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Stone Korean Restaurant

Korean Restaurant in Bothell, WA

29 reviews for “Stone Korean Restaurant

  1. M. Park

    Good soondooboo, bibimbap, awesome fried chicken, good little side dishes. Not so great pajeon. Smells like an original Korean restaurant and friendly staff. Gets 4 stars because it’s a tad expensive now.

  2. TAL R

    DELICIOUS wings. Will most definitely be coming back.

  3. Lee Dunayski

    This place was great! We got the seafood pancake, mackerel, and bibimbap with pork. It was all so delicious. The banchan was fantastic as well. Service was so friendly and food came out promptly. Can’t wait to come back!

  4. Philip Fortygin

    Super over priced.

  5. Paul Budinich

    Best lunch I have had in the Bothell area. Great service and all the sides were delicious. We will be back.

  6. Robin Brake

    Really delicious food, excellent service. It is more expensive than a typical lunch spot.

  7. Heather Brez

    Combo meals satisfy all cravings and the variety of solutions flavors compliment any meal.

  8. Juno J

    I’m not exaggerating when I say I pick up at least one meal from here 4-5 times a week if not daily. This is probably the closest to my mom’s homemade korean food around Bothell and its surrounding cities. The staff here including the owner are very very friendly and I recommend this place to all my colleagues who are looking for a good Korean joint. Won’t be disappointed. Be careful though because you may be addicted to this place.. Today I took my team and colleagues (party of 11) for lunch and then I went back to pick up Yuk Gae Jang for Dinner. 🙂

  9. Steve Lopez

    I’ll confess, I’m picky about my Korean food and I’m always searching for great places. Stone Korean in Bothell is excellent. I’ve been there a half dozen times since I discovered it a few months back. I’ve had bibimbap, bulgogi (beef, pork and spicy pork), kalbi, and the soft tofu soup. I’ve done both take out and dine in. In all instances the service has been fast and friendly, and the food fresh, hot, and delicious. The small sides are all tasty, and they keep em coming. I especially enjoy the kimchi and candied potatoes.

  10. Matthew Medina

    Stone has become one of our favorite places to go for eating out. The hot pot bi bim bap is absolutely the crown jewel of the menu, featuring fresh meat and vegetables on a bed of rice, served in a piping hot stone bowl, which keeps the whole dish hot throughout the meal, and crisps the rice as you eat, making the last bite as good as the first. The bulgogi is delicious and pairs well with the hot pot (I recommend ordering the combo).

  11. Reese Allen

    Hot pot bibimbap. Incredible. They also always have great Korean beer (though usually just bottled) and they serve lots of tasty little side plates with your meal.

  12. Zoe L.

    We went to celebrate my parents birthday and there was only one server. Despite that, we received excellent, attentive service. Not a single thing we ordered was less than amazing. I definitely recommend the veggie soft tofu soup.

  13. Song

    a bit pricey for the portion but spicy pork bulgogi and galbi are on point!

  14. Heather Card

    Delicious. We ordered and picked up takeout – it was ready when they said it would be, and I was greeted warmly and enthusiastically when I arrived. My kids loved the fried chicken, and the beef bulgogi was tasty.

  15. scott L

    Had the bulgogi. It was excellent. Ribeye steak could have been marinated a little longer for my taste. All the kimchee sides were good, also had the fried chicken with dipping sauce. very crispy. a little pricy but worth it. cant wait to go back and try something new. Service was great even though only one server.

  16. Krasimir Aleksandrov

    Food was just ok,. Smallish portions, even though they said it is dinner sized. Expensive! It might be that all has gone up , but still floats high.

  17. David Lee

    Good, local Korean food and tofu soup restaurant with a couple locations around the Seattle area. They do a variety of popular Korean foods and I would recommend the fried chicken and tofu soup.

    I got the beef tofu soup and it was pretty good! The soup was good and not too salty. There’s a decent amount of beef that comes with it. The side dishes here were good. I liked the kimchi and egg rolls.
    Fried chicken was super crispy and the meat was good as well. Plenty of pieces in the order for the 4 of us.

    Nice looking restaurant where you can casually get Korean food. Noise level was low.

    The food price here is slightly higher than what I would expect to pay for tofu soup or even some of the other dishes. Quality was good. But I think I could go somewhere else slightly cheaper tofu soup.

    Service was good and fast. The server was nice. Got seated quickly for lunch.

    The restaurant is a part of a strip mall so there is plenty of parking. Never had any issues with parking at this strip mall.

  18. june holden

    I would give 10 stars. Very authentic Korean taste

  19. Sally Chae

    Good food. Had Soondubu + Galbi combo. They cooked the Galbi really well and soondubu is the kind I really like and crave. Far from my home but I’ll come just for the food.

  20. Hruday Kumar Voruganti

    Love this place. Amazing dishes with variety of options. My favorite part is where they give unlimited snack options to munch from along with the food. Definitely try the tofu soups and veggie pancake. Hot pot bibimbaps are must try.

  21. Zehera 07

    Really impressed by the quality of food. Enjoyed our dinner.

  22. K. S

    The food is good, a little pricey with nothing super special.

  23. Eat Drink Travel Repeat

    Food and service is very good and the location is convenient.

    We felt they were rushing us to leave when the restaurant was mostly empty.

  24. Karissa Dillion-Olah

    So great, can’t get enough of this place. The beef bulgogi is my comfort food, and it’s soo tasty! Always can’t wait to come back here.

  25. Michael Jarrett

    Delicious Korean fare, including the titular stone bowl bi-bim-bap and tofu soups. Everything is so flavorful!

    This particular location is small, but elegantly decorated.

  26. Tolly Fallon

    So delicious. I felt like I was visiting a friend’s house. The banchan are all delicious, and you can have them refilled as often as you like. My favorite is their fresh cucumber kimchi. Had to bring that one home with me to enjoy later on. Love their soft tofu soups, fried chicken, bulgogi, and really just everything. Haven’t had a bad meal here at all. Anything you order will be good. It’s definitely become a place that is in our regular rotation.

  27. A Family's World

    The food was overpriced and the service was terrible. We had to get up to get our own menus and water. The wait staff was walking around eating and ignoring us, it was supper odd. Then they charged us a mandatory tip for their terrible service.

  28. Subin Chang

    Best bibimbap and soon tofu place in Seattle! 😋

  29. Steve Midas

    This if for the Bothell location.

    The food is authentic, from the side-dishes to the soft-tofu casseroles and Korean BBQ.

    Parking is inside of a stripmall so free parking is available but it can get busy at times. Plenty of seating inside. Great for families and dining in.

    Found came out hot and fresh and they had no issues with replacing side dishes. Some dishes don’t come with rice so you may have to order one.

    Midas 5-stars for the clean atmosphere and great foods.

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