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10:00 am – 8:00 pm


10:00 am – 8:00 pm


10:00 am – 8:00 pm


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Ambakity Cocina Mexicana

Mexican Restaurant in Bothell, WA

39 reviews for “Ambakity Cocina Mexicana

  1. Drew Bauer

    Great fish tacos! Always quick and fresh

  2. Jose Garcia

    If you want to eat extremely good Mexican fast foot just come here to eat. That been said, come with your car and you will probably need to wait a few minutes for your foot because they are very busy

  3. Ryan Emerson

    Been coming here since day 1 and it’s always delicious and fresh, it has become one of our favorite lunch spots!

  4. Theo Raven Frare-Davis

    bomb shrimp tacos. bomb habanero sauce

  5. Mimi YuFan You

    Not only the best tacos I’ve had in… maybe ever. But they were sweet enough to have kept my glasses for me when I accidentally forgot them!

    Thank you guys!

  6. Kristian Garrard

    The veggie burrito is great. Guac with pineapple, perfect tasting rice, their salsas are excellent too

  7. Kennedy Butler

    Dry, mediocre. Not very spicy.

  8. Andre Gryphen (andregryphen)

    Best Taco truck that I’ve visited in the Seattle General Metropolitan Area.

  9. Sidney Cruz

    Tacos were so delicious! We ordered and ate in the car since the tables/chairs were wet from the rain.

  10. Jeff Boggs

    We have been wanting to stop and eat here for quite some time but hadn’t until recently and it was just okay. I had the nachos and my wife had the soft tacos and I had a tall glass of horchata to wash it down. My nachos were HUGE and I couldn’t eat them in one sitting. My wife said her tacos were ok but nothing to brag about. There are many variables when it comes to rating a restaurant so take that 8n to consideration and go ahead and try it if you’re in the area. I think there’s potential and it could have been we just caught them on a bad day… happens.

  11. Julissa Acosta

    Best tacos ever!! Omg!!! So delicious

  12. Tricia Ward

    Wowza this is the best torta I’ve had in the Seattle area (got it with al pastor). I also ordered some shrimp tacos and they were so fresh, definitely hit the spot. Killer tortillas too. Can’t wait to go back and try something else, this is one of the best meals I’ve had in a long time.

  13. Brent Thompson

    Great authentic tacos even Mexicans will rave about 🤤

  14. Karma Dymon

    I had a torta asasdo for the first time. I thought it was to be a hand held sandwich but this thing was monstrous! It required a fork and knife but totally worth the 15 minutes wait. It was flavorful from beginning to end. It had whole pinto beans, peppers and onions, and what felt like a whole 16 ounce steak I always see a line there and now I know why. It is boy quick food but great good. I highly recommend stopping by.

  15. Nikki G.

    Great food, well seasoned meat, variety of options. Offers beef, pastor, carnitas, shrimp, chicken, and lengua!
    Always request spicy sauce.

  16. amelia klacik

    By far the best carne asada tacos I’ve had anywhere in the State of WA. I’ve been searching far and wide too. The meat was exploding with flavor, and the homemade tortillas were so similar to the best tortillas I’ve had in southern Mexico. Highly recommend!

  17. C McKenna

    This taco truck is easy to miss, but you should definitely go!!! It’s tucked just up the gravel hill, across the street from Chevron on Bothell Everett Hwy – headed towards downtown Bothell. Their grilled fish tacos are the best… 😍 They also have vegetarian options as well as chicken, beef and pork tacos. All are delish!

    You can order ahead on their website or at the window. They’re usually pretty quick, but sometimes the wait can be 20-30 minutes.

    They also have 4-5 tables with umbrellas next to the taco truck, if you want to eat your tacos there.

  18. Daniel Nash-Mendez

    Roach coach that’s worth the trip! Only lowered the atmosphere because that’s not the emphasis of a roach coach.

  19. lilli rose

    Got enough food for 2. We Got some gluten free beef tacos that were amazing, and some beans and rice that went with it so well, and it was so good It made me wish I could fit more of this amazing food in my stomach. Love this place.

  20. marco polo

    I think all the hullabaloo about this place might be the steak taco meat. It’s marinated and fried up, and it’s very good, The red hot sauce is great and goes perfectly with the food. The salsa, however, left a funny and rather unpleasant after taste. I had the Pollo Asado, while my better half had the Asada Tacos. The chicken was good, not great, and the steak meat had too much gristle.
    We came here for lunch with pretty high expectations, given this place had a 4.8 rating. 4.1 in my book. Your results may vary.

  21. Shannon

    Taco truck in downtown Bothell that has some great street tacos. My favorite so far is the Al Pastor & the Lengua tacos! They have some outdoor seating and a few places to park. It’s not a very big establishment, but it’s worth the stop. I’m coming back to try the Quesadilla’s next time.

  22. Prateek Garg

    Excellent, fresh food, and friendly people. Their sauces are especially good.

  23. Gabriel I (Night Flerovium)

    I’ve been going here for years. By far the best Mexican food in Washington.

  24. Micheal Friesen

    Some of the best Mexican food I’ve had. The carnitas burrito is fantastic.

  25. Charles Kim

    Sorry that there are no photos because I ate them up so quick. I ordered their tacos. Excellent! Will definitely come back.

  26. Tasha Norris

    Lovely food! The tacos are all super tasty.

  27. Ian M

    Best Carnitas tacos I’ve ever had

  28. T U R K 1 8 2

    Good tacos

  29. Sean Cahill

    Beat taco truck in town. We’ve tried a number of them, and none stack up to their amazing flavors and quality. Best Pastor in town!!

  30. Raye Smith

    The cabeza is to die for

  31. Moenju Jung

    Authentic and delicious.

  32. Wesley Wood

    *Edit* the last 5 times Ive ‘tried’ to eat here, there has been no parking available. Also, the hours on Google are not accurate. Came Friday night at 8:30 and not a soul there and no parking still.

    Last time I was able to park we had Pollo and Asada Tacos, the meat is quality, large amount, very flavorful and well marinated! The tortillas are a little thicker than usual and appeared to be homemade. Loved the red salsa. In my opinion these are the best tacos in Bothell, will be back to try the Lingua and Pastor Tacos! Thanks for the real food, Ambakity!

  33. Mary H

    WOW!! Just tried this place and it’s by far the best Mexican food we’ve had in Washington. The combination of flavors was incredible. Everything was so fresh and perfectly prepared. Can hardly wait to go back.

  34. david brown

    This place is so consistently delicious and affordable I’ve been getting lazier about cooking at home.

  35. Jannine palomera

    2x I have gone here now on a day Google says open and they are closed!
    Sunday 12-6 open… it is 2pm and closed. Very disappointing

  36. Joe Pennington

    This has become a family favorite taco truck. The best part about this place is that everything is different than what you would expect, but in a good way! When you go to a taco truck, you expect that carnitas, asada, etc are going to be fairly similar to other trucks, but at Ambakity, everything has its own unique flavor and it’s delicious!

  37. Sharon Walia

    Consistently good food.

  38. Nik Gorbs

    This spot offers quite delicious tacos and impressively substantial tortas. Located in a decent spot of Bothell, it’s a perfect stop for a satisfying bite following a day at the lake. Finding a value-packed taco truck in the vicinity isn’t always easy, but this spot certainly fits the bill.

  39. Kyle Norris

    This place is Solid!!! I try to eat here once a week. Definitely the best place in Bothell!

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