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Sparta’s Pizza & Pasta House

Pizzeria in Bothell, WA

99 reviews for “Sparta’s Pizza

  1. Dee Anne De Angelo

    We love this pizza. We live in Moses Lake and whenever we come to this side of the mountains we stop here and do the cheese stretch video! Best cheese in the world!

  2. Jenny Furuya

    Great pizza, great staff

  3. Todd Brau

    The pizza here is the best we’ve found since moving here 3 years ago. Reminds me of our favorite place back in Minneapolis.

  4. Heather Ziegler

    I have an order that we get at least once per month. I call, give them my phone number and tell them I want “my usual”. It’s perfect every time. Notr: if u like a crunchy crust, ask for your pizza to be “well done”. 😀

  5. Connie Winter

    Always good pizza here. Helpful and friendly staff.

  6. Jake Sand

    Great food and great service. So nice to have a Sparta’s closer to home

  7. Scott Thompson

    Nylia was very understanding and helpful when I confused our order.

    Food was excellent by the way.

    I’ll be back ……. For sure👍😁😁

  8. Karthigeyan I R

    I enjoyed the food out there, and chicken casserole is my favorite. The only callout is appetizers and bread needs to be served well in advance than entrees, but in my case all came at the same time as entree 🙂

  9. Lisa Hornung

    Excellent pizza and salad. Love the ranch dressing.

  10. Dorothy Williams

    Best pizza ever! I live in Kent, but I go to Bothell occasionally. I always plan to stop at Sparta’s and pick up dinner for the family. They always look forward to it, too!

  11. Helen Smith

    Spartas pizza and caesar salad with chicken was excellent as always. We’ve been eating here since 1978.

  12. John Snyder

    Spartas is on of those places that never changes and that is great!

  13. Laurie Rabinashad

    I called in an order and my food was super hot and ready to go as soon as I got there. they honored a coupon that I had, the staff was so friendly and nice, the place was clean and inviting, and the food was fabulous. everything I’ve come to expect from Sparta and even better, because this new location is so close to my home!

  14. jeffrey hagen

    My absolute favorite pizza / pasta place. I drive from Stanwood just to have it!

  15. Chris Hirst

    Very good white pizza. I haven’t tried their pizza with red sauce, but suspect it is also very good based on the brisk amount of business at this place.

  16. David E Brandt

    Excellent food, great service, clean and pleasant surroundings.

  17. Zina Skelly

    We order delivery from Sparta’s often. They have good lower calorie options (a yummy chicken salad) and the baked spaghetti is so good. Generous portions and a great value. A favorite for many years!

  18. Edward Boyd

    Simply the worse Italian food I have ever eaten!!! I have had better Italian from a Philly street cart!

  19. M&N Absolute Auto Repair

    Wonderful food!!!

  20. Vicki Doherty

    Food is always fresh and amazing.

  21. Joe Luster

    Great Food!

    Interesting meat sauce with a hint of ginger I think. Pizza is amazing, pepperonis under the cheese, crispy cheese, crispy crust, good size, etc. and the apple cider brew there was great too.

  22. Jeff Allen

    Finally got out to Sparta’s in Bothell for the first time after constant comparisons to what I consider the best pizza in town. I give Sparta a solid 4 stars! Is their pizza the best? Not in my opinion, but it was however exceptional. I really like the crispy, buttery crust and there method of cheese over the toppings way of baking the pizza. There is nothing more frustrating than taking a nice bite of pizza only to have an olive, or pebble of sausage, covered in sauce roll down your white shirt. Spartas cheese hammock prevents this, if you are not a fork eater. I did drop one star because I was unimpressed with the salads that we got as they looked like they were literally dumped out of a bag from the grocery store, and had a very unappealing presentation. Also, I don’t like the plastic sticky table tops. They presented a weird kind of odor inside the restaurant that made it smell stale. Service was good, and pizza was great. That’s what is important, check them out.

  23. Eileen Mitchell

    Perfect meal. Best pizza in the PNW. It never disappoints.

  24. Jett Duke

    This used to be a five star experience, but recently they have cut their portions and quality while still maintaining the price. The salad upgrade for $4 is a free side salad with some croutons thrown on top (Cesar Salad Upgrade). The portions of the meals have also taken a huge hit as well as quality/temperature.

  25. Diane Morrison

    Friendly and timely service. And the Italian dressing is the best ever!

  26. Daisy Edlen

    Best pizza around!! Always consistent, always delicious. I swear, their garlic bread has crack in it. I could eat it every day for the rest of my life and still love it.

  27. Jeremiah Eberhardt

    Best lasagna 😋 ever

  28. Pat Hall

    Great menu choices, food is great.

  29. KJ Powell

    Amazing pizza, salad, and pasta. Danish cheese makes every dish special. Plenty of wait staff with positive attitudes and smiles. Restaurant decor is somewhat dated, but you forget about it as soon as you’re eating.

  30. Anthony Freeman

    Get the food to go, and don’t expect to taste the ingredients.

    The food:
    The crust, sauce and cheese is on point. They bury the toppings under very good cheese so all three of our pizzas with very different toppings tasted a lot alike. Their average is quite good though so that’s not the end of the world
    The service:
    They spilled a cup of water on us, didn’t apologize didn’t dry the table fully and never got a replacement cup of water. There were only two groups in the restaurant, but took 20 minutes to ask us what we wanted to eat/drink for the first time. They forgot things we asked for, and didn’t refill waters.
    The atmosphere:
    Was a pizza joint that looked past its heyday. Nothing wrong with it but nothing mindblowing

  31. dolla316

    The atmosphere here was absolutely beautiful for such a small place it really gave a intimate romantic setting the service was extremely friendly and attentive and the food was very good while some things weren’t my cup of tea it was more personal taste nothing bad on their part as everything was excellently prepared the pizza and garkic bread really stole the show I will definitely be back whenever I’m around

  32. Cindy Drew

    The Danish mozzarella cheese tastes fantastic. The minestrone soup is full of vegetables and is so good. It’s well worth the drive to eat there. I wish there was one in Tacoma.

  33. Bob Lederer

    Old school pizza vibe inside. Pizza has always been great. No complaints here.

  34. S D

    Enjoy the outdoor seating!! Service and food are great! Everyone is friendly.

  35. Lisa Moe

    Amazing food, always happy. Great service.
    Never disappointed and I have been dining at the lynnwood location for 30 years! Thank you Sparta’s.

  36. Shirley Maynard

    Our server was so friendly and helpful. The food was excellent. We could eat the “Summer Salad” every day.

  37. Rob Cork

    Pizza was good the pizza sauce was different tasting. They put the cheese on last so it covers the toppings. Two cooks, one person brought water appeared to be bus person, and our waiter working. The other 3 or 4 weren’t doing much. Our pizza sat on the counter for 2 or 3 minutes with our waiter taking another tables order. The other 3 of the non workers all walk walked past it.

  38. Terry Walker

    Very special pizza. Different than every other place. But excellent


    Always friendly service. Food is always hot and prompt. Like how they do thier garlic bread…its very unique.

  40. Steve Herzog

    I’ve been going to there Lynwood location for 30+ years now and was so excited that they were moving closer to Mill Creek! There pizza is great! It’s always consistent and I like the style of the cheese on top of everything. You can’t go wrong there.

  41. Brad Hoffman

    I was really craving an authentic meatball sandwich tonight. Not the Subway version but a real Italian version. This had what looked like a good description on their online menu. Unfortunately the meatball sandwich was awful. It should actually have been called a cheese hoagie with some thin sliced meatloaf. There was at least twice as much cheese congealing on the barely internally warm sandwich as there was any type of meat. The spices in the dipping meat sauce made it very clear this IS NOT AN ITALIAN restaurant. Obviously the emphasis here is on Greek spices. And perhaps it’s my fault for not thinking the name of the restaurant should make that clear. However, there was so little actual meat in this sandwich there was no way to know what the spices were and it literally tasted more like some kind of Greek meatloaf. As I said it was really a cheese sandwich. I can’t think of a time I’ve been more disappointed by a restaurant. To be fair my server was excellent and apologetic. I have a feeling she’s heard all of this before.

  42. Paul Secord

    Just ok. Salads are watery and flavorless, pizza is decent. Service is hit or miss. Could be great with a bit of focus

  43. Kyle Drexel

    Extremely good pizza! Other items look good also, but I can’t convince myself to get anything other than the pizza.

  44. Kim Looney

    Best pizza hands down!

  45. mikekersey58

    I’ve been eating a Sparta’s ever since they opened.
    Pizzas are the best I’ve ever had. I love the dinner salads five stars across-the-board for me.

  46. Daren Wooley

    We LOVE The Bothell Spartas Crew!!!
    It’s like going over to your Family’s House to eat! So Good, and So Welcoming! ❤️🍕

  47. Todd

    My favorite restaurant. Kind people, great food, fair prices, nice atmosphere.

  48. J Beasty

    Pizza was amazing! So much cheeeeeese!!! 🤤 and the salad, I think it was the summer salad with oranges and feta, oh my goodness, DELICIOUS! I definitely recommend, and i definitely will be back for more!

  49. GemEverlee LaSaar

    This is a fantastic neighborhood joint. I moved away but come back for Spartas!

  50. Nancy Scott

    Great food at great prices!

  51. Fran Tiffany

    As usual the service was outstanding and our pizza was fantastic

  52. Jose Clemente

    Excellent service and quality food

  53. Chris Mitchell

    Pizza was the best! Great staff ..Watier (Matt) teriffic.

  54. Eric Schild

    The meatball sandwich i had was good once you add the sauce. The prices are reasonable and the service has improved since my last visit.

  55. Jonathan Kang

    Great food every time. This is my go to place for solid pizzas and more.

  56. Shannon Engelhardt


  57. Shelley Thompson

    Spartas is always wonderful, the house special pizza id delicious 😋, and the dinner salad is amazing. Grew up in the area and still live here, never had a bad experience there.

  58. Beth Zollars

    My favorite afternoon treat from pizza, pasta or a delicious salad, never a bad experience.

  59. Rebecca Bilyeu

    service has been great. food is always consistent and yummy! portions are well worth the price point.

  60. Margo Vincent

    Spartas Lynnwood has been our goto pizza (& pasta) place for over 20 years. The Sparta Special large is wonderful. Lots of toppings and the cheese on top is cooked to perfection. House salads are good with cheese and olives, I get my olives on the side. I wish I could buy their 1000 Island dressing by the gallon. So good.

  61. Maruska

    Truly the best pizza in the universe!

  62. Alicia Johnson

    So we were handed the wrong pizza but the manager was super nice and fixed it for us. This is my favorite place to get pizza and they always have good customer service

  63. Meribeth Quinn

    We went for the first time based on reviews. We were very disappointed. The dinner salad was $6.50 for a plate of lettuce and some black olives. My pizza was wrong twice before I finally got what I ordered. The pasta dish was bland. Overall, underwhelming. We won’t be returning.

  64. Ashley Goo

    This pizza place is excellent. I love that they have small personal sizes. It makes it easy to not let any go to waste. The Danish cheese really is great! Highly recommend.

  65. Trish Blank

    Consistently great pizza and salad, and the service is always friendly and attentive. We would love them to update the ambiance. The brown plastic table cloths and other decorating choices make it feel less quality & less comfortable than the food and service deserve.

  66. Sandra Klug

    Everything was good as always.

  67. Dixie Strunk

    We celebrated my BD. Good experience and outstanding food!

  68. Ken Grohs

    Had Caesar salad with chicken. Chicken was bone dry, rock hard and essentially tasteless. Extremely disappointed. Have had other dinner selections here with success.

  69. Darla Aiken

    The food is delicious here. The pizza with Cheese on top is the best method of creating a pocket of Italian goodness. and the salads are made of all homemade salad dressings .. I love Blue cheese but the 1000 island is excellent as well as the Greek Make sure you order a nice crispy pizza. Make sure you tell them do you want lots of cheese! And you will be happy as we always are!!!

  70. cdkoneill

    We visited on a Monday night. The food was Hot and Freshly made Pizza very cheesy. Salad lettuce was crisp and refreshing. Best service we had in long time!

  71. Aaron Shuler

    Best pizza around and also the Alfredo is awesome too.

  72. JoAnn

    We have been going to Sparta’s for well over 25 years (Bothell/Seattle locations). This new location is simple, but clean and friendly staff! Their food is great and much closer for us. Never a miss. My favorite, to get meat sauce and top their garlic bread. Sooo yummy. My family eats their pizza/fettuccine and salads. ☺️☺️☺️

  73. Roni Maxwell

    Canadian bacon, pepperoni, mushrooms, and so delicious.

  74. Brian

    Sparta’s has been around since I was born. The food is amazing and so are the prices! Great value here folks! Either arrive hungry or leave with a doggie bag! 😜

  75. Elizabeth Sutton

    Such good food, a ton of food too and for a family of 4, under $60.

  76. Steve M

    Then coming to Sparta’s for 20. years and I would never go anywhere else. They’re so kind and they’re so generous. I love you. Tell everyone I
    Care about them. Thank you, spartas. Bothell or Lynnwood?

  77. Max Sullivan

    Always top quality

  78. Hannah KiM

    The staff are very kind and the baked spaghetti is delicious! Satisfied every time.

  79. Laurie Hunt

    Best pizza around!!

  80. Mountain Adventurer

    One of the greatest pizza places in human history

  81. Cora Hubbard

    Excellent food, great service from the young man who served us. When we made it known we were in a bit of a hurry we had out food, to go boxes and the check in record time! The pizzas are so good and the cheesy bread with dips had a comforting homemade vibe.

  82. Allen Macham

    Had take out. Always excellent food and great value. We will definitely be back soon.

  83. Dena Goodman

    Great pizza! Excellent service! Friendly staff! Highly recommend!

  84. Dave Hannant

    I love pizza…so I’m sorta picky about it. The cheese above the toppings make it special. They don’t skimp on the cheese. The crust is just right and crunchy in the edges..fantastic.

  85. Bobbie Ashby

    We LOVE Sparta’s pizza, but also all their other menu items. When out of town family visits they always want to go to Spartas. 😊😊😊😋😋😋

  86. Steve Mason

    As always the best pizza in the State of Washington. The salad with blue cheese dressing accompanies the meal perfectly. Good stuff!👍

  87. Steven Hu

    Awesome food and service!

  88. Kevin Scofield

    Best Pizza In Bothell!

  89. Denise Rodovsky

    We’ve been going to both sparta’s locations for over 30 years. We love it!!!

  90. Carol Wilson

    Dinner at Spartas because we were both exhausted by getting things done for our daughters wedding. Excellent choice by the way, spaghetti with meat sauce was delicious and my husband always gets the pizza and it just can’t be beat! The servers are great, kind, attentive but not pushy. Well trained by the way. And kudos to the kitchen staff, well done!

  91. Elise Jeanelle Limbaga Worzella

    Their Alfredo is delicious! Do yourself a favor and don’t sleep on the Chicken Alfredo Pizza or the Alfredo Pasta, this coming from a girl who’s never been a fan of Alfredo on Pizza but this one changed my mind.

    All their Pizzas are yummy and I love their unique style of sauce, toppings then cheese! It’s a thick tasty layer of cheese as well which is nice—keeping everything in. Their dough is tasty too so you won’t be leaving crust behind. The pizza sauce is solid, robust flavor, not at all sweet which no one likes! Lol…We just didn’t love the garlic bread or minestrone soup or the meat sauce that we got with the Chicken Parmesan, hence the 4 stars for the food.

    The staff is great—friendly, seem hardworking and not at all pretentious! They have a really great text message system that sends me deals on the regular—10% off entire order, $5 off order of $40+, buy 1 get 1 50% off.

    The interior is quaint—very casual with a mom and pop shop feel. Maybe a bit outdated hence the 4 stars for the atmosphere but still overall a great place that we go to often and recommend based on the many delicious menu items you can get.

  92. Anthony Molinero

    The Pizza was crafted deliciously! Wait staff was accommodating and very welcoming.
    Great experience, looking forward to our next visit!

  93. ilan nyska

    Nice place, great service, and excellent food. We asked for cheese and tomato pizza, which is not on the menu, and it was pretty well made.

  94. Aj

    While the waitress was nothing but wonderful, we couldnt eat more than a few bites of the food. We ordered chicken Parm and was served a fully thick chicken breast cooked from frozen that was so tough it felt like chewing rubber. That being accompanied by an watery and overly spiced meat sauce that should have been robust tomato according to the menu was highly disappointing. Aside from the inedible meal it was obvious the Parm shakers on the table hadn’t been addressed in weeks as the contents were clumpy and orange.

  95. Damon Tanner

    Great customer service and good. Well return!

  96. Bill Cook

    Flat out the best pizza I have ever had. Been going since the 80’s

  97. Clarissa Althoff

    Great service and 😋 🍕!

  98. Christopher Marshall

    Food was great!!!!

  99. kari g

    Spartas is always delicious! We all love the food there!!

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