1407 Commercial Ave, Anacortes, WA 98221


48.510938119226, -122.6120706205




11:30 am – 8:00 pm


11:30 am – 8:00 pm


11:30 am – 8:00 pm


11:30 am – 8:30 pm


11:30 am – 8:30 pm


11:60 am – 8:00 pm

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Lucky Chopsticks

Chinese Restaurant in Anacortes, WA


26 reviews for “Lucky Chopsticks

  1. Barbara Miller

    Love the food here!! And they are always so gracious!

  2. Bill A

    Awesome food some of the best, great service.

  3. Shannon Jones

    Love it here! Always good! Always great customer service!

  4. Trina Terrill

    Great Customer Service! Wide selection of choices! The food was fresh and steaming hot! Tea was smooth…we will return.

  5. Daniel brown

    Great service and awesome food.

  6. Mitchell Yin

    It’s certainly not the best Chinese food, perhaps not even in Anacortes–I can’t be sure–but I would be lying to say I don’t have a soft spot for these types of places. Nothing is ever quite as it seems, which is part of the charm, and if you don’t see that as a charm then why did you go to a place called Lucky Chopsticks anyways? Everything was a little over salted (perhaps adjusted for local taste who knows), but the staff were just wonderful and gave us a list of all the things to do around the area. 3.5 stars for the food plus an extra 0.5 for the staff.

  7. Jami Oster

    Great food, great restaurant, and super nice people!!! Highly recommend.

  8. Mari Stewart

    Great service and delicious food, our favorite in Anacortes!!

  9. Eelke Wiegers

    Yummy Chinese food.

  10. Roger Herbaugh

    The best Chinese food in the valley.

  11. Tree A

    Standard Chinese fair.
    Chef and hostess are friendly.

  12. John Oakley

    Every time we go in we have the best experience, both with the food and the service.

  13. Chris Perkins

    Now uses chicken breast meat. Great flavors.

  14. Paul Jarolimek

    Place was completely empty when we got there for an early dinner, but the waitress was kept busy with take out orders – she was still very attentive and this was good old fashioned Americanized Chinese food – Very nice

  15. Bearded Phobos

    Asked for the hottest shrimp fried rice did not disappoint.

  16. honey badger

    Food cooked really good but I was told by staff the beef is sourced from Australia. How can that be cheaper than local beef? Is it beef? Is it healthy cows? I’m sorry. Can’t eat here anymore. Where’s the rest of your meat come from and is it what you say? Or it taste like chicken. Pork. I will miss the good food but can’t stomach that what meat I’m eating might not be right. I never thought to ask restaurants where they sourced their meat before. Always assumed it was local usa meats. Like grocery stores labeled.

  17. Becca Wetzel

    Have always had great food and great service! Crab Rangoon’s will forever be my favorite.

  18. David Moore

    Amazing food! Some of the best sweet and sour pork I have ever been served. Tender and moist.
    All of the food was fresh and flavorful. Will definitely visit again.

  19. Taeh Johnson

    Great food and great service 👍

  20. Michael Phillips

    Great food

  21. Marc Krueger

    Food is good but way to expensive. A order of chicken chop suey is $14.95 and it’s a pretty small order. Up the street you can get a huge order for $10.00.

  22. Rj Mistry

    Best food best service in Anacortes Wa

  23. Bill A

    Awesome food, definitely going to tell friends and family.

  24. Jerrad Ely

    This has been our go-to for Chinese food. The staff are super friendly and you get lots of food for a cheap price when you order the family dinners. I recommend getting the walnut shrimp, and the crab wonton and egg rolls.

  25. Bryan Hanson

    So good

  26. Dragonhorse Racing

    Chicken is always crunchy and sweet, the egg drop is now too dang thick like eating raw egg whites , tea is better then the other locals. Vegetables are usually a bit tough and rubbery at times, but I needs me veggies. Flavors are basic sweet with a hint of heat. It’s always satisfying on a cold day.

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