12610 Thompson Rd, Anacortes, WA 98221


48.46148561873, -122.56015066937


11:00 am – 8:00 pm


11:00 am – 8:00 pm


11:00 am – 8:00 pm


11:00 am – 8:00 pm


11:00 am – 8:00 pm


11:00 am – 8:00 pm


11:00 am – 8:00 pm

Tacos Tecalitlan

Mexican Restaurant in Anacortes, WA


29 reviews for “Tacos Tecalitlan

  1. Rob Wingard

    Great food and great prices. I go with the torta adobada. Lots of the best meat options including lingua and other tasty treats.

  2. Tara Maiorella

    We have passed this food truck for years and everyone in the neighborhood says it is a must go to and they were right. Best tongue tacos I’ve ever had. Such flavor. If I lived closer I would eat here everyday.

  3. Edmundo Gallegos

    Ordered the asada tacos, and coming from a Mexican they did not disappoint. Corn tortilla was great and it paired nicely with the asada meat which was on point. Highly recommend if your craving some street tacos.

  4. Helen Krueger

    Fantastic burritos! We had the asada and lengua which were both phenomenal! The salsa was spicy and delicious. I would recommend this place to anyone.

  5. Kevin V

    Amazing stop before the ferry to the islands.

  6. Emi Teagarden

    Delicious. Authentically served Carne asada. The food has the same great flavors of the many authentic Mexican dishes I had in LA.

  7. Milla Barnes

    Best Mexican Food in Anacortes!
    Not fancy, not expensive, and delicious. The Burrito chicharron is to die for. Carnitas and lengua are beyond words. Great place to take your dog with you, since it is just a parking lot at Ford.

  8. Cathy keith

    I’ve really enjoyed their street tacos and burritos, very delicious!! I would like to ask if they could consider adding shrimp to their choices of meats. Shrimp tacos are my favorite and I would love it if they had them..

  9. Nicole Geleynse

    The beef tacos were amazing!!! So juicy and flavorful. I’ll be going there again soon!

  10. Alicia Gaston

    Amazing food. Amazing prices!!! Two adults ate with glass bottle sodas under $25. We tipped an extra $5 because they deserve it. This unassuming food truck at the auto mall will blow you away. Flavorful meat, spicy salsa, crispy sopes, and even mexican candy & chips. I can not wait to go back. Plus, there’s permanent seating under a patio if it rains.

  11. Mari Stewart

    Great tacos! Just like we used to get from the taco trucks in California. I had the carnitas tacos and the meat was delicious. It was a little windy to sit outside, but I didn’t care as I stuffed my face with the awesome food.

  12. Aly Evangelista

    Yummy! Love the quesadilla and the chicharron + asada tacos. Definitely recommend this place!! Food is ready ver quickly

  13. Ai Ling Shea

    Very good tacos, we will be back!

  14. Ron San

    Great spicy and authentic food!!

  15. Zach Carter

    Really good tacos

  16. Lindsay Gustafson

    Best carnitas tacos I’ve ever had!!!

  17. Chris Kirk

    Very good tacos at a good price. The asada tacos were very good

  18. Michael Ramsdell

    GREAT quesadeas!!!

  19. Miriam R

    Most competitive street tacos you’ll find in the area. This is the only place I crave tacos from whilst living in Oak Harbor. Meat is always so tender and juicy. Tortillas have never broken while eating. Truly appreciate the finely chopped cilantro and raw onions topped on all tacos. The green salsa acidity balances out the richness at a medium heat. Red salsa is a delicious higher heat. Have ordered Asada, Adobada, Cabeza, Tripa. Deliciously Authentic tacos!

    Great fast service. They also have a variety of Mexican drinks, sodas, and snacks.

    This Taco Truck is parked right under the Skagit Valley Auto Mall sign off SR 20 in parking lot. There is a permanent covered bench. Ambiance is up to the weather.

    Saludos a los Primos rifándose, Gracias! Bendiciones!

  20. Eddie Murdock

    Great to have them so close to the refinery! Always amazing tacos

  21. Tanyia Tweten

    How could anyone go wrong with this taco truck, it is always so good!

  22. Melissa Mark

    Placed a large order over the phone in Spanish, and the guy was so nice and the food was very tasty and fresh. I love that they dont put sour cream or cheese on the burritos, just authentically meat beans rice and avocado ( real avocado!!), That way you can taste the filling and also great for lactose intolerant folks! The salsas are delicious. They got rave reviews from the group for all the options we got which included lengua, asado, adobada, pollo, and veggie. Also the price is very cheap for a large portion!

  23. Mike Norton

    This is one of the best taco trucks you will find. Their carnitas tacos are fantastic. If you haven’t been there, it’s time. No kidding, great food here.

  24. Graham Armstrong

    Amazing for something tasty, fast, and cheap. One of the best values around.

  25. Kate Stone

    Don’t tell anyone how good this place is! Had the sopas- dazzling and very affordable.

  26. Dane Durocher

    their carne asada tacos as the BEST!!! I kick myself every time I get food from there for not trying it sooner!

  27. Avery Hufford

    Love this place.
    For the price you can’t beat it.
    If you like authentic food and good prices, eat here.

  28. Casey Coles

    I went two times two days in a row. The first time I asked for extra sauce I didn’t get any and the burrito was falling apart once I opened it…the second day the lettuce was see through like it was old and the burrito I ordered was asada but he gave me pastor. Ver displeased with the food and service given the truck is out of the way and takes me one to reach on a decent lunch break. Don’t recommend this truck save your money and go somewhere else.

  29. issabot

    The only Mexican food we will eat in Anacortes. Authentic, fresh meats spicy hot sauce, dreamy adobada and heavenly gordita 🙂

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