12124 E Sprague Ave, Spokane Valley, WA 99206


47.656887501568, -117.24123895111


7:00 am – 10:00 am


7:00 am – 10:00 am


7:00 am – 10:00 am


7:00 am – 10:00 am


7:00 am – 10:00 am


7:00 am – 10:00 am


7:00 am – 10:00 am

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Dave’s Bar & GRILL

Traditional American in Spokane Valley, WA












“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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71 reviews for “Dave’s Bar

  1. Rick Gregory

    Hands down, some of the best bar grub in town. My favorites are the Patty Melt and Ruben. I wish I had found this place sooner… don’t make the same mistake. This is what you’re looking for!!

  2. DeepWoods Therapy

    Always crowded for a good reason; excellent service and exceptional food. Wear a mask, wash your hands and dive in. Pack your patience… the staff is friendly but they are busy.

  3. Carl Eggers

    The place was almost completely fill there was one table open. Everybody seem like they are enjoying themselves. The staff seem very happy. They were pleasant to all customers. I had the prime rib. They have prime rib two or three times a week. I would say that 50% of it was good and tender. The other 50% was hard to cut and a little chewy. All in all all customers were light and nice to everybody you felt like you’re at home. The cheerfulness was high. If it wasn’t for the chewiness of the prime rib I would have given it five stars. The good experience all around. Bathroom was clean and they are good at cleaning up tables.

  4. Tawnya Becker

    Dave’s Reuben sandwiches are out of the world delicious! And enormous! Took half home for lunch the next day too.

  5. Elizabeth Moore

    THE ONLY Bar & Grill in the Spokane Valley to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner! Awesome food, and staff is fantastic!!

  6. J

    Dave’s Bar and Grill is one of my favorite places in Spokane to eat. They have really good food, very big portions at very good prices. Staff is always very friendly, even when they are super busy. For a little hole in the wall type of restaurant its great. They has the best baby back ribs around

  7. Mark Thulean

    OMG! Best fish and chips in town! On special Friday nights! Great friendly service! For bar fare I would have to give this place a perfect10!

  8. Seth Williams

    Great service and food they just need more space

  9. Charley Owen

    Good food but cocktails are over priced! Server was awesome

  10. Barrie Ryan

    Our breakfast was excellent as was the service!

  11. John Reamer

    This is a great place to grab breakfast!

  12. Gordon Kirk

    One of the last bastions of an old world fondly remembered. Daily food and drink specials and likely some of the loyalist breakfast folks anywhere. Truly a place to visit often. Don’t miss this gem!

  13. Skfly Paxton

    DONT GO TO DAVE’s BAR AND GRILL.OVER PRICED AS WELL👎👎👎👎👎Absolutely terrible service,at least 3 waitress and still slow service,food that was nasty.that was at 11 am,hate to see how bad it gets at lunch time!the gal behind bar was the worst of all,she thinks it’s more important to text,talk to customers that are leaving the bar and to talk on phone then take orders or follow after she does bring your cold food and fries that were hard and cold.what joke but they think there something special.breakfast is a little better but hash browns are at least yesterday or day before that,bacon that cold.maybe I try dinner….no I am sure it no better.

  14. Chris Paxton

    Best Reuben sandwich ever. Staff is great.

  15. Joyce J. Denny

    Daily specials that are hard to beat. The food is fresh and hot and tasty! The portions are large and the price is right. The quality of food and service has truly withstood the test of time.

  16. Clifford W. Erickson

    Their weekly specials which include the bacon cheese burger, prime rib, fish and chips as well as their drink specials all have been bringing in crowds of loyal customers for years.

  17. Rae Presnell

    Great hometown bar and grill

  18. William Clayton Jacobs

    Dave’s definitely did not disappoint on a Wednesday night!!! 10/10 Recommend! Outstanding Bacon Burger, kid got Chicken strips and momma got Fish and Chips!! Drinks are also On Point!!! Swing in to this little gem hidden in the valley!

  19. Jason Stone

    Best Ruben I’ve had in the Spokane area so far!!!

  20. Renee Whiting

    Food is always good , always friendly and good prices. I usually eat their patty melt and customize it with out a problem. Best patty melt in the Valley.

  21. Sylvia J Joyner

    They make a really good Reuben sandwich I recommend it

    Features: I tried the French dip today for the first time it was delicious mom had the Reuben still the best Reuben in town

  22. Heather Brunko

    Had dinner there. Steak and potatoes. Very good food. And friendly staff.

  23. Audrey Elizabeth

    We moved to this area recently and this is the restaurant I’ve visited the most. I feel like I always end up here for multiple reasons- they’re open fairly late, the prices are fair, the food is consistently good and the servers/clientele are friendly. I know I can count on this place, I’ve ordered something different almost every time and have enjoyed everything. The one thing I would say could be improved is prep for the prime rib stew- the flavors are there but it’s not so pleasant to get a bite of pure fat. That being said, I highly recommend it still, or the steaks or really any of their specials!

  24. Grace Straight

    They have the best food. Home cooked like mom used to make. The service is fast & friendly.

  25. Jessica Adams

    Service and food are great. One of my favorite Dive Bars

  26. Jared Roberts

    Awesome food, friendly staff. A great neighborhood gathering spot.

  27. Brett Heidel

    Really good, but took forever.

  28. Casper Ghost

    Great little diner to get a steak and potato or fantastic burger and fries.

  29. Sara Ring

    Got a to go order after all the good reviews and I wish we’d gone to zips lol. Halibut was dry and the chicken strips were not the same as the ones another reviewer posted. I got strips of gritty nasty chicken with breading falling off. Sadly we won’t go here again. We work on the go do we eat out a ton and I really hoped this was a diamond in the rough.

  30. melissa archer

    Normally it’s great food but this visit had a long hair in my gravy lost my appetite after I found that. .. ugh

  31. Nicole Schmitz

    Was amazing, great food and the server’s are so amazing. Vary warm and welcoming.

  32. Iya Akasha

    This place has great food. And a great loaded Bloody Mary, with bacon even.

  33. Brian Morris

    Small, nice and easy to talk to employees. Good food for a good price.


    Sadly, the famous Chicken-fried steak was frozen this time and the gravy came out of a can. Disappointing for a Texan who thought she had found the real deal in the PNW! However, the cheeseburgers looked fabulous and I’ll go with that next time.

  35. Tammy Messina

    Stopped in late to eat. Staff was great and food was excellent.

  36. Brenda Kovach

    The bartenders were terrible. I had to finally ask if I could a beverage and had to ask another customer for a menu.

  37. Jasmine Pettit

    Great staff and delicious bacon cheeseburgers and onion rings. Small little hole in the wall that you wouldn’t notice while driving by, but when you go inside and eat, then you’ll never forget it.

  38. T J

    I went to the restroom and when I can back to my table, all my stuff was gone. Apparently, I was moved to the bar. When I throw a fit over this moss treatment, I was told to leave! The younger generation running the bar has no idea! I’ve been coming here off and on for over a decade, I live in the north side. I use to love driving my family here to get awesome food! No more!!!!!!! Dave, you just lost a customer over the bar maid!!!!!! Good luck with that one!!!!!

  39. M earle

    Local place… food was ok service was interesting… when asked how the salad comes. The answer was, “on a plate”..

  40. Michael Fales

    As always a quality lunch at a reasonable price.
    Their fish and chips special on Fridays is always good. With their new crunchy fries and homemade tarter it is unbelievable good

  41. David Whooley

    Great atmosphere and food. Very friendly staff. Will definitely be back.

  42. Shirleyb77

    Great hamburger, friendly neighborhood bar and eatery. This was my first time there, and I’ll be back!

  43. Fitgirl Legbusta

    I base my reviews on whether I could do better at home or if they offer something good and different for a value that would make it worthwhile to leave my kitchen. Daves does. Definitely worth it.

  44. Michael Muller

    Always a best bet for food and drink. A icon of Spokane Valley.

  45. jerome' anderson

    I had the gizzard. Very yummy. It’s hard to find around here.

  46. Bradley W High

    Great place if it weren’t it would not be as busy as it is!

  47. Melania Colon

    Took my grandfather to get lunch, fish and chips and he got the sirloin. Fries were crunchy, fish was awesome and he was satisfied with his steak.

  48. DanielVanSteenwyk

    Well worth the Saturday stop. Steak and shrimp, great price better quality and taste.

  49. Elizabeth Benzinger

    Great customer service but high prices on food for a bar but biggest turn off was cleanliness. Left due to the amount of food and garbage that coveted floors. So unapealing!

  50. Kelly Boyle

    Dave’s fish and chips are delicious!

  51. Darrell Brown

    Great food ,awesome service and cold drinks. Large portions of food for a great price

  52. Terren Spencer

    Amazing place been going here for years never disappointed!

  53. Bigpoi Lee

    Wasn’t to shabby very good breakfast and great customer service.

  54. Melinda P

    Came here for their fish and chips. It was outstanding! Lightly battered and good size chunks of halibut. Enjoyed every bit of it and can’t wait to try their other items. Great quality and portion for the price.

  55. susie daivs

    The halibut was delicious and the staff was great. They were on top of everything.

  56. Deanne Reed

    Small local bar and grill. Great place to eat.

  57. Paul Martin

    GF had the BLT with onion rings. She absolutely loved her sandwich. I had the broiled chicken with bacon pepper Jack cheese. Chicken was juicy and good, just wished they put a bit more mayo. I also had a salad with I enjoyed. Finally had to try their clam chowder…not too bad.

  58. Tim Dunn

    Great place been going there for years. Decades actually. Outstanding food and service. And pull tabs. Great happy hour. And very good pork chops for breakfast also. Always have daily specials. Great dinner too

  59. JoAnn Thomas

    The food at Dave’s will knock your socks off! There is so much of it and it is wonderful. Even the servers are exemplary.

  60. Bill Rabe

    Cold beer & good popcorn. Lots of good pull tabs. Great food. Great service!

  61. Laura Goodell

    Best food in spokane if your looking for quality and quantity thisbis your place the prices are great I would seriously try it the staff is all very laid back totally easy to talk to I enjoy the atmosphere and well I always leave with a very full belly I love it

  62. Jeri Stabler York

    Great service on a Sunday morning. Fast, fresh, hot meals. Bloody Mary on spot.

  63. Wes Maine

    Food was amazing, service as well, nice cold beer, ill be back for sure, order the rubin!!

  64. Colton Fuller

    Haven’t been to Spokane in years, found this gem online! 100% recommend, the food was great! Not to mention the service, incredible! The bartender made me feel right at home I would definitely come back grab a bite and a beer and watch some football. Local feel, that makes you feel like a local.

  65. Tom Lundquist

    Dave’s rocks the valley!
    Always a good stop.
    Especially if Grandma is your server! Excellent service.

  66. Sharol Mayer

    This is a neighborhood bar and just what you expect. The menu is just the right size, not overwhelming, so everything is done well. They have Thee best fish and chips in the area. Service is always good, the beer is always cold and the popcorn always free. Don’t hesitate to try them.

  67. R FreeFree

    You can get very good fish and chips at this bar and grill. We think it is some of the best in Spokane! It gets pretty busy on Fridays, so there may be a line with a little wait for a table. But that is the day that they run their weekly special on fish and chips. If you like fish and chips, you’ve got to try this place! Be prepared–it is a little on the loud side. It’s a bar and grill after all.

  68. Eric Seim

    Great spot…but the burger I had was ok. Fries were Raw. Good beer though

  69. April Pierce

    Amazing food, great bartenders, definitely a nice mix of “Cheers” and dive bar

  70. Kat Hill

    Halibut fish and chips…. yummy 😋

  71. T Wyvern

    Amazing food and service as always. And found a new favorite way to do hot chocolate!

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