12722 SE 312th St H, Auburn, WA 98092




8:00 am – 4:00 pm


8:00 am – 4:00 pm


8:00 am – 4:00 pm


8:00 am – 4:00 pm


9:00 am – 5:00 pm


9:00 am – 5:00 pm

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Lezzet Brunch

Lezzet Brunch Menu

Menu current as of 5/3/2024

Kahvalti Plate $19.00

Menemen $14.00

Sucuk Omelet $15.00

Mushroom Omelet $14.00

Avocado Toast $10.00

Bagel & Lox $12.00

GF Waffle 12.00

Very Berry Pancake $14.00

Mini Pancakes $13.00

Sucuk & Egg Pide Flatbread $15.00

Chicken Pide Flatbread $14.00

Veggie Pide Flatbread $12.00

Beef Manti $16.00

Cheese Manti $14.00

Chicken Pita Wrap $10.00

Chicken & Rice Bowl $17.00

Grilled Veggie Salad $14.00

Seasonal Fruit Salad $14.00

Soup of the Day $6.00

32 reviews for “Lezzet Brunch

  1. Dalton L'Heureux

    Loved it! Great creative menu with good prices and plenty of reasons to go back. One complaint is that the dining area was more than a bit loud. Could use some noise dampeners on the walls and ceilings.

  2. Artur Kaminskii

    I thought hamlet is easy and can’t surprise me, but here i said “wow, that is amazingly delicious” no joking. this place is really nice

  3. Fatima M

    I loved this place, it’s such a cozy place, perfect for breakfast and brunch. everything is quite fresh and very tasty and the prices are good thanks for providing a place with such amazing tasty dishes and excellent coffee. You can even drive just for a delicious cup of coffee on such cold days

  4. Tiana Goode

    EVERYTHING I TRIED WAS PHENOMENAL! The atmosphere is clean, food is flavorful & fresh. Their lattes are delicious. 10/10 recommend.

  5. Karrar Alshaeer

    The best Turkish branch ever, it just reminded me of Turkey. Great customer service, they are very kind and friendly. Their food is really good.

  6. Yasir Shnain

    Nice place with good food.

  7. Walid Farhoud

    I drove from Edmonds to experience this restaurant. The food was great, the coffee was delicious and the service was provided in the most warm and professional. I felt I was dining at a Turkish friend’s house.
    Good luck and I will invite all my friends yo have the same experience.

  8. Masha Oreshkin Washington

    Absolute gem of a place. Finally got to try it today and I was smiling with every bite. It was a wonderful experience.

  9. Mohamud Adan

    I absolutely recommend this restaurant. The food and the service is unmatched.

  10. Zeynep

    I love the food it is really nice the customer service is really good it is a really nice place pretty quiet area and if you haven’t tried it you should try it😋

  11. Aysel Aydinova

    Super good food and I love the customer service if you didn’t go there you should I’m literally in love.💕

  12. Lily Riaboshtan

    Very tasty food, coffee. Cozy atmosphere. Pretty good price.
    Good for everyone

  13. Parvina Khatamova

    I really enjoyed my brunch here! The staff is extremely polite, they treat us with free turkishe tea. The food was so yummy! Great atmosphere, definitely will come back!

  14. Farhnaz Mangal

    Delicious food! Awesome and attentive staff! We come here at least twice a month. Probably the best restaurant for brunch in Washington state or the whole US.

  15. Sunnye Sarker

    Good food! Will be back.

  16. Anastasia Zhdanova

    It’s literally my new favourite place! OMG it was so delicious! A thousand times tastier than in Turkey. Very friendly staff. We came on Saturday afternoon, and everything was busy, with a queue of 20-30 minutes. We didn’t regret waiting, it was great

  17. Helen Oliveira Network

    It was a pleasant lunch. I was recommended by my co-worker. My son and I like to try all kind of awesome cuisines and we found out another great place to visit. Love the professionalism and cozy environment with beautiful people! I am
    Attaching the dish I enjoyed at my first visit.I am planning to try each one of them soon!

  18. M Aboud

    Great Cafe, nice turkish food and drinks.

  19. Lana 5

    Staff is great, food was delicious!!

  20. Y Lep

    Great place to go for brunch!

  21. Rachel

    My boyfriend lived in Turkey for a while and thought it was amazing. My first time having Turkish food it was well seasoned, beautiful presentation. Overall, would go back multiple times. Also has food that kids would like.

  22. Ihor Baryliuk

    Really nice place

  23. Leticia Salcido

    Love this place, the food is excellent, the turquish coffee is amazing!! 🙂

  24. Alaa Alazzawi

    I love there Turkish vibe

  25. MV Doglover

    This place is amazing! The space is very nice – clean and modern and nicely decorated. We had mushroom omelet, chicken rice bowl, and mini pancakes. Every bite was perfection. Seriously delicious. And the service was impeccable. Highly recommend!

  26. Nina Pryymak

    Always such consistent service & delicious nutritious food! if you come during a busy time be ready to wait some time!


    Thanks everything was so delicious
    I’m from different state i wish I’ll coming back soon


    Visiting almost every week i love this place ❤️
    Thank you Sofia

  29. Jeylan Abbasova

    I finished everything that I ordered, the food is amazing!

  30. Olga Sushko

    Amazing place! Coffee and food sooo good!!!

  31. Dorina Russu

    Absolutely delicious 🔥

  32. anna S

    Amazing food amazing atmosphere ✨ clean and trendy place with implacable taste of brunch/lunch food

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