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Harbin Dumplings

Chinese Dumpling Restaurant in Anacortes, WA






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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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26 reviews for “Harbin Dumplings

  1. Dorette P.

    Best dumplings I’ve had in the Washington state. It’s just DELICIOUS. Could not be more fresh and tastier. We will come back to the city just for this dumplings. MUST try

  2. Ritika Rahate

    These are the best dumplings I have had. The owner of the food truck was lovely and got a lot of joy feeding her customers. The dumplings are handmade, fresh and delicious. We will definitely drive 1.5 hrs to come eat here again

  3. christophe touret

    Excellent Chinese food, freshly made dumplings and buns. We kept ordering again and again. Coming from the east coast, we really had hard time finding authentic north east chinese food in Seattle, and we finely found it !

  4. Adam Baldwin

    I watched the owner hand make a dozen dumplings from scratch for me and I will say they are right up there with some of the fancy restaurants like Din Tai Fung!! It will certainly be my new favorite lunch spot!

  5. Jack Zhang

    One the most authentic and delicious North Chinese Style Dumplings in the state of Washington. I’d happy to drive 1hour for it! 5 stars for SURE!!!

  6. lee gilford

    These are unquestionably the best dumplings within 75 miles in any direction. The noodles and meat pies were incredible, but the dumplings are something else.
    I’ve had soup dumplings that weren’t this juicy. Fresh, local ingredients and pleasant staff.
    If you’re within 20 miles of this stand, you will not get a more authentic Chinese experience outside of the ID in Seattle

  7. Kevin Clark

    Incredible dumplings. Incredible chili sauce. A must stop in Anacortes.

  8. Bryan Klein

    Excellent dumplings and Bao Zi (steamed buns filled with savory meat mixture). A local treat close to the Marina. Thank you Shuli! 😊

  9. Tony Nguyen

    Only in town for a short time and wanted to try something different and extremely happy with picking this place! We tried the dumplings, meat buns, and fried noodles and it was all fantastic! I don’t think we’ve had had better dumplings, the meat buns were so juicy I thought I was eating an oversized soup dumpling, and I’m pretty sure the fried noodles were hand spun noodles! The sauce that came with the meal was great and you could either choose spicy or regular and it paired well with everything on the menu.

  10. Eric Crockett

    Excellent hand-made dumplings, and friendly staff. Highly recommend. We had the bao zi, pot stickers, and fried noodles. I would order any of it again, but the hand-cut noodles (yes, from a food truck!) were my favorite.

  11. Inna T

    You guys. Don’t do it. It’s 13$ for a dozen of dumplings. First impression is, ok these dumplings are overpriced but I’m guessing that they are hand made and authentic. WRONG 😂 try store bought frozen dumplings. I was waiting for my order and saw how the lady reached into the freezer and pulled out a store bought frozen dumplings bag that you can get at the Safeway across the street for 5$ 😭. The dumplings were boiled in water that wasn’t even salted and the final order was a glob of dumplings with some of the salt less water in the container.

  12. Jay Labrosse

    I’ve wanted to try this place for a while now and I really wanted to like it….but . There were no dumplings on the menu the day I went so I thought I’d try the fried noodles ..thats it no descriptive words like beef or pork or… lol ! So I got my ” fried ” noodles and it was really soupy for what I was expecting and the presentation left a lot to be desired. There was little to no flavors to be had as well . Bland soupy noodles . Maybe I’ll try again looks like they got a new truck and might be working the bugs out ? Sorry not trying to be rude this was just my experience.

  13. Sev Roberts

    Some of the best takeout I have ever had. The potstickers and meat pies are just unbeatable. Coupled with their house sauce, nothing in this town compares. I woke up the next day after eating here and sighed, because I really wanted more.

  14. AM

    I tried the pot stickers for the first time yesterday and they were so delicious I ate 10 out of 12 in one sitting😂 they are so good in fact that I’m on my way now to pick up another dozen!!! Yum yum 😋

  15. Aiden Gu

    One of the few authentic Harbin dumpling places probably in the whole northwest area. Handmade & homemade dumplings and Bings are definitely must-try! As someone from Harbin, I give this place a solid 6-star, 5 for the food and and one extra star for the lovely Harbin auntie and her husband!

  16. Mark Scully

    The pork meat pies were amazing and the pork pot stickers were phenomenal. I will eat here anytime I’m in Anacortes.

  17. Perry Wollam

    First time there. We had the pot stickers and meat pies. Absolutely great. We took them home…a little messy to eat in the car. Can’t wait to try the remaining menu.

  18. Sean Wu

    We got the fried dumplings, meat pies, and fried noodles. Everything was amazing! If you’re looking for a place that tastes exactly like an authentic food stall in China, this is the place to go.

  19. hannah halbrooks

    This was the BEST Dim Sum I have EVER had. We order potstickers, dumplings, and fried noodles. They were all amazing. We received such wonderful service and our food came out extremely fast considering the noodles are hand rolled and it was only 1 person working. Can’t rave about this place enough and easily receives a 5 star rating.

  20. C Thompson

    I ordered the seoi gaau (potstickers) and they asked if I wanted the regular or spicy sauce. I got both and the sauces are excellently made and they compliment the food well with their flavors. The potstickers had a wonderfully thin wrapper and the filling burst with flavor as I bit into it as it dribbled liquid down from it. I knew, I hadn’t had Chinese food like this state side in… Well ever.

    I for one next time in town will be trying more of your menu. Those were worth the $14 for the dozen. Thank you for the food.

  21. Mandy Hung

    No steam bun( bao zi) today, the price has gone up a little $14 for dumplings.
    Still can’t wait to try homemade dumplings. ☺️

  22. Raven J.

    oh my god! It tasted like dumplings from home. 家里的味道!Come and try them! There are picnic tables in the parking lot within steps from their food truck – easy to eat them right away!

  23. Jinzheng Li (Jin)

    Great dumplings and meat pies! The filling was very tasty. The owner is also super nice!

  24. Walter W

    Incredible soup dumplings and gyoza. Try it and you won’t be disappointed.

  25. David Steinglass

    Our family lived in Hong Kong for three years a decade ago. We traveled extensively in Mainland China while we were in the region. In other words, we have had authentic, excellent Chinese food – including dumplings from Northern China. These dumplings were that good. Really. Our Mandarin has grown quite stale but was revived by the taste of these terrific dumplings. A 10 of 10.

  26. Di Ye

    The handmade dumplings, noodles, and meat pies are so good – such a pleasant surprise to discover in this town. Authentic northern Chinese dumpling skills, absolutely satisfying for our picky taste buds. Our dog loves it a great deal! We also loved the food so much that we ordered 12 pies to bring back for our friends in Seattle. The owners really rejoice in providing an enjoyable food experience for others – great service, they are so kind and hospitable!

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