is friendly

  86. Renovatio

    1st time here- pretty good, as far as fast food goes. I had fish and chips, and it tasted good, but aftertaste was kind of bad. I’d go back again to try the burgers. Good meal for under 10 bucks!

  87. Carmen Cardenas

    good burgers for a good price! first timer here and had great service and great food. Didn’t even pay $20 for 2 people. I’ll definitely be back.

  88. Eric Cummings

    Good food friendly staff clean…. When the young lady didn’t have anyone to serve in line she was cleaning the dining room tables . Drive thru stayed busy while we were there.

  89. P I

    Always good food and great service. The fries are so good.

  90. Tom Frazier

    The best food at a great price always

  91. Larry P

    Legendary! A lot of bang for your buck. Great food!

  92. Draco Hall

    The prices, the food, hands down this place will be a go to spot of mine!

  93. Mary Thompson

    Great fish n chips. Terrific price

  94. Chaila Sturgeon

    How have I never eaten here before??? So delicious 😋🤤 my new favorite!! Really good prices too ☺️

  95. Richard Harmon

    When I am in the mood for a quick hamburger , this is the place that I head for. My previous statement is correct. I stopped again today. The service is quick and the food quality is awesome. Served fresh and hot

  96. Kaydyn TurboGp

    Always the family’s favorite fast food!

  97. Matt Alberts

    Good food, good service, good pricing. Old school burger joint that doesn’t disappoint

  98. Eric Lawson

    I asked for a recommendation for lunch and came here. I was not disappointed. If you are looking for a great burger and more place this is it. Skip McDonald’s, Burger King and others. This is where the locals go. Friendly staff, clean environment, good food. Prices are reasonable.

  99. Daniel Rhine

    I had a Big Papa burger and felt the patty was bland however the size of the burger and what you get on it was worth it.
    I gave it three stars due to the fact I had to wait for 20 minutes to get the food and the lack of flavor.

  100. Ellen Rodrigez

    Best burgers in town! My family LOVES this restaurant! Seriously the best of the best of the best! Not that much if any more expensive the. Regular fast food and it is so worth it 👍😊 seriously your family (and stomach) will thank you!!!

  101. Huntere Madison

    Amazing food at a great price.

  102. Willi Plesek

    The super bacon is great best onion rings in town

  103. Savannah Kimm

    My family loves Thirfty Scotsman. Easy kid friendly options, great shakes, and always friendly staff. A little bit of a wait during standard busy lunch and dinner times, but that’s to be expected. They only accept cash and debit cards. No credit or checks.

  104. Andrew Dresden

    The food is good and the plane is nostalgic, but the wait is significant for what it is.

  105. Dustin Knodel

    Always great food and even better people been going here since I was a kid!! Btw try there onion rings they’re amazing!!!

  106. Christina

    The fish is the best I ever had.The fish batter is one I’ve never tasted before. Must try with vinegar, lemon squeezed on top, and dipped into their tasty tartar sauce. I can’t wait to come back for more!

  107. tmlangan

    Best milkshakes in town!!

  108. Art

    Tasty food at a fair price. Excellent counter service as well. We’ve nicknamed it the Greasy Scotsman…

  109. Samuel Hilkemeyer

    Bomb,bomb….sooo bomb! No but really it’s an old fashioned style burger flavor that they have down that NOONE else so far here has captured. Love the fries…really crispy and good for dipping. Milkshakes are on point… strawberry 🍓 is delicious.

  110. Tim McCart

    Always awesome food, fun atmosphere, and great employees.

  111. Lemon Bunny

    World’s best hamburgers and cheeseburgers in Eastern Washington (at least Spokane Valley, WA! Excellent hosting folks.


    Order with extra (dill) pickle and onion!!! 🥒 🥒 🥒 🥒


    Else, if traveling into Coeur d’Alene, ID, go to Hudson’s Hamburger on Sherman Ave! Either way, the best burgers in the region!!!!


  112. Noenamae

    The food is made fresh and is very tasty. Service is what you’ll expect, staff seems to take their job seriously and do what they can to assist you efficiently and quickly. The atmosphere can be a bit intimidating because it is a smaller dining experience that gets crowded pretty fast. Overall, great discovery of a good place to eat if you don’t mind walking in to either dine or to order take out.

  113. Chuck Ballinger

    Food is ALWAYS Served hot, great hamburger place. Their fishwich is nice and hot and delicious.

  114. Davin Raskell

    Such a spokane gem. I would vote one star to keep it Lowkey if I knew it wouldn’t hurt their reputation. 5 stars in any category

  115. Deborah Tafil

    Great no frills food and atmosphere.

  116. Barry Roemer

    Been going here 33 years I recon. Probably not gonna stop. Legend has it there was a woman who lived to be 100 years old that ate here every day. What does that tell ya?

  117. Eric Gustafson

    Peanut Butter Chocolate shake was bomb! Fries looked awesome! I’ll be back.

  118. El V

    There is no better place to eat at than Mickey D’s, except Thrifty Scotsman…they have really good tasty food. I had a cheeseburger, water, and fries. The fries are delicious and rectangle in shape. The indoor is unique to say the least but the outside is ghetto, there are old school arcade games; “Pacman”, for serious! The wall decor is like, …ooOOoo…nuts! On one side of the window you can see a closed sad old run down nightclub called the “Blue Dolphin🐬”…it helps this neighborhood look real ghetto! I digress…I left as soon as kids showed up b/c the parents didn’t train them to have indoor voices, the place is too small for that. However, if you can catch a meal when they are slow, it’s so peaceful. The menu on paper has no prices – I usually run until I can see no black top when there are no prices but the food is insane so this time I can’t run. The menu at the counter does have prices and it isn’t cheap anymore…BUT THE FOOD, THE FOOD, IT’S SO GOOD!

  119. Derek Sovereign

    The food was ok. Definitely good for the price, reminds me of Paul Bunyan in CdA bit PB is a little better

  120. Curt Lang

    Burgers fries and drinks simply made easy and taste good 👍

  121. Jardin Verde Claire

    Tasty burgers and fries. My husband loves the shakes. Just like a trip back to the 1980’s.

  122. Joanne Milmore

    Very good fish and chips, tried the shrimp and fries this week and it is amazing as well!

  123. jennifer blakeslee

    Great food at a great price!

  124. k g

    Cheapest shakes & malts in town.

  125. Michael Johnson

    Cheap prices awesome delicious food Definitely recommended

  126. Rashawn Albright

    Best dang food you can get in the Valley.

  127. Levi Crane

    Just love this place. Great food for a great price. And amazing shakes

  128. Jeremiah Mcfarland

    I’m here in Spokane visiting and I love this place . I go here twice a week great food , wonderful staff.

  129. Anton Diatonikk

    Wow. Fresh bacon, not precooked or hot-held. Polite staff, VERY AFFORDABLE, good portions considering the pricepoint.

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