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Adrift Restaurant

Seafood Restaurant in Anacortes, WA


60 reviews for “Adrift

  1. Selena Tuiel

    This restaurant was cute and quaint. It was our first time. When you walk in they have a bar and if you dine in they take you around to the other side for dine in. The food was good. My 8 y.o. had a plate that looked as if it was for an adult. It looked delish. We had an empanada for dessert, and I do not recommend that. It was dry and they gave us a half scoop of ice cream with it. The other issue was the fact that they didn’t mention the specials.

  2. Gloryvee Alves

    The crab and cheese dip is a must have, and the rest of the food and cocktails were delicious. Also, our waiter with the vest so stylishly dressed was wonderful and helpful. Must try when in this beautiful little town.

  3. Jeremy Larson

    The staff are warm and welcoming, the food was fantastic. If you’ve never tried their crab cakes, t what are you waiting for. There delicious 😋

  4. William Flint

    Awesome set up, food and People! I wish I could rate higher than 5 stars!

  5. cato woods

    Great food, great staff, team players in wonderful location full of artwork – seafood at its best . Oh, and the desserts are delicious with many gluten free choices!

  6. Lauren Thorngate

    First visit and we loved it!! Will be back again and again. 😁😋

  7. michael slaughter

    Food was really good, and tastey. Service was awful. Waitress made it seem like we were inconvincing her by eating there.

  8. Bob Peterson

    Great lunch on a Friday afternoon in mid January

  9. Jon Winningham

    Of all the places that serve burgers in this area, Adrift serves the best burgers in town. The service is friendly and the Old Town location is convenient with parking in front and in the back.

  10. Olivia Scott

    Ate here with my family on my birthday, pretty nice nice area really nice waiters but sort of busy

  11. Kristen

    Very nice place to eat for lunch, first time here, moved from out of state. Loving the area so far. Service was excellent and affordable, Jen was fast and pleasant. Food was so delicious, I ordered a Mimosa and Cajun Blackened Shrimp Tacos. If you like spicy and mouth watering tacos, this is a must have. Clean environment and beautiful art pieces throughout the restaurant. I will definitely be back.

  12. Ned Vander Pol

    Excellent food and a great vibe.

  13. amanda starcher

    Absolutely a 5 star restaurant . Fish of the day was Halibut prepared beautifully and my daughter had a cheeseburger that was the best she ever ate. Waitress was friendly and the decorations were perfect for the space.

  14. Phil Hays

    I had cipppino. Recommend highly. Wife had pablano cream salmon. Was good, cod is her usual, likes it better.
    Nice service.

  15. C Dubs

    This place is just as phenomenal as when we visited years ago. Excellent food and awesome staff. The crab cakes were tremendous.

  16. SteakInMyHeart

    Great food, nice staff, fast service! Glad we stopped by!

  17. Mike Ackley

    Easily our favorite restaurant in Anacortes. Our go-to dishes: For me it’s the crab au gratin. My wife loves the fish tacos. Both the best anywhere

  18. Jiahao Chen

    Food is average and very overpriced

  19. Christine Pagano

    Had to order a second plate of their fried oysters…so good I couldn’t stop.

  20. Ian Edgley

    The President of the United States should really consult Adrift’s baker, because their bread pudding could broker peace between Israel and Palestine.

    The bread pudding tasted as what I can only describe as consolidated dopamine, thankfully devoid of any raisins. (Please I’m begging you do not add in any of these spoiled grapes).

    After eating their mouth watering bread pudding, I got a raise at my job! I lost 15 lbs! I was filled with childlike wonder!

    Seriously guys, the bread pudding is that good.

  21. James Wingo

    Excellent flavors and creativity from the chef.

  22. Ken Auga

    We remember when this was a breakfast joint… Equally well with dinner…. Keep up good work

  23. C L

    Absolutely delicious food. Highly recommend the fish tacos (shrimp with canon) and baked salmon.

  24. Carl S

    Very good food, the baked salmon might be the best salmon I’ve ever had. Will definitely make sure I stop by here again if I’m in the area.

  25. Jake Clary

    Great food quality and service! Love that their fries are natural potatoes that are baked not fried.

  26. Father Tyler Johnson

    I was excited to try this place because Adrift received overall great reviews. However, when I tried this restaurant for the first time, the service was very slow and part of our food was barely warm. The staff did take some off our bill for the trouble which was nice, but still I wouldn’t recommend – I’m not coming back. In Anacortes, there is much better. I would go to the A’Town Bistro instead.

  27. Ajimon Thomas

    We wanted to have something for dinner although we were not that hungry. Thought of getting an appetizer or two. The waitress suggested the Crab Au Gratin, so we ordered it. It was so yum. Totally recommend. The place also seems to have outdoor seating although we sat inside. We got free parking on the street right in front of the restaurant.

  28. Nomadofmc

    Food was pretty good. A little pricey but I guess that’s to be expected in a tourist area. Staff was super friendly.

  29. Mike Ryan

    Went here after going to the Anacortes farmers market.the food was great and the employees were very nice.

  30. Jesse B

    I just had the most amazing experience! The servers were very friendly and genuine. Thank you, Jason! The seafood was amazing. We 👏 started with crab cakes 9/10, plus the spicy old-fashioned drink was 10/10 and them some!
    Tomato parm bisque was 🔥 as well as the pablono salmon dish! I’ll definitely be back for another happy meal from my new Bay Area favorite seafood restaurant in skagit County!

  31. hope siedler

    Had the Skagit burger with gorgonzola one of best burgers ever. App the steamed clams. Get extra bread to soak up the broth

  32. Thomas Lightbody

    Great food, but if you want take out, just walk in. I’ve given up ordering from them on several occasions because the phone line is busy all night

  33. Kelli Lang

    I can’t say enough good things about Adrift! This is my go-to when I want to take a friend out to dinner and I always recommend it to out-of-town real estate clients. The Cioppino and the Salmon Fish Tacos are my favorites. So delicious. The staff is always super friendly and helpful! If you’ve never been to Adrift Restaurant, you HAVE to go!

  34. Lizzy P

    Very nice restaurant! Great atmosphere and very friendly staff. I docked points due to numerous plates (all) having too much seasoning, it over powered the rest of the dish (example- tacos and Asian noodles). For the price, the flavor was all seasoning – not from the food, which was disappointing. My meal cost over $50 for a drink and noodles. I would expect utter perfection for the price. If they toned it down a bit and let the food shine through, it would be 5 stars!

  35. Lisa Rinard

    Overall awesome experience! Crabcakes were super good! I’m super picky about crabcakes but I’d definitely come back again for them cakes. Service was great too! Thanks again!

  36. Erin Unger

    We had a gourmet meal here. Every bite melted in our mouths. We will definitely be returning.

  37. Rosemary Gray

    Spectacular Tomato Parm Soup!

  38. Jason Maddox

    Best fish tacos I’ve ever had! Service is also great.

  39. Mark Philiposian

    Was here for a week and ate here three times. Amazing service and good vibes.

    Adrift puts a nice flair on solid dishes, resulting in a perfect balance of originality with time-tested favorites.

  40. J. Stephen Lee

    Ordered the Dungeness crab cakes to go. Plenty of crab and great texture.

  41. RichJ

    Very good fish

  42. Kaveh Saleminejad

    I recently dined at Adrift and was thoroughly impressed. The delicious seafood dishes showcased the use of fresh, high-quality ingredients. The waitstaff’s politeness added to the overall enjoyable experience. The cozy ambiance of the restaurant enhanced the dining atmosphere. My only observation was that seafood portions seemed a bit small, but I understand this might be a strategic move to maintain reasonable prices. Overall, Adrift deserves a solid five stars for its delightful culinary experience.

  43. Morgan Orton

    i love visiting there especially when that handsome host comes by. he is always the sweetest and is so muscular

  44. Innocentlee Young

    Very cramped place but good food. Atmosphere is loud

  45. Wes Sharp

    Excellent lunch. A salad I would eat any day of the week.

  46. Mehrdad Farahmand

    Food was excellent but took a long time, likely because they were extremely busy. But again the Food was great. We’ll definitely come back next time we are in town.

  47. Alexander Lurye

    Some of the food was low quality by any standard. Especially kids’ meals.

  48. A. R.

    Can be hit or miss. Seems like anything not seafood is bad, but the seafood is fantastic!

  49. Gerry Maginn

    Great food, great service.

  50. Georgia Richardson

    Sagit burger and cold noodle salad w/ chicken was simply amazing. We will definitely be back.

  51. seth pryor

    I ate here two days in a row. Just eat here. It checks all the boxes. Delicious, great price, nice people. I looked at all the restaurants in the area on Google maps, just eat here. Don’t waste your time. I got the clementine burger one day and the shrimp tacos the other. My family got the salmon and burger. Everyone was happy!

  52. Zoe Wang

    A little pricey but on par for anacortes. Cute spot for girl dinner!

  53. eva molina

    Great for a quick bite on a weekend afternoon.

  54. Aaron Hume

    The food was excellent here! I would highly recommend the crab dip, crab cakes and anything with the cajun blackened cod, all so delicious!

  55. Roseann Cisneros

    Service was great, loved the Dungeness crab au gratin and the clam steamers.

  56. Justin Hooper

    Noticed the pastries from outside so went an bought a cookie. They have some nice cookies if you’re looking for some.

  57. The Traveling Bear

    This was our favorite restaurant on our trip to Washington! I’m still thinking about how good everything was. We didn’t have a reservation, but they were able to squeeze us in at the bar. I actually really enjoyed sitting there because we could watch the cooks prepare the food. Both of our meals were delicious and the service was great. I’d highly recommend it!

  58. Darryn DeMarce

    We had the polenta with baked cod. Their house made spicy marinara sauce is excellent. It was a very good meal.

  59. Katherine

    When we first arrived, the sound of people talking was so very loud (echoing off the hard surfaces) that it was almost painful. As the crowd dwindled after 7 pm, though, the noise levels also declined so we could hear our server as well as others in our party, and our meal became very enjoyable.

  60. Debbi DeMarce

    Crave worthy food & friendly service.

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