621 W Mallon Ave, Spokane, WA 99201


47.6651128, -117.4219313


11:30 am – 9:00 pm


11:30 am – 9:00 pm


11:30 am – 9:00 pm


11:30 am – 9:00 pm


11:30 am – 10:00 pm


11:30 am – 10:00 pm


3:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Price Range






Traditional American Restaurant in Spokane, WA




Oven Roasted Crab and Artichoke Dip $18.00

Parmesan, sweet onion, toasted baguette

Country Fried Calamari $15.00

Artichoke hearts, mustard-garlic aioli, Bloody Mary cocktail sauce

Chilled Shrimp Cocktail $17.00

Wine poached, spicy chili aioli, Bloody Mary cocktail sauce

Warm Brie with Macadamia Nut Crust $16.00

Orange-blossom honey, sliced apple, balsamic reduction, fruit compote

Spicy Seared Teriyaki Beef Tidbits $17.00

Sushi rice, spicy dried pineapple, daikon sprouts, togarashi sesame seeds

Coconut Shrimp $13.00

Cajun marmalade, trinity vegetables, crispy noodles


New England Clam Chowder $11.00

Artisan croutons, caramelized bacon and leeks, Italian parsley

French Onion Soup $11.50

House-made bone broth, caramelized onions, toasted baguette, Swiss and Parmesan cheese

Point Reyes Farmstead Blue Cheese $11.00

Romaine, slivered almonds, chopped egg, blue cheese crumbles

Broadway Pea Salad $10.00

Water chestnuts, bacon, creamy white pepper dressing

Romaine Caesar $10.50

Whole leaf romaine, Asiago, artisan croutons, house-made dressing, lemon

Little Gem Wedge $12.00

Radish, bacon, blue cheese crumbles, tomato, house-made blue cheese dressing

Arugula with Roasted Butternut Squash $11.50

Goat cheese, pepitos, pomegranate ginger vinaigrette

Grilled Chicken Cobb $19.50

Romaine, blue cheese, radish, bacon, cucumber, hard-cooked egg, tomato, avocado, vinaigrette, side of ranch dressing

Grilled Salmon and Chilled Shrimp Louie $29.50

Asparagus, cucumber, tomato, artichokes, lettuce, hard-cooked egg, smoked paprika, 1000 island dressing

Make any starter salad an entree with one of the following:

Grilled Shrimp Scampi $12.00

Citrus-Herb Chicken Breast $9.00

Herb-Rubbed Fresh Salmon* $10.00


Fish & Chips $19.00

Beer batter, French fries, house-made tartar, lemon

Oven-roasted Chicken Dijon $19.00

Asiago and panko crust, Yukon Gold mashed potatoes, wilted spinach, bacon leek relish

Asiago Crusted Sole $21.00

Pan seared, mashed potatoes, market fresh vegetables, beurre blanc

Rigatoni Bolognese $18.00

Italian sausage, garlic cream, tomatoes, Parmesan

Cajun Fettucine $18.50

Chicken ,creole seasoning, andouille sausage, spicy Cajun sauce, Parmesan

Char-Grilled American Wagyu Sirloin $32.00

8oz, 40-day aged, mashed Yukon Gold potatoes, market fresh vegetables, steakhouse butter

Grilled Salmon with Bourbon Apple Butter $23.00

Potato cakes with salmon and bacon, seasonal vegetables

Grilled Shrimp Scampi $18.50

Yukon gold mashed potatoes, asparagus, buerre blanc, fried capers


All sandwiches come with choice of house made potato chips or French fries.

Grilled Salmon BLTA $18.00

Applewood smoked bacon, mixed greens, sliced beefsteak tomato, avocado, garlic aioli, toasted brioche, bun

Grilled Chicken Club $16.00

Applewood smoked bacon, sliced tomato, butter lettuce, garlic aioli, brioche bun. Add avocado $2.00. Add Brie Cheese $2.00

Open-Faced Crab Sandwich $18.00

Artichokes, tomatoes, Parmesan, Cheddar on toasted sourdough

Turkey Club $18.00

Havarti cheese, fresh avocado, bacon, tomatoes, lettuce, mayo, Dijon mustard on whole wheat

Prime Rib French Dip $19.50

Garlic butter, horseradish, house-made jus on French bread

Chophouse Burger $17.00

Brioche Bun, hand formed seasoned beef, grilled onion, Cheddar, lettuce, tomato, house sauce. Add thick-cut bacon $2.00


Key Lime Pie $10.00

Nellie and Joe’s Famous Key Lime juice, graham cracker crust and whipped cream

Crème Brulee $9.00

Rich vanilla custard with a caramelized sugar crust

Chef’s Seasonal Bread Pudding $10.00

Vanilla ice cream

NY Style Cheesecake $10.00

Graham cracker crunch, caramel sauce, strawberries, whipped cream

Molten Chocolate Cake $10.00

Raspberry coulis, fresh berries, pistachio, whipped cream



Oven Roasted Crab and Artichoke Dip $18.00

Parmesan, sweet onion, toasted baguette

Oysters on the Half Shell $24.00

Bloody Mary cocktail sauce, mignonette, lemon

Country Fried Calamari $15.00

Artichoke hearts, mustard-garlic aioli, Bloody Mary cocktail sauce

Shrimp Cocktail $18.50

Poached prawns, spicy chili aioli, Bloody Mary cocktail sauce

Warm Brie with Macadamia Nut Crust $16.00

Orange-blossom honey, sliced apple, balsamic reduction, fruit compote

Tasting Trio $37.00

Oven Roasted Crab and Artichoke Dip, Seared Teriyaki Tenderloins, Coconut Shrimp

Spicy Seared Teriyaki Beef Tidbits $17.00

Sushi rice, spicy dried pineapple, togarashi sesame seeds

Coconut Shrimp $13.00

Cajun marmalade, trinity vegetables, crispy noodles


New England Clam Chowder $11.50

Artisan croutons, caramelized bacon and leeks, Italian parsley

French Onion Soup $11.50

House-made bone broth, caramelized onions, toasted baguette, Swiss and Parmesan cheese

Romaine Caesar $11.00

Asiago, artisan crouton, house-made dressing, lemon

Broadway Pea Salad $10.00

Water chestnuts, bacon, creamy white pepper dressing

Arugula with Roasted Butternut Squash $11.50

Goat cheese, pepitos, pomegranate ginger vinaigrette

Little Gem Wedge $12.50

Radish, bacon, blue cheese crumbles, tomato, house-made blue cheese dressing


Served with seasonal market vegetables and Jasmine Rice. Grilled, Baked, Pan Seared, Blackened

Coho Salmon $30.00

Mahi Mahi $31.00

Baja Striped Bass $35.00

Columbia River Steelhead $26.00

Top It Off

Lime Avocado Salsa $5.00

Scallop Apricot Chutney $9.00

Shrimp Scampi $7.00


Seafood Louie Salad $31.00

Grilled salmon, Dungeness crab, poached shrimp, asparagus, cucumber, hard-cooked egg, house-made 1000 Island dressing

Grilled Shrimp Scampi $26.00

Mashed potatoes, garlic butter, asparagus, beurre blanc, fried capers

Roasted Northern Atlantic Lobster Tails $62.00

Fingerling potatoes, market fresh vegetables, garlic butter, beurre blanc

Roasted Northern Atlantic Lobster Tailsalmond

Crusted Sea Scallops $36.00

Pan seared, asiago and almond crust, mashed potatoes, caramelized onions, asparagus, fire roasted red peppers, beurre blanc

Fish & Chips $20.00

Beer batter, French fries, house-made tartar, lemon

Asiago Crusted Sole $24.00

Pan seared, mashed potatoes, market fresh vegetables, beurre blanc

Asiago Crusted Sole $37.00

Grilled scallops, seasoned salmon and garlic shrimp, Yukon gold mashed, market fresh vegetables, beurre blanc

Grilled Salmon with Bourbon Apple Butter $33.00

Potato cakes with salmon and bacon, seasonal vegetables

Crab & Shrimp Fettucine $31.00

Garlic cream, white wine, clam broth, tomato, spinach, Parmesan

Crab Cake with Corn Succotash $32.00

Seared, sweet corn puree, buerre blanc, micro greens, Old Bay seasoning


Slow Roasted Herb Crusted Prime Rib 12 oz. $43.00 / 16 oz. $51.00

Yukon Gold mashed potatoes, creamed kale, au jus, spicy horseradish

Char-Grilled Chophouse Burger

Brioche Bun, hand formed seasoned beef, grilled onion, bacon, Cheddar, lettuce, tomato, house sauce. Add mushrooms $1.50. Gluten-free bun available $2.00

Oven-roasted Chicken Dijon $26.00

Asiago and panko crust, Yukon Gold mashed potatoes, wilted spinach, bacon leek relish

Grilled Pork Chop with Apricot Chutney $28.00

Juniper brined, fingerling potatoes, market fresh vegetables


Served with Yukon Gold pommes fondant, asparagus

Filet Mignon 7 oz. $45.00

Ribeye* 16 Oz. $57.00

American Wagyu Sirloin* 8 Oz. $39.50

Add A Classic to Your Steak:

North Atlantic Lobster & Beurre Blanc $26.00

Crab & Béarnaise $11.00

Asiago Crusted Scallops $14.00

Compound Butters $3.00

Steak-House, Leek and Blue Cheese, Caramelized Shallot and Roasted Garlic


Key Lime Pie $10.00

Nellie and Joe’s Famous Key Lime juice, graham cracker crust and whipped cream

Crème Brûlée $9.00

Rich vanilla custard with a caramelized sugar crust

Chef’s Seasonal Bread Pudding $10.00

Vanilla ice cream

NY Style Cheesecake $10.00

Graham cracker crunch, caramel sauce, strawberries, whipped cream

Molten Chocolate Cake $10.00

Raspberry coulis, fresh berries, pistachio, whipped cream


Monday – Thursday 3 pm-5 pm

Available in bar & lounge area only.

Not available during special events or holidays

BBQ Spiced Sweet Potato Fries $4

Sweet and spicy fries, mustard-garlic aioli dipping sauce

Mushroom Bruschetta $4

Roasted garlic puree, roasted and smoked mushrooms, arugula, Parmesan

Blistered Shishido Peppers $4

Sesame dressing, togarashi

Fried Brussels Sprouts $6

Honey butter, bacon bread crumbs

Prime Rib Tacos $6

Corn tortillas, avocado salsa, chipotle lime sour cream, lime (2ea)

Crispy Cauliflower $6

Salsa Verde, Tahini Aioli, Lemon Bloody Mary Cocktail Sauce

Gorgonzola Fries $8

Gorgonzola crumbles, cream Gorgonzola sauce, cracked black pepper

Crispy Fried Calamari $8

Artichoke hearts, mustard-garlic aioli, house-made cocktail sauce

Crispy Fried Oysters $8

Artichoke caper tartar sauce & Bloody Mary Cocktail sauce

Prime Rib Sliders $10

Gooey American cheese, caramelized onion, brioche bun (2ea)

Chilled Shrimp Cocktail $10

Wine poached, spicy chili aioli, Bloody Mary Cocktail sauce

Hot Crab and Artichoke Dip $10

Sweet onion, Parmesan, toasted baguette










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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

Courtesy of PNW Menus.  Menu items or prices are for informational purposes only and may not reflect recent changes.  Please contact the restaurant directly with any questions.  Menu outdated? Please email us a picture of an updated menu to

217 reviews for “Clinkerdagger

  1. Russ Ward

    Great food and exceptional service as always! Love it. A great spot for special occasions like anniversary dinner and birthday dinner. Also for just fantastic food.

  2. Back2Basics_Official

    I go here about once a year around Christmas time. Kinda pricey but worth it for a real nice dinner ($200 for 2 people)

  3. Gavin Garrett

    I Have been going to Clinks for special occasions sense I was a child and it is the best food and atmosphere in Spokane. I love it there

  4. Noah Seslar

    Always a great time. Excellent wait staff, beautiful decor. I found it a little weird that the tails are left on the shrimp in a pasta dish, but despite this difficulty it was delicious.

  5. David Mordue

    Great views, incredible seafood choices. Always a terrific meal here

  6. Casi Burgess

    Amazing, beautiful, and super interesting intimate place! Absolutely loved it, and the foooooood was amazinggggg, service was great & fast! Definitely want to go again next time I’m in the are.

  7. Antonio Aguilar

    Shout out to Jennifer for making it an awesome experience, the prime rib was stellar as was the lobster tail that was suggested by Jennifer!, My girlfriend loved the clam chowder aswell! I heavily suggest you stop here of you ever stroll through our city. Its a great location and an amazing dinner with a beautiful sunset by the water.

  8. Chloe Trowbridge

    FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC! The lobster tail was recommended to us by our lovely waitress Jennifer and it was the highlight of our meal. My partner got the prime rib cooked to perfection! Never had a better steak. And for me, I had the clam chowder. Took some home to enjoy it one more time 😛

  9. Brennan Sahagian

    Clinkerdagger has been a favorite restaurant of mine almost my entire life. My mom, dad, and myself worked there for many years and have seen many transitions with it. I still love it even though it is far too overpriced for the quality of food the kitchen puts out. It will always have a place in my heart though.

  10. Tony Pizzillo

    Used to be my favorite, but in serious decline. Expensive with the quality of a TV dinner.

  11. Michelle Hull

    The service, food, atmosphere, and view was absolutely amazing! It is worth the drive to the middle of Spokane. If you haven’t been here, you are honestly missing out. I can not compliment this place enough!

  12. Adrian yo

    I’m giving 5 stars based on environment, service and my wife’s salmon. My prime rib was prepared well just lacked any flavor, however I would definitely give them another try. The experience was great and price wasn’t as expensive as I thought it might be. Beer was great, they treated my family well and they really enjoyed the experience.

  13. Sandi Sannes

    We went here for my birthday tonight. I ordered Ribeye steak ($56), medium well. It was a frozen, very dried out steak that was very overcooked. It was less than a half inch thick and so tough I could hardly cut it. Another member of our party ordered the New York steak, medium. It too was flat, had been frozen and was very well done rather than medium. The prime rib was very good. The service was terrible. We had a 4:00 reservation so not too many people there. It took 20 minutes before our order was taken. Then an hour to get our food. The waiter never checked on our food. We had to track him down to get more water and wine. After we were finished (most of the food still remained on our plates), we couldn’t find any servers at all and waited another 40 minutes just to get our bill. Again we had to ask. It was a birthday celebration and the host greeted us with a happy birthday but our waiter said nothing. No dessert or dessert menus were offered. Our meals for 4 people and 2 glasses of wine was $250 not including tip. There are so many other places in Spokane to go for $250 and much better food and service. So disappointed.

  14. Julie Mattern

    We ordered the prime rib, it was delicious.

  15. Justin Frits

    Amazing service Nathan was great! Food was delicious. Generous portion sizing. Calamari was so tasty. As was the salmon blta, the Crab sandwich, and the mahi! Great atmosphere and Nathan’s service made it so much more enjoyable you can tell he loves his job!

  16. IPokedYou12

    Food was perfect and the waiter was excellent and welcoming

  17. Sean 509

    Great food, fantastic view and fun atmosphere. Great view of the river

  18. Joseph Kuhner

    What an amazing place! A piece of history sitting right on the river. This place has an ambience that you just can’t duplicate these days. The food was great, the staff was professional but friendly and the wine list was a mile long! If I had any gripe it would be the on tap beer list. There were enough beer offerings but they only had 3 available on tap. This is one of those places that is really an experience in itself.

  19. Danisha Noble

    I took my family to clink and daggers for my son’s birthdays who are 4 and 5 years old. When I made the reservation they asked if I had any special occasion and I shared that both of my sons had birthdays a year apart. While we were there they didn’t acknowledge that we were having a celebration but I heard my waitress acknowledged two ladies who were sitting behind us who were also celebrating their birthday. After that we were waiting about for food my kids started to get restless so I asked for my entrees to go. There were no issues with my kids food but me and my husband ordered Bolognese pasta dish. When we open the to-go boxes when we got home one of the orders was open and just smushed and put in there carelessly and my order only had two pieces of me and my husband’s had one small piece of me on top of that herb pasta was not cooked the pasta was extremely chewy and inedible I could not even finish my dish. The whole experience was extremely disappointed. My kids had the axe to go somewhere fancy for their birthday is and that’s what I picked and obviously I regret it. Had this been my first experience at that restaurant I would never never go there again. If you ever ordered takeout from there check your orders before you pay and before you leave.

  20. Troy McCollum

    Had lunch here for Valentine’s day. Got seated right overlooking the river. Amazing atmosphere. Very friendly service especially for being booked completely full. Might just be the best food in all of Spokane (my humble opinion), and portion sizes are larger than you would expect from a fancier establishment. Will definitely prioritize this restaurant for our special occasions.

  21. Madisen Ferguson

    Kinda felt bad for the employees if I’m being honest… They looked so stressed and overworked. Understaffed for sure. Took about 35 ish minutes for our appetizers to come out and by the time our entrees came out it was close to closing time. (Our reservation was at 6) our party definitely felt more uncomfortable than anything. We don’t like staying past close and creating more work for the employees. Overall the food was good. Only “complaint” really was it was a hefty price for some rather small lobster tails. Might come again when this pandemic is over and the understaffed issues resolves…

  22. Niki Jacob

    Last time we went everything was impeccable. Tonight not so much. Mostly disappointed in the prime rib. My husband ordered a prime rib medium rare and it was pretty much well done. When the server asked about how our food was and if temps were to our liking I said ish and pointed out his prime rib. She said yeah I know and left the table. Didn’t fix it or replace it. Still tipped her 20% on a $400 bill but wish it would’ve been handled better especially because it was my husbands birthday dinner. Oh well. I shared my medium rare filet mignon with him that was cooked nicely and that made up for it I guess.

  23. Mattias Vel Zandt

    Portions were a bit small for the price, but delicious we’ll prepared. The staff is very nice and the views of the falls make it well worth the trip. Even considering price, get the seafood. The Almond and Parmesean Crusted Scallops are recommended.

  24. Bryan Freed

    Great steaks with some serious horseradish mixture. Definitely worth trying! I’ll be back the next time I’m in town.

  25. Amanda Stone

    The food was amazing! The atmosphere was also amazing! The waiter was fun and quirky, but I felt some of his comments were a little rude. Also when we went there the restaurant was empty and they didn’t give us a good spot. Overall I was happy about the service. Staff could have been a little more attentive.

  26. Bobbi Jo

    I had the shrimp and scallop fedachini it was amazing … You do need to make reservations it is spendy but worth it … While this was still good but for the money I would go to Beverly’s or satay if you are going to spend that kind of money I prefer to spend it on a little better my shrimp was over cooked that being said the fedichini was very good and flavorful and the service was outstanding

  27. Hanne B

    We came for my Birthday week and it was also the start of restaurant week! The clam chowder was the best we have ever had, the prime rib incredible, and the cheese cake was wow! Our sever was friendly and we had a nice view of the river!!
    The pictures didn’t turn out great, but it is well worth going there!

  28. Randy Clarke

    Excellent prime rib and salmon! Service very professional, efficient and friendly.

  29. Steve Thompson

    Restaurant week….. the pea salad was amazing. Salmon and scallops cooked beautifully. Love the Brussel sprouts. The burnt cream had a nice flavor…. perfectly done! The executive chef should be proud.

  30. Petey G

    Had the best fish and chips I’ve ever had. castle themed decor. Friendly service.

  31. Ash

    We decided to try it out for restaurant week since it’s a Spokane staple. The space is large, though fairly crowded and very hot. The service was quite good for how busy they were. We both got the Caesar salad, which was extremely good – I’m a huge fan of excessive garlic and lemon in my Caesar dressing and this had both. I got the prime rib, rare; it was cooked perfectly and came with fresh horseradish hot enough to make me cry. My companion got the salmon and scallops, both of which were moist, flavorful, and well cooked. The star of the show was the dessert. I ordered the RW chocolate cake, but they were out and substituted their other (standard?) chocolate cake. It was absolutely incredible. I never want another dessert again. It’s super dark chocolate with a molten middle, extra rich, extra creamy, just delicious from top to bottom.

    There’s a reason the place is so well known and I’m excited to try the rest of their menu.

  32. G Kiser


  33. GO USA

    Amazing view of the river rapids! Beyond that things fell well short of what we anticipated. It started with substandard service. Our waitress ignored my young son. The clam chowder was far from one of the best in Spokane, google had that wrong. Little flavor was found with this dish. Crab artichoke dip was similar in regards to flavor. Bottom line for all that we heard about the restaurant, it failed to live up to its hype. At least they have the view.

  34. David Jessel

    Awesome service. Awesome food. Last night of restaurant week was GREAT!!

  35. mike myrick

    Best fish and chips I’ve ever had! Great view of the Spokane River too!

  36. Josh Gabert

    I came here with the idea that I wanted to prove that this place wasn’t as good as everyone said, but despite my conviction, I was proved wrong.

    Their Clam Chowder was amazing, Prime Rib cooked to perfection, and the Cheescake was to die for. On top of that, the service was top notch and truly showed a classy professionalism.

    Great food, service, and ambiance. Definitely a must go if you have not yet.

  37. Michael Kiter

    Great starters from the lobster bisque or french onion soup or one of their amazing salads. I do feel bad, though, because with such an amazing menu, we always end going for their rock salt crusted prime rib

  38. Michael Kiter

    We were very disappointed with our food on st paddy’s night. Steak was not ok. Fettuccine was dry. Normally very good food. We hope this was an anomaly.

  39. Jeanette

    We were very disappointed with our food on st paddy’s night. Steak was not ok. Fettuccine was dry. Normally very good food. We hope this was an anomaly.

  40. Jantzen Skelton

    The service was phenomenal and the food was absolutely divine! Overlooking the falls, the setting was perfect. Great for a night out with friends, family or a date!

  41. Lin Taylor

    The service staff were amazing. We are on vacation and accidentally made reservations for the wrong night but they found a way to make us a table! The food is top notch. We ordered the trio appetizer and all we can say is WOW! The seared teriyaki tips was out of this world. The view from the dining area overlookooks the waterfalls, very beautiful. The interior is also beautiful!

  42. Sabine Thomas

    We really looked forward to go to dinner tonight and we’re thoroughly disappointed. We had the shrimp cocktail, the shrimp were soft and dry (old). My main course was the filet and usually it melts in Your mouth but today it was chewy and tough. The mashed potato’s were soupy. I did like the creamed kale. That was about it. My husband had the prime rib and it was not up to par as it usually is. For desert we had the chocolate molten cake and even that was not what we are used to. I would have said something right away on all the courses but we were with company and I did not want to be “the one”. The service was good as always. All in all we were very disappointed and I hope I won’t get sick tonight.

  43. Sophia G

    Underwhelming and over priced. The food was bland, not properly cooked and expensive. super disappointed. Sadly my $30 steak at Outback the previous night was way better than the $60 filet I ordered. The staff was super nice so props to them.

  44. Haley Carpenter

    We’ve had a few really great experiences here but the last couple times have really disappointed us. Tonight we came in and waited an hour and a half for our food and one of our dishes wasn’t what we ordered, we didn’t say anything because we didn’t want to wait another hour for the right dish so we decided to try it and it was dry and over cooked. I didn’t want to complain because I knew our waiter was busy but it was horrible. For how much we spent it was not worth it. So disappointing.

  45. dao crosby

    Expensive but never disappoints

  46. Joyce J. Denny

    The experience was great and price wasn’t as expensive as I thought it might be. Beer was great, they treated my family well and they really enjoyed the experience.

  47. Clifford W. Erickson

    portion sizes are larger than you would expect from a fancier establishment. Will definitely prioritize this restaurant for our special occasions.

  48. Sonja Aletter

    As always, the experience was wonderful. The service is great and the food delicious. The atmosphere of the restaurant is very comfortable and homey. If you have been there yet, go check it out!

  49. Sheryl Traum, JD, Realtor

    Had a lovely lunch overlooking the beautiful Spokane River and Riverfront Park. Service was excellent, as well. Clinkerdagger never disappoints! (But, it is a bit pricey for my budget, so I tend to reserve it for specific occasions. )

  50. Rebecca Girdauckas

    A nice restaurant. Decent food, but not really worth the price they charge. They do make a killer lemon drop, though! Recommend calling ahead and make reservations to get good tables.

  51. Kase McMullen

    The aestetic was amazing! Absolutely in love with that. Staff was so friendly and helpful. Food was MEH! We got the Crab and Spinich dip to start, to me it tasted like tuna, but my freind enjoyed it. So I won’t knock it because of my taste buds. She got the Pork chop, and I got the halibut. The pork chop tasted great by itself, but the apricot topping tasted just like ketchup, like actual ketchup. The halibut was good, but the rice was dry and it just didn’t justify the extreme price tag of $46. We had to send back the green beans, and the margarita. The green beans were under cooked, and the margarita looked beautiful, but tasted like rubbing alcohol. Will most likely not come back, but like I said, the staff was amazing and made it nice.

  52. MaryAnne Winniford

    We sat in the bar, which is the only place you can get the happy hour deals, unfortunately. The drinks are reasonable and good quality: strong and big. The appetizers run from $4 up and are very good. Our server was wonderful fun and excellent.

  53. Aaron Graybill

    My Girlfriend and I went here today for the first time and it was one of the best dining experiences we have ever had! Our server Joe was absolutely amazing and was probably the best server I have ever encounter! The food was so amazing and so was the atmosphere and the view! Definitely the best restaurant in Spokane! Highly recommend!

  54. Rev. Steven Thiessen

    Just popped in with no reservation. Staff was eager to help. Got us seated at the bar. Staff were flying around in a very organized chicken with its head cut off. I was amazed at how they rocked it. Had the fish and chips, wife had clam chowder. Yummy. Will let our Canadian friends know about this place.

  55. Melody Green

    Stopped in on Friday afternoon to celebrate a few achievements. We had no reservation and were seated immediately.

    Started with the Sampler Trio, which included crab artichoke dip & bread, beef teriyaki bites with pineapple on rice, and coconut shrimp with a citrus dip with a bit of spice. Everything was delicious, but the crab & artichoke dip was our favorite.

    We both got the prime rib for our main course. It had a delicious, mild horseradish butter that was cut by the au jus. So if you’re not a fan of horseradish, definitely take advantage of that au jus. The combination of flavors is worth it.
    The sides:I love kale any day, but I know other people don’t. Whatever they did to the kale made it much more palatable for those pickier eaters. It was fabulous to me. And what can go wrong with creamy mashed potatoes? The 12oz cut was huge. They offer a 16oz cut. Our server boxed up half our meal to take home.

    We wrapped up with cheesecake for dessert. It came with caramel drizzle and some strawberries.

    I was not disappointed in this celebration dinner.

  56. Sharon Alfson

    My husband had a business dinner there earlier tonight, the meal at restaurant was good. He ordered the nut crusted brie & bread and a creme brulee to go for me… the boxes were packed neatly in bag but no bread, brie was puddled in bottom of box completely separate from nut crust and creme brulee was slopped in the bottom of too big container. Not impressed.

  57. Kelly Jones

    Disappointed. Butter on bread tastes of seafood, when I didn’t have any. Obviously cross contaminated. Au ju lacked any beef flavor. Too expensive for a bad meal.

  58. Nomes

    Great view of the river. Very cool vibe to the place. Amazing beer, wine, cocktail menu. I like the classic cocktails with a twist. The food menu was a bit limited, but that’s ok. Wasn’t super hungry just had the clam chowder. Was very good once I realized it was red because of the overhead lighting.

    Staff/service was 5 star for sure.

    Friday night, highly recommended reservations

  59. Heath B

    Steaks were perfecto, wine was on point, desert was just enough. Great service as well, manager stopped by to check in

  60. Jacquelyn Poe

    I have enjoyed going to Clinks a few times a year for the last 20 years. Unfortunately I went this weekend and it just isn’t the same. They changed their food and drink menu and the choices are not as good. The iconic pea salad doesn’t taste as good nor the crème brûlée. I ordered an old fashioned and the orange liquor was overpowering. The service, meh. Pretty bummed. I won’t be going back anytime soon.

  61. Desiree W

    Herb n soda cocktail was divine, calamari was great and the salmon BLT. I ordered the French onion soup as well, not as impressed but I am a hard critic for FO soup.

  62. David Parker

    Very good, nice. Fun place for dinner but seating is crowded. I think cook was too busy. Burned my steelhead salmon.

  63. Robert Campbell

    Samon wasnt cooked in the middle, asparagus was woody. They were out of what we wanted (halibut, rib eye, food cold. Drinks were good. Took for ever to get our order. Ordered desert took over 25 minutes.

  64. Crookedfly

    The service was very slow. It was an average wait time of an hour for anything we ordered. Then they didn’t have half of anything we wanted. The salmon was cold when it arrived. The asparagus was like celery consistency. The first time I had a bad experience, to the point I may not try it again.

  65. Jeannine Huffman

    What a huge disappointment. Used to live in Spokane and frequent it often. Went to eat there with 3 couples on Saturday night. The meals were cold for some and lukewarm for others. Apology from manager but no discount offered. The prime rib had so much fat on it. Salmon was overcooked and dried out. The key lime pie, my favorite was bland not tart as in years passed. Not going to spend a dinner there ever again. Waste of money.

  66. Bill Gowland

    I have heard mixed reviews from other locals, but our experience was top notch. We went during the week, got a seat overlooking the falls.

    Food was spectacular. Service was excellent. Made the day very special.

  67. Mechelle Smith

    Wait staff was great. I had fish and it was good. Loved the homemade tarter sauce!

  68. Angelique Fregoso

    Love this place good and service is always top shelf! Usually get the filet mignon but went for the steelhead based on servers recommendation and it did not disappoint! Go early and get a seat next to the fall’s for a spectacular view!

  69. Mark Webb

    Under cooked salmon is not cool. Asparagus burnt beyond recognition. Seafood fettuccine was fabulous.

  70. DIYCyberPunk

    Had some really delicious food, probably the best chicken I’ve ever eaten. Drinks were a little stiff, luckily I really like it that way 🙂 had a great business dinner, would highly recommend going here for the fancy occasion!

  71. Lynn F

    We arrived early. Busy night with graduations and Hamilton. We were seated at our reservation time. My nephew has glutin allergy and a male server from the bar made sure he had a buttered, toasted glutin free bun to eat with our crab dip appetizer while we had regular. Wish I could remember his name. Food was delicious and service great. We had a window so the view was amazing.

  72. Paula King

    Excellent meal, great steak! Friendly staff and good views. They messed up the kid meal twice but had a quick turn around time fixing it.

  73. Richard Bixby

    We snuck in under the wire for lunch (about 3 PM). Had a cozy table in the bar area. Rigatoni was scrumptious. Caesar salad with shrimp scampi was very good. Only question was whether the shrimp were for a shrimp cocktail. Still the food was fine. We’ve had a great time there whenever we stop in.

  74. Tawnya Becker

    Had a scallop plate with a nice cream sauce for dinner accompanied by a delightful summer drink that had the cutest edible micro orchids. I tried one and it was light and crunchy and had a slight cucumbery flavor!

  75. Pamela Messier

    Food was extremely salty.
    The waiter was slow and not very pleasant

  76. Taz

    Brie on the deck in the summer! Can’t beat it!

  77. Kim Fall

    Brought a client here for Dinner on a Saturday eve. It was busy, so we opted for the bar rather than wait for a table. It was a terrific experience. Bar tenders were very busy, but still engaging and made us a couple of drinks, their favs that met our described likes. Food was excellent. Great experience, truly reasonable pricing.

  78. Misty J

    The food didn’t taste any better than what we would have at Red Lobster or Olive Garden, except we paid a lot more for it. The sodas came in tiny glasses with lots of ice. My glass still had someone’s lipstick all over it. The table was wobbly. The food menu seemed pretty limited to me; the drinks menu was longer because of all the wines, so if you like wine, maybe you’ll enjoy this place more than we did. The view was kind of nice and the service was A+.

  79. Daniel Harris

    Guess I’m not used to fancy dining if that means small portions of food for an exorbitant price and noisy atmosphere.

  80. james sutton

    Outstanding service and food (save room for the key lime pie), and an awesome river view. Make sure to sit close enough to the windows to watch the marmot family by the water!

  81. Susie Wurth

    We came for dinner and enjoyed cocktails, the Trio tasting appetizer, and steaks/pork chops for dinner. It was all delicious and we well attended to by our server. We love the ambiance- and the view of SpokanE Falls was amazing.

  82. Colette Gjuka

    Really close to the best meal I have ever had. Everything was delicious and perfectly prepared. Do yourself a favor and have the Creme Brule for dessert. Georgeous views of the falls and outdoor seating available.

  83. Blaine Donaldson

    Sirloin was really tough. No staff asked about the quality of the food. Manager came and asked how everything was. I said a quiet ‘ok I guess’ He then walked away. Server did not ask about the food. The prime rib my wife had was excellent though

  84. Michael Edgar

    Expensive, but good fish and excellent view of the river and falls.

  85. Merle Craner

    Another top restaurant we should frequent more often. Ambiance, service and food are all top level. Price points remain lower than comparable restaurants.

  86. Nicole McCrea

    I don’t review normally but I think I need to at this point. We just are at your establishment for Father’s Day. The service was great and our server was wonderful. However, none of the food was good. My son had Prime Rib served cold as was his French onion soup. My husband has an wedge salad that wasn’t and he had commented that it tasted sour and didn’t finish it. He woke up this morning with most likely food poisoning and got sick. Pasta poor and the pork chops dry. Very disappointing will not be going back.

  87. Damon Delvechio

    Got what I wanted…Perfectly cooked steak. No photos, it was gone too fast.

  88. Joyce Ringue

    We had a beautiful day celebrating Father’s Day, and a graduation. This is a great place to enjoy a wonderful view of the river and riverfront area while enjoying a delicious dinner. Our table was out on the back side window with a view of it all, the staff was so awesome and gracious. The food was so delicious and the presatation great. We enjoyed our visit and want to say how much we enjoy our day!

  89. Judi Houghton-Agee

    My son-in-law planned a nice meal at Clinkerdagger after a ballet recital for a party of six seated (with children) at the waterfront. Five hours before the reservation, he called to add more people to our party. The host acknowledged “the restaurant can accommodate the party of eleven if we could come in at 8pm”.
    We showed up before 8pm and greeted by the host who recognized we had arrived and were waiting on another party to leave before our table was ready. The host came out three times making the same statement, ‘’ It is difficult to accommodate a large party in such a short notice’’.
    I had my suspicions he was fabricating the story as a party of nine walked in without delay and several parties came out of the restaurant. We were seated about 8:30pm.
    The host told our party that when the weather was good, the restaurant was booked solid every day of the week. I could not help noticing all the tables directly on the waterfront were empty the entire time we were at the restaurant, another fabrication by the host. We could have been seated at the waterfront with a wait.
    The wait staff were polite and accommodated the children of the party. The Shirley Temple’s took time to gather due to running out of lids for the drinks, beer and wine took a long time. After our orders were taken, our server came out to let us know they were out of bread and had to substitute with hamburger buns. It took almost an hour before dinner was served! One member of our party did not have her dinner as the chef forgot it…. I feel bad for our server who had to explain the issue, maybe the chef or host should have given the news.
    My potatoes were cold, scallops were hot (and delicious), and the asparagus was completely raw. The potatoes were bland and no salt on the table. One member of the party had the pasta took two bites. The pasta was dry and tasteless. My question, is there a real chef cooking? Or were they just holding the food, waiting, who knows? It was clear the food/order was sent out without first approval of a chef. Most of the food was wasted/left on the plate.
    When we left, all the doors were locked, we had to find an open door leading to the outside. I felt like our party was penalized for changing the reservation five hours in advance. Why tell someone to come in at 8pm, when the restaurant closes at 9pm during the weekdays.
    So the moral of our terrible time at Clinkerdagger’s: do not bring children, do not change reservations even though the host said they could accommodate, and bring salt.

  90. Peggy Wong

    If you can get a table on the patio you will get a great view. The food was decent, but presentation wasn’t what you would expect from this type of a restaurant. The service was good, but slow, maybe due to the kitchen.

  91. Courtney Kohler

    A memorable dinner for sure! Excellent food, service, and ambiance. The patio overlooking the river is incredible. Try to make a reservation with a patio request in advance as it’s the most desirable spot and books fast. Very high end experience!

  92. the raging foxy

    Lots of staff but service was slow took over an hour to receive food. My open faced crab artichoke sandwich was tasty but the bread was over toasted and difficult to chop through. Wine was nice and the views were excellent it was …okay

  93. Larry Schultz

    Food was excellent but the time to get it felt like forever. Seems to be a common issue these days.

  94. Karla Ohler

    View was amazing but sitting on the patio with no umbrella in 85+ degrees was unpleasant, asked for an umbrella but didn’t have enough. Took umbrella from his servers for another table. Silverware was so hot I got a blister on my finger from picking up. Invest in some umbrellas for your guests and servers. $9 for grilled chicken on my salad and it was thin and like shoe leather. Worst part was I commented to the manager about all of the above and got a shrug and blamed the kitchen for the chicken. Will not be back.

  95. Danielle Goddard

    We made a reservation and arrived early and saw there was space at the bar so we asked the guy at the host station if we could have a drink at the bar while we wait. He totally ignored what I asked and told us he’d try to get us seated at our table early. Meanwhile, two ladies who came in after us sat at the bar to wait for their reservation. The service was good once we were sat and the food and drinks were great. However, the small children crawling all over the booth right next to us wasn’t so great. At a fine dining establishment, it would be nice if there was some semblance of policing of obnoxious kids crawling all over the place and ruining the experience for adults trying to have a nice meal.

  96. melisa penkert

    Amazing food, amazing view, and amazing service! It’s a must when you’re in Spokane!

  97. Joseph Bailey

    Pricey food, with small portions (depending on what you order) but good quality and awesome atmosphere. View of the river from the outdoor patio. Oh and they are a bit pretentious so make a reservation.

  98. Jim_Theresa Allen

    Great service. Great atmosphere. Been dining here for over 30 years. However, the Prime Rib was juicy but a bit tough & fatty. It didn’t melt in your mouth like it used to. Underwhelmed and disappointed in the $50 steak but everything else was top notch.

  99. Tasha Young

    Visiting from out of town and had lunch today. The only reason to go here is the view of the water on the deck. We had the open faced crab sandwich and sole entree. The sandwich was basically just artichoke dip with melted cheese on toast and the sole was super thin and so crusted with crunchy cheese, I barely knew it was fish. I was surprised by the low quality seafood considering its pricey and “well-reviewed” for Spokane. Additionally the $4 iced tea was so weak it tasted like water.

    The owner replied with a link that doesn’t work to give feedback.

  100. Mollie Bivens

    Birthday celebration on the patio was fabulous. Our group of twelve got good service from Travis. We did drinks & appetizers, including the coconut shrimp, crab & artichoke dip (my personal fav), teriyaki steak bites which come with rice, scampi alfredo (definitely trying that next time), & baked brie (my friend tells me it didn’t have that moldy chalk flavor some do). Delightful & delish. Always enjoy Clinks & recommend it fir special occasions or a HH with girlfriends in the bar (the crab dip is a HH standard.

  101. Michele Parker

    What an absolutely wonderful dinner! I had a dear friend in town for an unexpected visit. Clinkerdagger Steak & fish house.

  102. Svetlana Ross

    Loved going out to eat at Clinkerdagger funky 70s decor, Was amazing our waiter was super helpful in Giving us great meal recommendations!!! Definitely will be back

  103. ImHighC

    Expensive but 100% worth it. Food is top of the line and atmosphere is amazing. Definitely recommend creme brulee.

  104. Shannon Macdonald

    Take the time to visit here. Amazing staff and ambiance. I ordered the cerviche shrimp and prime rib. Quality dining experience

  105. Eric Krage

    The atmosphere was good we sat in the bar area ordered steak and shrimp. The steak was over cooked and the service was rather poor for the price point.

  106. Paul Johnson

    Nice setting, easy to find, free parking and good seating. Menu has some nice selections but definitely could use an injection of creativity. Really enjoyed the nut crusted brie appetizer. The grilled lobster tail was over cooked. The beurre Blanc was missing chopped tarragon.

    Creme brulee was tasty but ordinary. Wine list was good but didn’t have many moderately priced options. For a restaurant the portrays itself as a seafood restaurant the selection of meat dishes was equal to that of seafood. Good news for meat lovers, but would have loved to see something beyond salmon, halibut, lobster, shrimp and scallops.

    A bit pricey but to be expected. Service was good overall, and our server let us relax and enjoy, attentive in just the right amount

  107. Hope Roszell

    Prime rib was too tough to cut…
    Replacement was better but still not
    the best. Margaritas were very good.

  108. Kelsey Gallagher

    Good food, good atmosphere, just slightly underwhelming with the quality but still good. A little loud. Definitely would still go back.

  109. Rich Huntsinger

    Nice food, scenery and service. But had to wait a while before we could eat. Brian was nice to drop the price of the salad

  110. Thomas Sullens

    My favorite place in Spokane. I always have a top notch dining experience.

  111. Timothy Vedder II

    Good was great. SERVICE was horrible. Waited over 10 minutes to have water and menus and that was only because I went up front and requested some service

  112. Anne Stewart

    We were there for our anniversary and treated very well (free dessert which was a surprise!). The baked Brie was wonderful! My boyfriend ordered the scallops. He was served 5 very small scallops and a small portion of the asparagus and potato side, definitely not enough to feel full. I had the salmon and shrimp Louie. The salmon was hot (served on the lettuce) with the rest of the salad around the plate. The shrimp was good. It was quite busy and a bit short staffed so not a place to eat if you have plans after your meal. The staff was incredibly friendly which was greatly appreciated! Three stars was very much based on the very small portion of scallops and the length of time between courses.

  113. Sheila Borst

    This is one of my favorite places. I switch up the main course every time. Their pea salad and clam chowder is famous though. Delicious!

  114. stephen engler

    Took so long to get order thought waitress forgot us. Good .. not above standard fare. Very pricey. Great views through windows

  115. Jason Reed

    The scallops sounded really good but they weren’t the best. Despite that the servers were excellent and the drinks, appetizers and sides were all excellent.

  116. Joss Delage

    Food is pretty good but rather pricy. It might be worth it if you secure a table with a view of the falls, not otherwise.

  117. Jen Dimov

    Fabulous experience all around. We made a reservation for five and apologetically arrived with seven, having acquired a few party crashers on the walk over; the extras were happy to go sit at the bar, of course, but the host was able to find us a larger table, which we were really grateful for. Everything looked amazing from where I was sitting, and everyone seems to have been really happy with their food. Personally, I ordered the shrimp Louie, which was excellent in every respect, well-balanced and correctly portioned and its warm parts perfectly cooked. As a denizen of the East Coast I’d never had one before, and I think it may displace the Cobb as my new favorite dinner salad.

  118. J R

    The location is mainly why this place was picked. So unless your seated outside or right by the window. Then it’s not worth being here. The staff is wonderful and we didn’t mind any waiting. The food is over priced for the portion sizes. The drinks are also over priced as well. Thankfully they bring bread (though late into being seated). The menu is very small. Guess I should have realized small menu small portions lol. Not a bad time but wouldn’t make this a regular place.

  119. Cortny Hawkins

    A little on the pricey side but I’ve never had a bad meal. Everything is always amazing! Super cool building, and really neat restaurant. I also love their Christmas set up… lol

  120. Heather Steinmiller

    You don’t come here for the food, you come for the incomparable view over the Spokane River. Not that the food is bad, it just didn’t make my tastebuds sing. Service is cheerful and friendly. The Olde Tyme atmosphere is pretty cool. It’s an institution in the area – food is good but there’s better to be had elsewhere. But that view is most definitely worth it!

  121. John McGregor

    I made reservations on a Thursday for lunch the next day and requested the corner window seat and champagne for our 33rd wedding anniversary. Upon arrival immediately taken to out table. Champagne poured order taken and arrived with perfect timing, amount and flavor. Our wait staff 3 of them was very attentive, engaging, and friendly. An amazing complementary piece of mocha pie was served and the event made perfect. We frequent the establishment about 2times per year and service is always 5 star. Thank you guys for a very nice lunch.

  122. D RW

    Really not sure how this place has 4.5 stars. I give the view and patio 4.5 stars and that’s about it. I was so disappointed with the food. The service was good, my waitress was friendly and on top of it but wow that food was pretty sad. My boyfriend paid $50 for prime rib and I got mahi mahi. My fish was so dry I could barely chew it. The side dish positions were so small for the both of us, you’d think for the prices they would be more generous with the servings. This place is overpriced for subpar food. I would only recommend if you’re having drinks and small plates. Even then, way over priced and mediocre quality.

  123. Scott Ellsworth

    Went there last night for our 16th wedding anniversary. My wife got the steak and i got the shrimp scampi. It was 85 degrees in the dinning room at our table. Way to hot. Ordered some drinks and while very good not worth 15$ a glass. My glass was only a little over half full to top it off. While my wife said her meal was great, mine was probably the worse meal I have ever had. The shrimp were cold and Garlic… much Garlic. I love Garlic, but as a spice/ingredient. The Mash potatoes must have had a gallon of butter and 14 cloves of Garlic to 1 Potatoe. The asparagus was soggy and again dripping in butter. Absolutely no taste to my meal but Garlic and butter. 5 shirmp about 1.5 cups of potatoes and maybe 10 very small asparagus for $25. Not worth it at all. The Caesar salad was great. Service was great. Food, cost and environment…not so much. Also took over 1 hour to get our meal…another 15 min to take our order and almost 15 min to get our check. Over 1.5 hours. Need to speed things up !!

  124. Tena Storgaard

    What a great place to eat dinner! We sat outside even though it was a very warm day. The wait staff was excellent, moving umbrellas as the sun was moving. Everyone’s meal was delicious. I had the porkchop dinner!! Delicious! Definitely recommend this place

  125. Sue Gilchrist

    Wonderful table with a beautiful view of the Spokane River! Service was good, food was excellent, drinks were fabulous! This is a tip-top restaurant!

  126. Max Maier

    Amazing food. Huge (small plates)

  127. Valeria Valiente

    Great atmosphere and location. Love the views of the Spokane River. Perfect restaurant for a date, to impress guests or just for fun.

  128. Alyssa Poletti

    Overall, an underwhelming experience. We ordered the prime rib and the shrimp scampi. The prime rib was okay but overpriced. My cut was very fatty which made it difficult to enjoy the herb crust. The mashed potatoes for both dishes were oversalted. The cream kale was gross – and I usually love kale. The shrimp scampi was bland and dry. Maybe would have been acceptable if the food was significantly cheaper. I likely will not return or recommend. The lemonade and service was good.

  129. Linda N

    unquestionably worth the hype.

    salmon was perfectly tender. I forgot to ask for dressing on the side but my salad was perfectly dressed anyway. I usually feel the need to add salt to everything when I eat out, but didn’t need to here.

  130. Brad Fuller

    One of the Best Ribeyes and Blackened Coho Salmon I have ever eaten. Ranks as one of the best meals ever eaten. I’ve been a airline employee and have eaten worldwide.

  131. iamlucky20

    Out looking over the water, great food and awesome drinks

  132. Eli Marlowe

    I attended a wedding here and it was an absolutely fantastic experience. Not only was the area downstairs nice and cool on a hot day, it had a funky vibe, like a trip back in time. and I highly recommend it if you are in the mood to get married. The food that was served buffet-style was delicious. As for the actual restaurant with that you can just show up and dine at, I can’t say much.

  133. Beth Peralta

    Great view and ambience. Really like the seasonal menu options. Highly recommend the salmon and halibut.

  134. Jennifer Grant

    Small uninspired lunch offerings that relied on French fries to fill the plate. I guess with COVID shortages they have had to slim down the menu offerings and variety. Beautiful view of the river.

  135. David Kusel

    wonderful romantic views on the patio. Had our honeymoon dinner here, The chef’s choice in fish was excellent, our prime rib was cooked perfectly. Could not have asked for a more perfect dinner experience. you can come here for informal meetings or the holiest most important night of your life, it suits all. Great atmosphere!

    Went back 2 years later, still great food. Even though we had a little problem this time the staff wasore than willing to make it right for us, and even got us an extra desert to make up for it.

  136. Snowflake_Ilove

    This place is wonderful. Good scenic view of the river, amazing steak, and great service overall. We had a great time here. Would definitely recommend to anyone in search of good food and good times.


  137. Sean pennekamp

    So I have been here multiple times and it seems to be hit and miss. Sometimes it’s great but other times they are just off their game which for the money is not worth it. The servers have always been great but when you get a filet mignon medium rare and it chews back something isn’t right.

  138. Lori H

    Great view, food and experience.

  139. Paul Mcnutt

    The food was great, the service was better. My steak was cooked perfect.

  140. Gary Stipe

    Good food good times

  141. Chuck Riggs

    OMG The best pork chop I’ve ever had! So good a shared it to show people!

  142. Ernie Clark

    Overpriced for what you get. And if you make reservations, you’re probably gonna wind up crammed in a corner and ignored the entire time you’re there

  143. Dora Scott

    It was horrible! We had two drinks and they cut us off because we were singing happy birthday. However, the table by us were also singing and they didn’t get cut off. The fish was burned. I won’t go there ever again!

  144. Anton Henry

    My wife and I had such a great experience here. Our server, I believe his name was Adolfson, was outstanding. He answered every question we had and gave excellent recommendations. We had the coconut shrimp as an appetizer which was amazing. Salmon and Wagyu sirloin were incredible. Definitely recommended for anyone looking for a great environment, great food and great service. Thank you Clinkerdagger and Adolfson!!

  145. Nathan Stone

    Fantastic through and through.

  146. Sam Flowers

    Great food, great service and loved the atmosphere. Will be back again!

  147. Kelly Shaw

    We came here for our 4th anniversary and it was awesome. The wine was good and reasonably priced. The appetizers were fantastic. We split a crusted Halibut. Perfect meal and staff was great. A big bonus was the free desert they gave us for our anniversary.

  148. Mike Bradley

    My wife and I went here for our anniversary and I had the ribeye and lobster tail and I think she had a parmesan chicken. Everything was so amazing from the food to the drinks and a free dessert. The service was top notch as well. So we decided to go there for my Son’s birthday and it was a disaster. Party of eight and the service was awful, it took almost 2 hours to get are food, no refills were offered and when the food finally came some of it was cold. All of this to get a astronomical bill. I was actually bragging to my family that was from out of town about how good this place was. We will be going somewhere else on our next special occasion. For how much they charge it should be like our first experience every time! We were very irritated and disappointed at the same time. Good luck! I guess it is hit and miss.

  149. Wendy Whitaker

    Came for a birthday celebration. Great atmosphere on the deck and wonderful service. Delicious food and drinks. They even gave the birthday girl a free slice of mocha creme pie. Definitely our go to birthday place!

  150. Michael

    It’s a cool place for a date or a dinner with family and friends. It can be a bit hectic, make reservations. The service was good and the food was pretty great. The only complaint I have is that I asked for medium rare, and my prime rib was pretty much raw. I’ve been a chef and worked in the Industry for 15+ years. I know raw vs rare. With that said… I ate it anyway lol. And it was still good to me.. maybe not someone else. I didn’t ask the waiter to fix the issue he was really busy and I didn’t want to be a pain, so it’s my bad anyway. Everyone else’s plates looked good. Fun place, I recommend.

  151. Mitchell Cunningham

    It was descent very cool environment. Could use a little more open space. Seating was close quarters and crowded

  152. Napk1nz “Napk1nz”

    Excellent atmosphere, tucked out of the way and food is excellent here.

  153. Don Eriksen

    Great service as the open face crab and avocado sandwich was excellent

  154. Kathy Miller

    Had an amazing view of the Spokane River, bread w garlic butter was amazing, oysters on half shell came out quickly. We tried the spicy prickly pear margaritas and a bright watermelon basil vodka based ‘ soda ‘. Had the seasonal Arugula and berry salad. All starters presented and tasted very well. Ordered prime rib and filet mignon, this place knows how to do a medium rare PR and a 145 degree FM, kudos to the chef and waitstaff!

  155. Samantha Turnbull

    So it has a great view, absolutely stunning. The interior ambiance is warm and inviting. The drinks are great, the service is great, the appetizers are great. So why the 3 stars? The lobster tail was raw in the middle, the food was bland, and honestly for the price I was under impressed. I mean it boasts high-end but really it was just high price.

  156. Fred Hines

    Amazing atmosphere and food.

  157. Joni Cornell

    Not very handicap accessible. But food good, service great

  158. Jake Browne MFP Real Estate

    Being a Real Estate Broker in Spokane sure has its benefits! We are spoiled with excellent cuisine at affordable prices. Last night, the in laws and I were able to enjoy a nice Clinkerdagger experience! Not only was the food incredible (my wife got the Salmon with Pistachio Pesto and I got the Almond Crusted Sea Scallops) but the service was top notch! Nate was our server and made sure all our needs were met, and for a party of 8 he outdid himself! Needless to say we will be back as this is on of our favorite restaurants in Spokane!

  159. Scott Poe

    This used to be our go to place for special occasions and fine dining, emphasis on used to. The food has gone from outstanding to mediocre at best, the service went from amazing to nothing to take note of, and the furnishings are old and tired. The booth seat was broken, the glasses kept trying to slide off the table and the atmosphere was not as nice as it used to be. My steak was just another steak I could have had at any restaurant (for about 30% less than I paid at Clinkerdaggers), my daughter’s pasta was dried out and the prawns were rubbery and overcooked, and my wife’s scallops were the size of quarters, with only 3. Also my wife can’t eat potatoes, so she asked for a substitute. Was given plain dry pasta at first. Then they added a bit of garlic butter when asked. Spent almost two hours there, not by choice. This was with a reservation. Very disappointed. We are now done with Clinkerdaggers. Never again.

  160. Elizabeth James

    We had a reservation but still waited quite a while. Our waitress was really nice but kind of hard to find when my friend wanted more bread. The food was delicious but not very warm. The asiago crusted sole with beurre blanc was amazing! The drinks were yummy and strong! The view was gorgeous. Free parking.

  161. Robert Gagnon

    Scenery, staff, and atmosphere were nice. The food could have been better.

  162. Jason McGary

    Great view, hard working staff, eclectic decor. Good: calamari, crème brûlée, prime rib, fries, French onion soup. Bad: Sautéed veggies were raw, cheesecake was frozen in the middle, limited menu, the meal took over 2 hours. We’ll keep looking for a favorite place.

  163. AB T

    Amazing restaurant location and service. If you get an outdoor table, you can see the river and the upper falls. The biggest disappointment was the food. I picked the fish of the day which was halibut fish. The fish was so salty that i had a hard time finishing the food. The veggies and rice where season to perfection. The cheesecake was a disappointment as well. I had better cheesecake from supermarkets. Whats the point to give out a big peace of cake if the flavors are off. Anyway, 1st time to this restaurant but i will not be back.

  164. julia bicknell

    Good food. Steak was cooked to perfection. Service was very good despite it being busy. And it is a good location with outdoor dining on the verandah.

  165. Ellwood O'Dell

    The food was fantastic, the staff was incredibly friendly and the atmosphere tied it all in.
    Next time though, please don’t let the kids that absolutely reek of bong water and body odor in. They really messed things up. Them kids were the only thing wrong. Had to skip dessert because their stench was incredibly over powering.

  166. Alice Foust

    What a nice place while on vacation. Great scene from window a bonus.

  167. Ann Lauritsen

    U can always count on this place

  168. Kalli

    I’m a mashed potathoe for their mashed potatoes

  169. Josie Wright

    We ate way too much, so good, delicious cocktails

  170. Janis Barton

    Had not visited in some time. Love eating with the view of the water.
    Great service, fantastic appetizer, main course, dessert and wine.
    All made for an enjoyable dining experience!

  171. Andrew Kaplan

    Absolutely the best prime rib

  172. Ashley Thomas

    10/29/2022 @7:00pm
    My husband and I came to Spokane to stay at the Davenport for our one year anniversary. Our plans for another restaurant fell through. So we looked up “restaurants” near us, and we agreed on Clinkerdagger.
    I’ll admit I was skeptical at first cause I know we didn’t have reservations and I hate sitting in bars (my husband loves it). Well it was buzzing and we ended up in the bar… ugh
    But the atmosphere was “modern black sails” vibe… super cool
    Our waitress, Lori, went above and beyond cause it was quite the wait for food. She even offered me free soup which was super nice but I declined. She made sure food was consistently coming such as bread, soup, appetizers and then finally our meals. She’s a keeper! She was swamped and did the best she could.
    The bartenders were on top their game! And made me a drink he hasn’t heard of so bravo!
    Employees were great! Only complaint is bread is pretty salty and restaurant needs to be bigger!

  173. Corrie Kinman

    Clinkerdagger is a cool, cozy restaurant; however, we left disappointed with our waiter and the food. The waiter was friendly at our table, but he left quickly every time like he was rushed – my husband had to ask 4 times for his soda. The spicy margarita tasted like a virgin drink, so I tried again with the diamond margarita. It was better. I ordered the halibut with shrimp scampi, and my husband ordered the 9 oz filet. My plate arrived without the scampi, and my husband’s filet had gristle in it. They did bring the scampi out later.
    The waiter let us know that the manager (I think) wanted to comp our dessert, and that was very nice. We appreciated his kind gesture very much.

  174. Angela

    The food was good. The ambiance is interesting. Didn’t get a view table so hard to think of anything that makes this place particularly special. Service was ok.

  175. Badar Manzar

    The restaurant has a wonderful view of the falls in Spokane. Our scallops were prepared to perfections and so tasty. The pea salad was a treat. Dessert Creme Brulee was excellent. Our waiter Rob, was on top of everything, service great and he took the time to explain the menu and his personality was great. Hope to visit again.

  176. Suzanne Pullman

    Food was great!

  177. Rick Heimbaugh

    Great menu selection…the steaks were cooked as ordered

  178. Jeremy Shultz

    The atmosphere of the place was great but my and my work buddies food left some to be desired. The fish and shrimp were overcooked and the veggies undercooked. I expected more for the price.

  179. Jana Castelan

    Outstanding food, service and crafted cocktails. The atmosphere is incredible. View and lighting very romantic.

  180. Michelle LeBret

    They have a great variety. Also if everything was fresh.

  181. Chris Pfaff

    Great food and great hosts

  182. Joel R

    Phenomenal meal Amazing staff it was a magical time

  183. Chester Longbottom

    This is strange to even say but their cocktail sauce is incredible. I typically don’t even use cocktail sauce for oysters… Good wine selection and excellent service. The prime rib was delicious. It makes sense that it’s they’re specialty. Location is so cool. The view outside is beautiful even on a cloudy day.

  184. Shari Pratt

    The quality of food I got was at bar level way too expensive the service really sucked lipstick on my glass my silverware was dirty

  185. Aaron

    Good food good service clean

  186. Curtis C

    Our 1st time eating there. Food was amazing. Service was top notch. Felt like we the only 2 people there. Family friendly too. ( If they have manner’s! LOL)

  187. Perry Wise

    It was great we love this place amazing prime rib great dessert

  188. Anna Gibson

    My dinner was so disgusting! Nothing was fresh. Never again will I return.

  189. Lane Bos

    Amazing service , food was phenomenal. Every aspect of the dinner was perfect for the Birthday dinner. Never disappoint!!!

  190. Cheryl Lartigau

    I’m from out of state and I’ve eaten there twice. I’m going back for Thanksgiving dinner.

  191. Traci Walker

    So amazing. Such a romantic place especially during cold winter nights. Great everything..

  192. Kena Young

    We have been going to Clingerdaggers since we were in high school
    Grew up together since we were 10 and 13
    Married for 18 yrs now
    Celebrated Bday
    We always get prime rib and lobster
    Good wine selection
    Service aw we awesome

  193. Chelsey C.

    Wonderful food & the atmosphere is romantic! Great service and pricing is justifiable!

  194. laura wilson

    Food was great!

  195. foridul islam

    Came in with a party of four to celebrate a special event. Atmosphere was excellent with beautiful decor highlighting the season. Pros: atmosphere, decor and location. Cons: booth was very uncomfortable, seats were too low and too far away from the table – would definitely ask for chairs next time, table was leaning to the right so much so that our drinks ‘literally’ slid sideways. Ordered: Louis salad – massive amount of iceberg lettuce, came with two eggs, some crab, salmon, artichoke, asparagus, etc – for the cost, I would not get this again. Seafood trio was very good, salmon meal included excellent salmon and sauce but potatoes were undercooked. Moscow Mules were average. Overall a bit disappointed but would likely try the restaurant again.

  196. Vicki Dodson

    We had a wonderful time. My best friend and I were dealing with some really hard emotional events and our waitress was so kind and patient. She never knew if we were laughing or crying when she checked on us. Thank you

  197. Corrie Macallister

    Fav restaurant in spokane! Best prime rib and amazing crème Brule.

  198. Margaret Ferrell

    Always amazing experience

  199. Eric Owens

    Staple in Spokane for sure! 4 people for dinner. 6 drinks… no appetizers. With a very well deserved tip 400$. Just FYI.

  200. stefani capi

    First time coming to Clinkerdagger and it did not disappoint! I ordered the oven-roasted chicken dijon, it was really good! The chicken was juicy and crispy. I also ordered a #vacation, delicious drink I loved it. I definitely recommend this place.

  201. J. Joelie

    Great place to dine!

  202. Sam Mulholland

    Great food, staff was helpful and friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Great spot

  203. Bethany Sandberg

    We dined here for the first time. Staff was very pleasant and was accurate regarding wait time for a table. We did have an unfortunate accident where food was spilled on us. The staff went above and beyond to make up for their mistake. We appreciated the excellent service. The great food we got just seemed a bonus after the special treatment. Not only will we be back, we highly recommend.

  204. Ken Smith

    Reservations at 6PM party of 8 (6 adults 2 small kids)…. we were on time. Ordered appetizers and meals shortly after being seated. Wednesday, not too busy with patrons. Appetizers took awhile, meals arrived at the table 7:50 PM. Yes, it took that long to get our orders served. Food was ok….. Not in a hurry to go back.

  205. James Dorr

    Loved the drinks, appetizers, and atmosphere! Good prices, too

  206. Robin D

    Went for an anniversary lunch. No parking lot, really. It looked like there was one close by, but it was full. Parked at the park, paid, and walked. It was about 10 degrees out, but we didn’t mind since it was a quick walk. Food was good, but not amazing. For those prices, I expected much better. My husband ordered a steak. It was small for $32. He thinks that if we are going to a fancy place and he gets a steak, it should cut with a buttter knife. He said it was tough. My shrimp scampi came with 6 shrimp stuck in mashed potatoes. The apps were probably the best….crab and artichoke dip and calamari. Probably would try another place before coming back. Service was fantastic, even though they were busy.

  207. Adrienne Cook

    Busy place during holidays despite the sloppy weather. Erin our waitress was fantastic but I had to wait quite a while for my main meal. Food was delicious and artistically displayed on the plate. Portion size was perfect so there was room for dessert! Gluten free options were available as were substitutions.
    Beautiful views of the Falls and cozy atmosphere.

  208. Maria Leyva

    We will definitely return. My husband had prime rib and I had seafood trio. We both tried the nonalcoholic drinks “shrub” and “ginger.” Great place, great service, great food.

  209. Amit Arora

    Amazing ambiance and great food

  210. Devon Demetre

    So disappointed. Daughter had pasta with white sauce, looked like it was under a heat lamp for 20 min. My salmon was okay but fish cakes with dish were so dry i did not eat them and veggies were overcooked. At this price point food should be good to excellent. Service was good and young lady very pleasant. Never gonna eat here again, did not realize it was a corporate place which is why it tasted like food service type food. Applebees would have been better for a third the price

  211. Safina LeClair

    Had an absolutely wonderful experience at this restaurant! we ordered some really great food, had wonderful drinks! Over all a fantastic environment. One of our items wasn’t cooked to our liking and they did everything to make sure that we were comfortable and had our entree in time. Thank you!

  212. Derek Torgerson

    Drinks, food, Service, all five star. Bench was uncomfortable, well get a table with chairs next time, but worth it. Take your time and enjoy. Timing between plates was perfect.

  213. Michael Hirschberg

    A bit underwhelming.

  214. Robert Leyva

    Clinker, Clinker, Clinker.! You need to go and experience this place. The building it is housed in is historical and magnificent! It had other businesses there in site as well. But pictures just won’t do. You need to go at least once and live a little.

  215. Irene Cordeiro

    Stunning view, amazing ambiance and good food and costumer service. Perfect spot.

  216. Ray Brown

    Best food I’ve ever had

  217. arekeweled

    Nothing special

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