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Adrift Restaurant

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“Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.”

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58 reviews for “Adrift

  1. cory saenz

    Very good crab cakes, but was disappointed with the chowder and the blackened fish. Nice restaurant and good service. The meal was expensive…the crab cakes were worth it.

  2. Emma Buktenica

    I ordered a Skagit on a gluten-free bun for lunch and it’s the best cheeseburger I’ve had in a long time, I’ll definitely be going back!

  3. Chuck Redford

    Crab cakes are the best! Great service and casual atmosphere. 👌

  4. Thomas Barrasso

    Friendly staff and good food, sadly sold out of many seafood dishes and somewhat pricey for plate sizes but would go back again

  5. Teri Scafidi

    Out of ciopino last night so enjoyed the delicious baked salmon and risotto. Always delicious and wonderful service.

  6. Bj Hedahl

    Excellent place for Excellent Local Organic dining… …only wish for sound-dampening walls so it wasn’t so loud that a person has to yell to have a conversation…

  7. Al Kemical

    great food, and great food options for vegetarians! this polenta dish was amazing, and my date had a rice noodle pasta with grilled tofu. delicious, great service.

    oh the key lime tart. don’t forget that.

  8. Matthew Sailors

    Some of the best seafood I’ve had in my life. Their dishes are SO savory and they make great flavor combinations. A must-visit!

  9. Kayla Colbert

    My order was wrong and the fries were not cooked completely; way to expensive for mediocre food.

  10. Barbara Riley

    The food is very good!! The prices are little on the pricey side!!

  11. Sami Axel

    Went across the street and was seated immediately.

  12. Robyn Barthel

    The cioppino was delicious and my friend’s baked salmon was amazing too. The honey lemonade was tasty. Great service. We enjoyed the half-priced wine too.

  13. Amy Preusser

    I love this restaurant and hope they just had an off day. Staff was great. Space was clean but the food….. formerly the shining star with crisp presentation fresh flavors and great satisfaction…..was blah. Done items were undercooked. Some were obviously not freshly prepared. Items supposed to be crispy were soggy….. It was a big disappointment. I would give it a C-in or a D+ but that might be generous. Step up your game kitchen. You know how to make it right….please.

  14. Terry Gasser

    Fantastic food, great wine list, fabulous wait staff, and to the chefs!! I will revisit as often as possible! Thank you to the whole staff!!

  15. SendIt ToMe

    best food in Anacortes for 10 years in a row, GREAT JOB Adrift and the service here is the very best 🙂

  16. Matt Mcauliffe

    Incredible seafood, reasonable pricing, great staff.
    If you love cioppino, there’s is fantastic! Great cold noodle salad as well!

  17. Lily Van Scyoc

    Everything we got here was wonderful. I live in Seattle but will be driving back just to specifically eat here. We started with the edamame and the crab au gratin. Both were delicious. I could make a meal out of the au gratin itself.
    I got the honey lemonade which was refreshing and the fish tacos (blackened) as my meal and they were so good. The flavor of all the toppings meshed so well.
    One person I was with got the daily special which was lovely. Someone else got the baked fish wish was so light and perfect. And finally the Cioppino. The variety of seafood and the sauce was so good.
    You can’t go wrong with anything at this place.

  18. Kent N6WT

    I ordered a Skagit Burger with fries. The burger was good but the fries were stale and cold.

  19. Jeannie Kubricht

    The food was SOOO fresh and tasted delicious! The staff was friendly and attentive to our needs. Thank you all!

  20. Muzi Li

    Great location after whale watching. The seafood is fresh, but maybe I’m not in for the right day, they are too dry too salty.

  21. Tomoko Nakajima

    I ordered and took out dishes. Pan fried oysters & clam chowder bowl. Clam chowder was good. Pan fried oysters were so-so.

  22. Monique Lesser

    Don’t bother finding anything to eat in Friday Harbor. Go here instead. The best seafood you can get.

  23. Shoubaneh hemmati

    The blackened Halibut was delicious, the clam chowder flawless, the cocktail I don’t remember, and the blueberry bread pudding quite acceptable with the ice cream.

  24. T Feliz

    Enjoyable experience at Adrift!

    Very welcoming and excellent food. I had blackened halibut (fish of the day) cooked to perfection. The seasoning is spicy, if you don’t like spicy (hot) seasoning but like it medium spicy, the blackened fish is a happy compromise; 1 being least spicy to 10 being very spicy; I give it a 5.

    It was served on top of sauté kale, delicious and with a potato croquette, perfect combination of food.

    Additionally, had Dungeons Crab Cakes with avocado dressing on the crab cakes and underneath a tangy sauce with hint of raspberry sauce—outstanding entrée. This entrée was served with sauté kale and potato croquette.

    Love Adrift appetizer Edamame! Highly recommended it.

  25. Ian Andersen

    Amazing food! Everything was super fresh and tasty!

  26. Abigail Bristow

    Good food, but some of the staff are rude and snobby. Our waitress seemed like she was upset we were there and almost hit my mom with a plate, handing it to my dad, like she expected her to just move out the way without saying anything.

  27. Sara Griffin

    Great place for dinner! We enjoyed the Crab Au Gratin, the Piano salad, and a specialty mud pie type dessert made with local Lopez Island Creamery ice cream! Great finish to a great day on the island!

  28. Elizabeth Huuki

    Amazing food! Great service! The perfect end to an already perfect day!

  29. Christopher Barrett

    Very fresh and flavorful seafood restaurant in Anacortes. I had the blackened cod which wasn’t overly blackened so that was welcome. Crab cakes were fantastic! My wife had the streamed mussels which were also quite good. Reasonably priced wines as well. Definitely worth a meal if you’re into seafood and in Anacortes.

  30. Lori Sakshaug

    Highly recommend! Excellent service food is delicious. The dungeons crab au gratin appetizer is a must. Dinning outside on a summer day

  31. Melissa Ziegler

    First, the music was amazing. Apparently it’s Darian’s playlist so if you’re lucky enough to go when she’s working you will be blessed with the cool sounds of DepecheMode, The Cure, Soft Cell, etc. If 80’s alt rock isn’t your fave don’t worry, it’s not so loud that you have to pay attention to it. Second, the food was fantastic. Service was great. Decor comfy and quaint. Our group had salmon w/risotto, rice noodles in ginger sauce, fish tacos, and a burger.

  32. Pamela Allen

    One of my favorite restaurants in anacort. Fresh local farm vegetables and seafood and meats and meets. GF and non dairy options and the seafood is fabulous

  33. Aaron Kulbe

    I had blackened cod. My wife had baked cod. My kid had “buttered tentacles”. Had an old fashioned. Total bill was $93 and change. My cod was dry. I should have gotten the baked instead. My biggest gripe is that, for THAT price, I don’t feel like I should walk away hungry. I’m *still* hungry. There was nowhere near enough. I’m gonna guess that the filet was 4oz. It was that, with some kale, and a potato thing, that looked like it was served with a scooper of some sort. For $27 for that dish, if think we can do way better in the city.

    The old fashioned was great, but that’s not why we came. We came for the fish…. and it was meh.

  34. Jenny Christian

    Crab au gratin, pan fried oysters and tuna salad were excellent, one cocktail and cider that was very meh. Decent service and very cute aesthetic inside

  35. Rachel Savage

    Our favorite as locals. Chioppino, Brutus dressing ( best with kale), and cold noodle salad are favorites. Baked or blackened fish entrees are worth it. Great for couples, friends or families.

  36. Whitney Knight

    The food was good here the seafood was fresh. I would say though the amount you get for crab cakes is not that much. I would suggest rather to get something else if you really hungry.

  37. Jennifer Dye

    We were so impressed with the warm and gracious (and efficient!) hostess, The great service, and delicious food. Glad to see vegetarian options, too!

  38. David Singer

    The food here is off the chart yummy the staff is very friendly and everybody seems very happy working here. I really get dessert and desert he was so amazing highly recommend the chocolate mousse👍

  39. Myrya Grace

    Delicious food all around. Fantastic poblano cream salmon, as well as blacked salmon and polenta. My only complaint was they put green parsley garnish on a kids salmon and I thought that was why she wouldn’t eat it, but it was overcooked. I ended up having to order her a new plain piece, and for the price of the meal I would have expected it to be replaced but had to pay an additional $14, which was more than the kid’s plate cost. My daughter loved the second piece and ate all of it. The server acted a bit weird when I mentioned that first piece was overcooked. For the 3 of us the bill was well over $130 which is pretty expensive. However, all things considered it was a delicious meal, I just think the service was lacking at such a high price point.

  40. Kelly Kirk

    The food at this little place is fresh and excellent. They ask how you want your burger and cook it correctly when you say medium. The fries were excellent quality as well. The pricing was average. The seating was comfortable and inviting, as well as the ambiance. We stopped here for lunch on the second day of the Anacortes Art Fair and ordered burgers and fries, sans bun. They have a gluten free bun option, but I didn’t want one. We sat a cute spot, facing the street and one of the many model boats in this place. They were moderately busy and seemed well staffed to handle it easily.

    We had water to drink and that is where they lose a star. We had waters as the weekend was hot throughout. The waitress we had was helpful with answering our food allergen questions and taking our orders but dropped the ball hard on our waters. She walked by three times, after our waters were empty and did not offer a refill. When she checked on us, half way through our meal, we asked for water. I flagged her down later and reiterated our request for water. Not once did we get a refill. We left very thirsty. I understand many waitstaff believe those who order water don’t tip well, but that is simply not true. Many are trying to just stay hydrated or just don’t want to drink their calories. I hope the waitstaff does better going forward.

  41. DeAnn Alcantara-Thompson

    Love this place so much. I grew up close by but have lived in Seattle forever now but this place never disappoints. Appetizers, mains and desserts always on point. I especially love their burgers, we ordered 2nds. We ate at the counter the most recent visit and it was fun to see all the desserts get prepped! Staff is so nice and there outdoor seating too.

  42. louie milucky

    Loved this place! Indoor and outdoor seating, with super great employees, and delicious food! I ordered the crab cakes, and it’s safe to say I will be ordering them again. And again! Highly recommend!!

  43. Carrie King

    Great local food, very fresh. Lovely mixed drinks. Area for dining outside. Central location near lots of cute shops.

  44. Ryan Wood

    The cioppino!!! So good. I’m a bit of a foodie and a pretty tough critic. Might be the best I’ve had. Wife had blackened salmon sandwich that was also very yummy. We shared cold noodle salad that was also well done. Glad we found the place.

  45. Carol Fifer

    We dined here last year and again a few nights ago. Something has changed and I have gone from 5 to 3 stars. Service was fine but dinner was a bit of a disappointment compared to our previous experience. I had a small Brutus salad which is like a Caesar salad with spices added. The hot spices were way overdone making it inedible. My husband tried the salad and even he couldn’t eat it. I had the Dungeness crab cakes and they were fresh and good. My husband had blackened halibut. The portion was small and the seasoning he rated as “OK.” It came with a potato croquette and a side of sauteed kale. For dessert I chose the chocolate coconut mousse with a touch of ginger. Their special was a very promising bread pudding but it was sold out. The mousse was interesting but my lips and tongue were still burning from the spicy salad so it was difficult to really give it a decent taste test.
    We would go back again and give it another try, perhaps sticking with the crab cakes and skipping the Brutus salad.

  46. Sachin Arakeri

    The Crab Cake Entree is spectacular!
    We also ordered Blackened Fish, which was decent as well. Super fast service, and a little pricey (but worth it)
    The ambience is much better in person than on pictures with interesting wall decor

  47. Colby Stirland

    I had the veggie starts. I liked that it had non standard versions of vegetables. Not typical cauliflower and beets. It would have been nice if they had more vegetarian options though.

    Vegetarian options: Had vegetarian options, not clearly marked on menu. Tofu was a option instead of meat for a few menu items.

  48. Jeremy Swann

    Cajun Fish Tacos and chowder were excellent and the service was great!

  49. Amber Andrews

    Fabulous lunch, service was great. Everything from start to finish was perfect. Would definitely come here again if we were in the area!

  50. Sammie Pearce

    Creamy poblano sauce over cod, crab cakes, abd mashed potato croquettes. ALL DELICIOUS! We ended with our anniversary tradition of hot fudge sundaes 🍨! Yum! Definitively recommend this place!!

  51. Kelly Schwickrath

    Absolutely delicious food, the fried egg sandwich is incredible, and worth getting the whole sandwich rather than a half. We also really enjoyed the dungeness crab au gratin. Great atmosphere and service as well. My only complaint is the chairs. I was more comfortable in a tiny airplane seat for 6 hours. Sit in the booth seating if you can.

  52. Alison May

    The best crab cakes we have ever had!! Everything is fresh and delicious here, an absolute must try in Anacortes!!

  53. Mi Box

    Mah, wouldn’t recommend it, especially the fries. They were gross and undercooked! The Tuna sandwich was wet, they didn’t drain the tuna enough, the bread/toast it was on was really good and the ingredients in the tuna sandwich.

  54. Kelley Vice

    Wow. Expectations exceeded. Basically everything the three of us had was so good we couldn’t stop eating long enough to tell each other how good it was.

    The Dungeness crab cakes entrée was amazing, served with some kind of spicy strawberry jam, fried polenta and cooked kale that was very unlike kale in that it was really good and I was sad when it was gone. The key lime tartlet was certainly made with either the milk of paradise or crack or possibly both.

    If you are in Anacortes and you’re hungry, go here.

  55. Will Mitchell

    Found ourselves adrift en route to San Juan ferry and lucky for us we found Adrift for lunch. Super surprisingly great flavors, food, and service. Highly recommend.

  56. Melissa Halwax

    Busy restaurant with a great reputation. I ordered a burger. It was ok. Not the smartest choice. My friend had the oyster burger with salad..a great choice! I’ll give it another try.

  57. Cherelle Jacob

    We always love visiting this restaurant. They were very accommodating to me when I was pregnant and couldn’t stand for long periods of time. We visited last week with our baby and family from out of town, and as always we enjoyed everything. It was fantastic!

  58. Doug Schenk

    After numerous visits to Anacortes, not sure how we managed to miss Adrift, great drinks, food, staff, and atmosphere!

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